Dogs sleeping and wagging their tails: there's a scientific explanation! Learn more about how dogs sleep

 Dogs sleeping and wagging their tails: there's a scientific explanation! Learn more about how dogs sleep

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Paying attention to a sleeping dog from time to time is a lot of fun. Anyone who thinks that our four-legged friends' sleep is always calm and peaceful couldn't be more wrong: they can dream, have nightmares and even move around unexpectedly while they sleep. So there's no need to be alarmed if, by chance, your friend barks, moves his paws or wags his tail in an unexpected way.This is normal and there is a scientific basis for this fact! In the end, dogs' sleep is much more similar to ours than we think: take a look at the explanation below!

How does puppy sleep work?

In a study published in the scientific journal ScienceDirect , researchers from Semmelweis University The Hungarian researchers have published their findings comparing the sleep cycle of dogs with that of humans. It turns out that our four-legged friends sleep in a very similar way to us and can be used as objects of study in this area. Among the similarities, they point out that: dogs are also diurnal (they naturally leave their sleep heavier for the night and sleep more heavily in the evening) andonly nap during the day); the place where puppies sleep and the experiences they have had while awake can also affect sleep quality and sleep stages, NREM ( Non Rapid Eye Movement ) and REM ( Rapid Eye Movement ).

Sleeping dog has the same sleep stages as humans

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Why does the dog move while sleeping?

When the sleeping dog keeps wagging its tail and making other movements that are not very normal during sleep, it is because it has reached the REM stage. At this time, just as it happens to us, the animal has a heavier sleep and usually dreams or has nightmares. REM Sleep Behavior Disorder is the name of the condition that has as clinical signs strong and sudden movements of the limbs, howling,barking, growling and even biting: in some cases, this may be linked to other neurological conditions that should be investigated in your pet. In others, the situation is normal: it can happen both during the daytime nap and at night.

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What to do with the dog who is restless while sleeping

Even if this type of movement is normal during sleep for some dogs, you should be aware: there are cases in which this disorder can endanger both the dog and the animals and people who live with him. If he goes from just moving his paws and tail to attacking and biting whatever is around, you may need to seek help from a veterinarian, okay?

When your dog is restless in his sleep, you can try to wake him up, but be careful. Stay at a safe distance and call his name in a slightly louder tone of voice than normal - this way he won't wake up startled. Only touch and pet him after he wakes up and recognises you: before that, he may attack you by reflex, especially if he is still there.sleepy.

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