Dog ladder: how does it work and what are the benefits for your pet's routine?

 Dog ladder: how does it work and what are the benefits for your pet's routine?

Tracy Wilkins

Dogs love to spend part of the day resting, and sometimes they choose the highest places for this, such as their owner's bed or the living room sofa. The problem is that, depending on the size and health conditions of your dog, he will not be able to climb these places so easily. In these cases it is essential to have a dog ladder at home, which is an item that will help the pet to climb onTo better understand how the accessory works, in which cases it can be useful and the benefits of the dog ladder, we have prepared an article with everything you need to know about it.

How does the dog ladder work and in which cases is it indicated?

The dog ladder is ideal for helping dogs that cannot reach these places on their own. It is usually recommended for small dogs (especially "mini" dogs), the elderly or puppies. Dogs with reduced mobility, obese or with diseases that prevent physical effort also need the accessory to live more safely and comfortably. If theyour dog has recently undergone surgery, the product will also prevent accidents.

There is not much mystery to using this type of ladder. Some models are collapsible, but there are also fixed versions and ramps. Once the dog ladder is assembled, just place it against the place of your choice (sofa or bed). It will be ready for use, but not all dogs get used to the object at first. If this happens, you must performtrainings to help with adaptation.

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What are the advantages of having a dog ladder at home?

The main objective of the dog ladder is to facilitate the access of the furry to different spaces of the house, increasing its mobility and convenience. The item also helps to promote a better quality of life for the pet, since it will not need to make an effort or depend on others to get to the places it wants. That is, the dog ladder is synonymous with more autonomy for the doguinhos, withoutDogs that fit the above indications should have a ladder at home so that they do not risk injury when trying to climb on the bed or sofa.

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Ladder: dogs need to get used to the accessory and positive association helps

After buying the ladder, the dog needs a little time to adapt to the new accessory and understand how it works. He may not want to use the ladder or ramp the first few times, but it is possible to encourage the pet with positive association. You can put some treats on the way up to encourage him or simply hold the treat with your own hand on top of the object. This way he willwill be tempted to climb on the dog ladder to earn the reward. Repeat the process for a few days until they get fully used to the accessory, and before long they will be using the stairs on their own.

The price of the dog ladder will depend on the model chosen

Dog ladder prices vary according to the model, size and brand of the accessory. There are versions made with fabric and foam or with wood and carpet, and there are also those made with waterproof material. Foldable models are very popular, as they can be easily transported anywhere, including to help the dog climb into cars.

It is difficult to find a "cheap" dog ladder, as the different types of the accessory usually cost between R $ 200 and R $ 250. There are more expensive models, but it is rare to find the accessory cheaper than that. Still it is an investment that is totally worth it, because it will offer much more comfort and quality of life for your puppy.

Tracy Wilkins

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