When is the dog shaking a sign that something is not right with him?

 When is the dog shaking a sign that something is not right with him?

Tracy Wilkins

Taking care of a dog also means understanding the signs of when your friend is not cool. Whether it's because of the cold, excitement or even fear of something: a trembling dog is not entirely normal. In some cases, this can indicate illness or even something more serious, such as poisoning. Therefore, it is important to understand the causes behind this problem to try to solve it in the best way possible.With this in mind, the Paws of the House has separated some of the most common situations of a trembling dog to unravel what motivated it. Come and we'll explain!

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"My dog is shivering like he's cold": why does this occur?

Many people often associate the dog shivering with the cold, but the truth is that this is not always the real reason behind the symptom. In some cases, it can mean something not so worrying, such as stress and anxiety, the main psychological factors associated with this. It is also indicative of health problems such as epilepsy, hypoglycemia and muscle diseases. What's more, it is important tobe on the lookout, because poisoning is also something that can leave your dog shaking.

It is worth noting that the shaking in the animal's body can reflect in different ways. Sometimes it happens all over the body. In other cases, it occurs in specific regions, such as in the paws or only in the head. Therefore, it is necessary to keep in mind that each type of shaking can be associated with a different cause.

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Dog shaking all over: see the possible causes for this

Noticing that a puppy is unwell is not too difficult, as the animal usually gives several indications when this happens. But it is important to be aware of the signs, as a trembling and panting dog can have different meanings, especially if it affects the whole body of the animal. Some of the possible causes for this can be:

- Very cold

- Poisoning

- Convulsion or epileptic seizures

- Pain

- Fear

- Stress

What does the dog shaking its hind paw mean?

When the trembling is more localised and affects only the dog's paws, the causes are usually different. It can be anything from simple weakness to more serious pathologies such as hypoglycaemia and muscle diseases. Therefore, when observing the dog shaking its hind leg, it is essential to take the animal to a veterinarian so that the diagnosis can be made as soon as possible. And attention: nothingRemember that only a specialist can indicate the best treatment for the problem.

Dog shaking his head frequently: should I worry?

Another part of the dog's body that can be affected by a particular shaking is the animal's head. In these cases, the dog may be shaking due to problems in the area caused by trauma, falls or even being hit by a car. In fact, it is worth mentioning that a first aid guide for some of these situations is very useful. In addition, a disease that can be associated with thistype of shaking is encephalitis, an inflammation of the nervous system that affects the brain and can cause seizures in the animal. The use of medications, in some cases, can also be associated with the dog shaking his head.

"My dog is shaking": know what to do in this situation

After noticing that your dog is shaking, it is important to analyze at least three factors: how often it happens, how intense the problem is and in which situations it is most evident. This way, when you take him to a consultation with a veterinarian you will already have all the information you need to help the specialist unravel what may be happening to your dog.Other signs should also be noted, such as fever, frequent howling and excessive salivation.

It is also important to be aware of the right time to seek a specialist at these times, right? If the trembling dog cannot stand up, for example, it means that the situation may be serious and the guardian should go to a veterinarian immediately.

Tracy Wilkins

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