Calcium for lactating bitch: when is it needed?

 Calcium for lactating bitch: when is it needed?

Tracy Wilkins

Calcium for nursing dogs is a measure that aims to maintain the health of the mother and the puppies, who are in the growth phase. Dog food is full of rules and needs to meet all the nutritional requirements of the animal. And at this time, it could not be different: the need for calcium may be greater and it is important to be aware of this.

But when and how should you supplement calcium? To try to answer these questions, we talked to veterinary nutritionist Bruna Saponi, who explained more about the vitamin for nursing bitches. Follow along.

When to supplement a lactating bitch?

Dog food is the most recommended diet for the pet, even when the dog is pregnant. Who says this is the nutrologist veterinarian, Bruna Saponi. She talked to Patas da Casa and pointed out the importance of food: "Food is a food that contains all the nutrients mandatory for the pet's life - including calcium".

But then why is there a search for vitamin for postpartum dogs? Bruna explains that before the market offered complete rations, the solution was supplementation. However, this resulted in complications: "If I am giving a ration and calcium supplement beyond what is necessary, the opposite effect happens," she explains.

She argues that supplementing calcium is not a necessity, except in the case of a restricted diet in natural feeding for nursing bitches: "You don't need to supplement calcium. Unless the animal has a natural diet, made by a nutritionist. In that case, the manipulated calcium supplement will certainly be prescribed," she says.

Pregnant dog can eat puppy food, says veterinarian

The nutrologist points out that it may be interesting to change the pregnant woman's diet to a puppy food: "You can enter puppy food in the second month of pregnancy, as it is a full-bodied, caloric and more nutrient ration. Keep it until the first month of breastfeeding. In the second month, you can switch to normal food, as she is already starting to wean the puppies ".

Why is calcium so important for a puppy?

Calcium is a mineral known to increase bone health. Animals also benefit from calcium and it should be part of their diet, especially as puppies. Bruna Saponi explains how it acts and how it is fundamental in the growth of the dog: "In gestation, calcium has an impact on puppies. It has phosphorus and vitamin D, which help maintain adequate levels to form the structureWhile breastfeeding, the animal will maintain this growing structure and that is why the puppy needs larger amounts of calcium: it is in the growth phase", clarifies the veterinarian.

Use caution when offering homemade calcium to dogs

Any sudden change in the dog's diet must be mediated by a professional, as each pet has its own demand and offering a supplement to a nursing bitch is one of those particularities: "Only in natural feeding is calcium offered, calculated by a nutrologist according to the animal's need, which is something individual".

She also mentions the dangers of offering homemade calcium, unsupervised: "Offering it in a homemade diet, in the wrong way, is very dangerous. Excess calcium harms the formation of puppies and bone and joint problems can occur. All because (the dog) was eating too much calcium." In other words, always seek veterinary help, especially in case of a very thin nursing dog.

Dog food is the best way to provide calcium for dogs

As a way out, Bruna says that the food, even the standard one, should be the main source of nutrition for the dog: "Better to offer an economical food, which will have the minimum of the necessary nutrients, than a natural food, made wrong", he says.

She also comments on the benefits of Super Premium feed: "Of course it is always good to offer a Super Premium food, which will have everything with much more quality, while an economic feed will always have the minimum of everything".

Dogs can eat calcium-rich food - but as a treat

The nutrologist warns that when looking for foods to replace calcium for dogs, keep in mind that it should not replace food and that it should be used as a snack. She takes advantage and lists which foods with calcium for dogs are released: "There are several foods that have calcium: broccoli, cabbage ... dark green vegetables have a lot of calcium. But do not offer because it hasIt is more like a healthy snack, which will have an amount of calcium, for an animal in breastfeeding or pregnancy, it is legal. But the feed already has everything the dog needs ", he concludes.

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