How to get rid of dog fleas: a complete guide to types of flea remedies and collars

 How to get rid of dog fleas: a complete guide to types of flea remedies and collars

Tracy Wilkins

Knowing how to kill dog fleas makes all the difference when it comes to taking care of the health and well-being of our furry friends. As the life cycle of these parasites is accelerated, any slightest sign of flea infestation in dogs requires a lot of attention and care, as the problem can become much worse if not treated in time. So how to get rid of fleas in dogs, anyway?

The truth is that there are several very effective methods to take care of a dog full of fleas. In addition to medicines and other products, home remedies often also help to eliminate these little monsters from the environment and the animal's body. So, if your dog has the habit of frequenting places with other animals or spending a lot of time in the backyard, it is important to know how to eliminate fleas from your home.Oh, and don't worry: we've sorted out the best solutions to the problem, just keep reading!

Dog with fleas: what to do? Discover different product options to get rid of dog fleas

Killing dog fleas is very important, but how do you identify the problem in the first place? It all starts with endless scratching, a demonstration that the animal is, at the very least, super bothered by something on its body. In some cases, hair loss and anemia come along with it, but a quick analysis is enough to confirm the suspicions: it is very likely that your puppy has turned into a flea.the flea host.

For those who don't know what a dog flea looks like, these insects have a dark coloration and are easy to spot on the pet's coat, especially during brushing. If this is the case, it's time to look for alternatives to know how to eliminate dog fleas. Fortunately, there is not much mystery in this part: you can find a number of products available on the market. Find out, herebelow, what is good for dog flea and which is the best anti flea for dogs to suit your needs!

1) To kill fleas in dog, flea shampoo is a good solution

Flea shampoo for dogs is usually one of the first treatment options against parasites. In large infestations, the product mitigates the problem, but must be used in conjunction with other medications to ensure an effective result. In milder cases, the shampoo is often enough to kill existing fleas and repel the arrival of new ones for a few days. That is, this is the best way to treat fleas.a great way of how to eliminate fleas from the dog quickly and when it is not a large infestation.

2) How to eliminate fleas: dog can use a liquid anti flea

Topical anti-flea products are usually applied to the animal's back and spread over its body through the fat glands. Also called liquid anti-fleas, they have a very fast effect that acts practically immediately. Like shampoo, these anti-fleas have a preventive function for a few days, preventing new parasites from settling in your pet's body.So, if you want to know what to do with fleas on dogs, here's the tip!

3) Anti-flea ointments are a way of how to treat flea in dog

To eliminate fleas from dogs, ointments are also a possible alternative. Like liquid products, the product is applied to a certain point on the animal's body and gradually spreads over the days. The only negative is that if you want to learn how to get rid of fleas on dogs quickly, this is not the best solution. Even if they are effective, anti-flea ointments are not.usually take a while to cover the whole body of the dog, so they are not suitable for those who need quick results.

4) Anti-flea pills also help to kill fleas on the dog

If you're dealing with a large infestation, pill remedies are a great solution on how to get rid of dog fleas. Not only do they kill the parasites already on the animal's body, but they also protect your pet long enough to clean the environment and take other action on the problem. There are even medications that have an immediate effect andhelp protect your furry little one for several months. That is, in addition to being a way of how to kill fleas on dog, the tablets also serve as an extra protection for animals.

5) How to get fleas off a dog: flea collars are a long-term investment

Finally, a very simple way to kill fleas on dogs is to invest in a very well-known accessory in the pet universe: the flea collar. This is one of the main choices of immediate flea treatment for dogs and works well in the long run. When buying, you will need to choose how long it should be used and the range of protection offered to the animal. Whenover time of use, it releases a substance that protects the dog and the places where it passes. As prolonged use can cause irritations and allergies on the dog's skin, before making the final decision, get advice from your veterinarian, ok?

To get rid of fleas on your dog once and for all, you also need to take care of the environment in which he stays

Don't think that knowing what is good to get rid of dog fleas is enough to keep you away from the problem. With an accelerated life cycle, these parasites can reproduce and end up attacking your friend's body faster than you think. Therefore, in addition to controlling flea infestation in dogs, the environment in which they stay also needs attention to prevent reproduction and the spread of fleas.the multiplication of the insect's eggs and larvae, which should already be spread where it has passed. This way, you will be able to prolong the effect of the treatment.

To ensure a good result, both steps of the process - on the dog and in the house - should happen on the same day, okay? After the most critical phase is over, you can prevent a new flea attack by applying the products below from time to time, even if there is no sign of the little insects around. Here's how to get fleas off the dog in the environment:

Pesticide: for large yards and flea-infested areas, pesticide fogging is one of the main options for exterminating fleas once and for all. Before this, however, the ideal is to remove the animal from the environment so that it is not contaminated with the chemical;

Flea spray: one of the main options for indoor application, the flea spray is available on the market in different versions, such as those for outdoor locations and even those that can be used directly on the animal. In addition to being a product that removes fleas from the environment, it has immediate action and is great for controlling small flea infestations;

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Dedetization: as applying any pesticide directly to the inside of houses and apartments is not recommended for health reasons, if your home-raised puppy gets fleas, specific fumigation for this problem is one of the main solutions. In addition, other ways on how to get rid of dog fleas is by vacuuming carpets, curtains, mattresses, upholstery and floors regularly to prevent fleas.removing excess flea eggs from places and washing clothes and bedding.

How to get rid of fleas on the dog: home remedy is a bet

For those who want to try to control the situation at home without resorting to different types of chemicals, there are home remedies that can be used to fight dog fleas. But be aware: depending on the type and size of the dog flea infestation, it may be necessary to bet on a more offensive treatment. See below for some natural ways to kill fleas from the environment:

Citronella oil: known for preventing the proliferation of various insects, citronella oil also works as a way to get rid of fleas in dogs and cats;

Salt: To achieve a one-off result where fleas are infested, what is good for dog fleas is the use of common table salt, as it dehydrates and kills the insects. Apply the product on top of the parasites, leave it on for up to two days and remove the residues with a vacuum cleaner;

Apple cider vinegar and lemon: if you've ever had a situation like "my dog has fleas, what should I do?", we have the answer: applying a mixture of apple cider vinegar and lemon is one of the best options. In addition to being non-toxic, the liquid has good results in the fight against fleas.

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