Is the Bengal cat docile? Learn more about the hybrid breed's instincts

 Is the Bengal cat docile? Learn more about the hybrid breed's instincts

Tracy Wilkins

The Bengal cat is a breed that emerged around 1960 in the United States from the cross between a domestic cat with a striped coat and the leopard cat, a wild cat of Asian origin. Because it is very recent, the Bengal still arouses a lot of curiosity about its hybrid cat personality. Is the Bengal cat docile or has it inherited wild instincts from the Asian leopard? The Paws of theCasa went after answers about how it is to live with a Bengal cat and we will tell you everything below!

Full of energy, the Bengal cat likes to be challenged

The Bengal is a hybrid cat that carries both the common characteristics of domestic cats, and some wild instincts inherited from the Leopard Cat. The Bengal Cat has a lot of energy and loves hunting games. Its curious side will make the breed always be after "adventure". Living with a hybrid cat arouses the interest of cat owners: and who will tell what it is like to live with the Bengal Cat?he will be Bruno Amorim, guardian of Poliana, a small Bengal who lives with two other cats in the family. He says that the personality of the Bengal Cat is very fun: "She is a very active cat, she is always looking for something to do or play with, she can climb things with some ease and has a lot of physical strength, even though she is a small cat."

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Because she has this side that loves to be challenged, the kitten is always on the lookout for everything around her. "Her games all involve hunting anything in motion. She chases and treats it like prey, approaches slowly, dragging and gives a boost until she gets where she wants," she details.

Bengal cats are often territorial, but have a docile side

Because it is a wild mix, it is common for cat owners who already have other cats at home to be in doubt about how the Bengal Cat behaves with other cats. Bruno says that in the first days at home Poliana was shy and aggressive with him and the other two cats in the house, but little by little they adapted. Nowadays the aggressiveness has decreased, but she still prefers to be with other cats.playing rather than receiving affection - i.e. not a lap cat.

Bengal Poliana's relationship with the other cats has also improved, but we still need to be careful with fights over territory "She likes to be played with and understands when she is scolded [...] because she is much more active, clashes usually occur because she wants to play and the other cats don't. She doesn't get along with the older one because she is a territorial cat and likes to mark the spaceswhere she spends rubbing herself, they fight constantly, but she eats and uses the same sand as the other two cats, maybe the only care is to spend her energy ", he comments.

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Bengal: this breed of cat is among the most intelligent

The Bengal cat is one of the most intelligent cat breeds, so even with all this energy and instinct, it is possible to educate and have a good relationship with a Bengal. A cat with this dexterity will understand very well where it should do its business, in addition to respecting the spaces of other pets and guardians. Training a cat of this breed, therefore, is not difficult and it learns commands and tricks quickly. Ahe list of smartest cat breeds also includes the Siamese, Angora and Sphynx.

Bengal cat: price of the breed can reach R $ 5 thousand

Do you want to have a Bengal? This cat is part of the exotic cat breeds and for this reason the value of the Bengal Cat is between R $ 3 thousand to R $ 5 thousand. It is important to look for certified catteries with good references so as not to finance mistreatment and inappropriate reproduction. Because it is a very active cat, the tutor must prepare for the wilder side of this feline. A catified house, with lots of toys andspace to run and play is the perfect environment for the Bengal.

Tracy Wilkins

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