June 4th is "hug your cat day" (but only if your cat lets you). Here's how to celebrate the date!

 June 4th is "hug your cat day" (but only if your cat lets you). Here's how to celebrate the date!

Tracy Wilkins

Every June 4th is celebrated " Hug Your Cat Day " The exact origin of this date is unknown - perhaps it was created by some organization in honor of felines or simply as an excuse for guardians to grab their pets. Whatever the motivation behind the idea, one thing is certain: every opportunity to pet a cat is welcome.

That said, taking advantage of the love and cuteness in the air, how about learning how to identify the main displays of affection from your feline companion? If you still had doubts about how to pet cats, they will end now!

Cuddle Your Cat Day: 6 signs your pet wants affection

1) Cat purring

For most owners, noticing their cat purring is commonplace. But believe me, many may not understand this famous feline habit. The behavior is nothing more than a form of communication for cats, who purr to bond with their mother and siblings. So if your cat is purring, it's because it feels happy in your presence - and makes a point of showing it.

2) Sitting or lying on the guardian's lap

A cat sitting or lying on its guardian - especially if the initiative is accompanied by a massage, better known as "kneading bread rolls" - is a sign of trust and affection. It means that he feels comfortable and considers you, practically, a member of the family.

3) Cat slowly blinking at you

Have you ever noticed your cat slowly winking at you and/or other residents of the house? The gesture is known as "cat eye" and, to the surprise of many guardians, it is a significant display of affection. It is as if the cat is sending you a silent kiss and declaring its friendship and trust. So, whenever possible, it is worth winking back!

4) The cat rubs its head against the guardian

You've probably received the infamous "head butts" in the middle of a cat cuddle session. Felines make this movement as a sign that they recognize their guardian's scent and, more than that, that they consider him important in their life.

But be aware: if the behavior becomes obsessive or different from usual, it may be that the pet is in pain. In this case, seek a veterinarian's evaluation as soon as possible.

5) Cat following you around the house

Having a cat at home means accepting that going to the bathroom alone is no longer a reality. This is because it is normal to see the cat following the guardian everywhere, including in the most intimate moments. This habit may mean that the kittens want something, such as food and attention, but often it just means that they love you and want to stay close.

6) Cat showing its buttocks

This may seem strange to those who don't live with felines, but cat owners already know that cats love to show their butts in between cuddles. This behavior is natural and, however unusual, it is also part of their communication. They do it to greet each other, find out important information about each other and show affection and trust to those closest to them.

Now you know what it means when your cat hugs you (their way, of course) and you can celebrate June 4th in style.

Tracy Wilkins

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