How to catch a cat the right way? Spoiler: not by the scruff of the neck!

 How to catch a cat the right way? Spoiler: not by the scruff of the neck!

Tracy Wilkins

Picking up a cat by the scruff of the neck is never a good idea! Many people believe that this is the right way to hold a cat, but it is actually quite uncomfortable for the cat. In addition, it can even cause serious injuries to the animal. Knowing how to pick up a cat correctly can help you in different situations, whether it is to move the animal or to leave it motionless at certain times,such as when taking a medicine or giving a vaccine. Check below what is the right way to pick up a cat on your lap!

How to hold a cat the right way?

To hold a cat the right way, you first need to gain the animal's trust. If the cat that needs to be held is yours, there is no mystery, as it already trusts you. However, if the cat is unknown, first let it smell your hand and pet its back lightly. This will make it less skittish when it comes to being held. The best method of how to catch a cat (skittish or not)is to place one hand around the animal's chest and the other around its belly. Then, just lift it carefully. Another option is to place one hand around the breastplate and the other as a support on the hind legs.

You can also use your own body to hold the cat more calmly. In this case, don't use too much force when pressing it against your body. Just hold it as if you were giving it a hug. By following this technique of how to hold a cat the right way, the cat gains more confidence and struggles less. Thus, there is less risk of the animal ending up falling and the guardian suffering a cat scratch.

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How to pick up a cat?

Unlike those who want to learn how to immobilize a cat, there are those who just want to pet the animal and, for that, seek to know how to pick up a cat on their lap. Well, the truth is that there is not much mystery: the same tactic used to hold a kitten "the right way" can also be used to pick it up on your lap. But remember to find out where to pet the cat, as there are some prohibited zonesThe best places for petting are the top of the head, cheeks, chin and back.

Why can't you catch a cat by the scruff of the neck?

Holding a cat by the scruff of the neck is far from the most appropriate way to pick up the animal. This belief exists because the mother cat usually carries her kittens in this way when they are newborn. However, the technique does not work when it is a human doing it, especially if it is with an adult, large and heavy cat. Picking up a cat by the scruff makes the animal insecure, as the feeling it has is that it is being picked up by the cat.So there are two possibilities: either the cat will try to pull itself free or it will end up naturally slipping because of its own weight. Therefore, never hold your cat by the scruff!

Picking up a cat by the tail is also totally wrong. The cat's tail is an extension of the spine and holding it there can cause discomfort and a lot of pain, as well as always having the risk of causing a fracture there.

Holding cat the wrong way can cause serious injury

The idea that "cats always fall on their feet" is another reason to believe that it's okay to hold a cat by the neck. After all, they won't get hurt when they fall, right? Actually, they can get hurt - a lot! Cats' balance really is amazing and most of the time cats fall on their feet because of a natural instinct.

However, there may be exceptions where the kitty falls the wrong way, especially if the jump is unplanned. The fall, however minor, can lead to bone fractures, internal injuries and injuries, sometimes quite serious. So don't think that kitties are invincible! Catching cats by the scruff of the neck can lead to serious problems, so always opt for the safe technique.

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How to gain a cat's trust?

Now that you know how to "catch" a cat without hurting it, it's important to know how to conquer a cat (especially if it's unknown and/or from the street). To begin with, it's important to treat it with a lot of kindness and love, but at the same time respecting the pet's space. As catching a risky cat can be a little more difficult, a good tip is to bet on sachets and snacks to gain the cat's trust.Play and other positive associations are also welcome.

In addition to the question of trust and how to catch cats, it is also good to know what to do when you catch a stray cat. The ideal is to take the animal for a consultation with a veterinarian. This check-up will help to identify if it has any illnesses or needs any specific care.

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