Dog's body: discover the most curious features of the canine species

 Dog's body: discover the most curious features of the canine species

Tracy Wilkins

Unraveling the dog's body is quite a mission! After all, it is full of curiosities that many guardians have no idea exist. Whoever sees the dog's muzzle, for example, hardly imagines that it is there that the animal's fingerprint is found. Or that dog teeth can tell us how old the animal is. If you want to know more about the dog's body parts and the surprisesthat they hide, check out the following article!

The dog paw is quite greasy, which helps to step on cold surfaces

The dog's paw is full of curiosities! It has many bones that help support the animal, but in addition, it even serves as a form of communication: if the dog raises its front paw, for example, it is calling the guardian to play.

The dog's paw is made up of digital pads (the fingers, which serve as shock absorbers), metacarpal pads (which would be the palms of the hands), carpal pads (the dog's "brake" on the front paws), ergos (fifth finger inside and which has the function of holding food and objects) and nails (claws that always need to be taken care of). The dog's paw has a lot of fat, which makes it possible to step on terrainHowever, this can bother the pet on hot floors, as it gets too hot. So, avoid walking the dog at times when the temperature is higher.

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The dog snout has a sense of smell 40 times more acute than that of humans

The dog's muzzle is considered the fingerprint of dogs. It is full of lines that are unique to each pet, thus being its own identity! The dog's muzzle has about 200 million olfactory cells, a characteristic that makes the canine sense of smell 40 times more accurate than that of humans. No wonder they are always sniffing everything around and some even work as dogs!In addition, you may have noticed that a dog's muzzle is always wet. This is because moisture is a way of improving the capture of odours from the air. A moist muzzle also helps to control body temperature by breathing. The shape of a dog's muzzle has an impact on its breathing capacity. Brachycephalic dogs, for example, have a short muzzle, whichmakes breathing difficult.

The way dogs see is quite different

The eyes are yet another part of the dog's body full of surprises. You may have heard that dogs see black and white, but that's not the case. The way dogs see allows them to identify colors, but to a lesser extent. Red and green are not distinguished by dogs, while blue and yellow are easier to identify. The lack of all colors causes the dog to see black and white.way dogs see is more greyish - hence the reputation of seeing black and white. Overall, dog vision is not good, but on the other hand, it has curious abilities. Dog eyes are able to capture a large amount of light, resulting in excellent night vision. In addition, the anatomy of the dog's body makes its eyes a bit lateralized, ensuring a good vision.peripheral vision.

The dog ear can pick up extremely high sound frequencies

If the way dogs see isn't so good, canine hearing makes up for it. Dogs pick up sounds at a frequency of up to 40,000 Hz - twice that of humans! That's why it's so common to see a dog scared of fireworks, as their sensitive hearing makes the sound even louder. The dog ear is divided into the outer ear (where sound waves start to be picked up and sent), the middle ear (whereis the eardrum) and inner ear (where the cochlea is located, the organ actually responsible for canine hearing and the vestibular system, which controls balance). Dog ear types are varied: there are dogs with large or small ears, erect, semi-erect or drooping and pointed, triangular or rounded. In addition, the dog ear can move in many ways, even being a form of vertical movement.This happens thanks to the 18 muscles present in the area.

The dog's ear and muzzle are responsible for hearing and a very keen sense of smell

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Dog teeth reveal a dog's age

In addition to feeding, dog teeth help to pick up objects, are part of games and, of course, it is with it that the puppy bites objects. In total, there are 42 dog teeth divided into canines, incisors, molars and premolars. A curiosity about dog teeth is that they also fall out! Dogs have milk teeth and go through the process of changing canine dentition byIt is very fast and often the guardian does not even notice that it happened. But when the dog's teeth are falling out, the pet feels itchy and, to relieve it, bites anything that is in front of it. Another curiosity about dog teeth is that it is possible to find out the age of the dog by it: up to 1 year, they are white and rounded; between 1 and a half and 2 years, the teeth are white and rounded.incisors are more square; after 6, all are more square and the canines are more rounded.

The dog body from the inside works through systems

Just like humans, the dog's body is controlled by systems working together to ensure the proper functioning of the organism. The dog's body from the inside has many organs that also exist in the human body. The nervous system controls most of the animal's organs, taking care of sensory, motor, integrative and adaptive functions. The respiratory system takes care of the functions of the body.In fact, the way the dog's body works inside is curious: a dog's digestive system works much faster than in other animals.

The dog tail has bone and can tell us how the dog feels

Many people don't know, but the dog's tail has bones. It is an extension of the spine and is made up of vertebrae separated by intervertebral discs that cushion and enable rapid movement. The number of vertebrae varies between 5 and 20, which means that this part of the dog's body can be of different sizes. The dog's tail plays a key role in canine language,The dog with his tail up and wagging quickly, for example, means that he is happy. The dog's tail standing up and out is a sign that he is alert. The dog's tail also releases pheromones that provoke reactions in other dogs, as is the case with the male dog that releases sex pheromones to attract the female. That is why it is so common to see a dog with a tail up and out.sniffing the other's ass.

The dog brain understands certain words we say

The dog brain is extremely curious. Dogs are intelligent animals and have about 530 million neurons. Do you have the feeling that your dog understands everything you say? Because it does! Despite being irrational, the dog brain can understand certain words and commands, especially if stimulated by repetition. In addition, it makes a huge effort to understand the dog brain.Studies have proven that dog brains are more active when they hear unfamiliar words because they are trying to understand the meaning. Also, dogs have memory! Some research has proven that dog brains are able to store information, so they can remember commands even if they go a long time without hearing them.

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