Cat screen: how much does it cost, can you install it yourself, is it OK to leave a window without a screen?

 Cat screen: how much does it cost, can you install it yourself, is it OK to leave a window without a screen?

Tracy Wilkins

The gatification of the house is essential to promote health, quality of life and safety for felines. The installation of the protective screen for cats is the first thing that the guardian must do even before taking the animal home. Pets love to stay at the windows and this place should be as safe as possible. But when we talk about the window screen for cats, many people have doubts.How much does it cost? Can you install it yourself? Can you leave any windows un-tinted? To answer these and other questions, the Paws of the House has put together information about the cat screen, just take a look!

Protective screen for cats: how much does it cost?

The cost of the cat screen will depend on some factors that end up impacting the price. The first question to consider is: what type of screen will be installed? There are two types that can be installed on the windows, the 3x3 screen and the 5x5. The difference between the two will be in the size of the holes in the net, the 5x5 being larger than the 3x3. The most suitable screen for cats is the 3x3, because the small holesHowever, this type of netting is often more expensive as it will require more material to fill the window space.

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On average, the square meter of 5x5 mesh costs between R$ 40 and R$ 60. Labor is another important factor that will influence the budget. Usually, specialized companies charge between R$ 15 and R$ 40 per square meter to install the cat screen. These values may vary according to the type of mesh and the place where it will be installed - in some cases the installation is more complex and tends to be more expensive.The most suitable safety netting materials for cats are nylon and polyethylene. Cat netting can also be installed on walls and gates to prevent kittens from escaping.

Can anyone install the cat screen?

The installation of a window screen for cats may seem simple and even attractive in the intention of saving on the budget. Although it seems practical, the installation of the screen needs to be done by a professional and specialized team in the subject. This is the most efficient way and the one that most guarantees the safety of pets (and even humans, in the case of apartments). An installation done incorrectlyAvoid installing cat screens yourself, remember that cheap can be expensive.

Window screen: can cats live well without it?

Many people also question whether it is possible for the kitten to live well without the protective screen. Leaving the window without a screen is not advisable, even if you have a calmer kitten. This is because cats are naturally curious, and any unusual situation can result in the animal running away to protect itself. Even before adopting the pet, it is necessary to install the screen to protect it.All this care is part of indoor breeding, which is a way to also increase the longevity of the pet.

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Tracy Wilkins

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