German Shepherd: 14 curiosities about the personality of this large dog breed

 German Shepherd: 14 curiosities about the personality of this large dog breed

Tracy Wilkins

The German Shepherd dog is one of the most popular and beloved dogs in Brazil. Although it carries the reputation of being brave, the dog of this breed has a kind and playful personality that results in a true combo of energy and affection. In addition, when it comes to the German Shepherd, obedient personality and its level of intelligence make it a great candidate for guard dog. It is no wonder that it isvery common to see a police German Shepherd around!

If you still have doubts about having him as the new member of your family, check below everything about the German Shepherd dog that involves the personality and temperament of the breed.

1) Is the German Shepherd brave?

Behind the reputation of the angry German Shepherd is a little dog that may surprise you. In fact, if you think that this is one of the "big and angry" dog breeds, you are quite wrong, because the large size and imposing pose of the German Shepherd are not synonymous with an aggressive dog. In fact, the dog of the breed is very reliable and is usually very friendly with his family.

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So, you can forget that idea that the German Shepherd is dangerous What can happen is that when the German dog does not know someone, he adopts a suspicious posture and becomes defensive, especially if he is not socialized, but that does not make him aggressive.

2) German Shepherd: guard dog is one of the functions of the breed

The German Shepherd is one of the most commonly used dog breeds to act as a police dog or guard dog. This is because, as well as being incredibly intelligent and obedient, the German Shepherd's nose is also enviable and can help the police in the search and seizure of drugs or the detection of explosives, for example.

In addition, this is one of the working dogs that can perform different functions, being common to find them in rescue situations or even to inspect airports and bus stations. The German Shepherd is also considered a shepherd dog, that is, that works in the herding of flocks.

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3) The German Shepherd has an unusual intelligence

The Border Collie is the smartest dog in the world, but the German Shepherd is not far behind and occupies the 3rd position in the ranking of the smartest dogs. The loyalty to the guardians added to the animal's innate intelligence make it the perfect dog to learn various tricks. In addition to always being aware of what is happening around him, the German Shepherd dog likes to feel useful and strives to be useful.This is a breed that also appreciates its humans recognizing its efforts, and likes to please (in other words, it's a perfect German Shepherd!).

4) German Shepherd: personality of the breed is marked by companionship

One thing that stands out about the personality of the German Shepherd is that, despite the angry face, this is a very friendly and attached dog with humans. They like to take care of and do everything to defend those they love. The playful and kind way of the German dog is perfect for those looking for a companion for all hours. The point is that the German Shepherd has a strong protective instinct and tends tocan be territorial, as well as being a bit jealous around other animals (which can be a problem if you have other pets at home).

5) German Shepherd: characteristics of the breed make it ideal for practicing sports

The large and robust size does not hide the energy that the German Shepherd has to spare. It is no wonder that this is one of the best breeds to accompany the tutor in the practice of sports. The races, for example, are an excellent activity to spend the energy of the German Shepherd. Dog has a very resistant and strong body, so it can exercise without tiring easily.

6) German Shepherd: family is super important to him

It makes perfect sense that the German Shepherd is one of the favorite dogs among Brazilian families. In addition to being a companion, he is extremely affectionate and, therefore, he is that dog you can count on for everything. If you are thinking of having a German Shepherd dog, the breed's temperament is very calm with those in your coexistence. Know that there will be no lack of affection and much less care for your dog.This is because he has a very protective instinct and will certainly always keep an eye on the house.

7) German Shepherd: the breed's obedient personality makes training easy

As already mentioned, one of the most striking characteristics of German Shepherd is obedience. These dogs really follow to the letter all the commands that are passed on to them, so you will have no problems when it comes to learning how to train German Shepherd. The only tip is to try to do this with the puppy as a puppy, as this helps to shape the pet's behavior from an early age. Positive reinforcement toois indicated, but rest assured that training dogs of this breed is far from a difficult task.

8) German Shepherd breed gets along well with children

One of the great curiosities: German Shepherd is one of the best breeds for those who have children and is an excellent companion for the kids, as long as they are already used to their presence. This is a very affectionate dog with whom he knows, and that includes the little ones. The point is that it is important to teach children to respect the pet's space from an early age, avoiding rough play or that thehurt.

If a new baby arrives in the family, it is also good that this introduction to the big German dog is done gradually and always in a supervised way to ensure everyone's safety.

9) The German Shepherd's relationship with other animals can be problematic

One of the ways to make a German Shepherd angry is to make him interact with other dogs without the correct socialization. As he does not usually live in harmony with other animals, it is important that the guardian accustoms him from an early age to ensure a friendly interaction in adulthood. Thus it is possible to avoid aggressive reactions in the presence of other pets in your home or during walks on the street. OurThe tip is that the German Shepherd puppy is socialized from an early age to balance its territorial temperament.

10) German Shepherd puppy loves to play

If you are thinking of getting a German Shepherd puppy, you need to keep in mind that walks and training should be part of the animal's routine. In addition, an environment enriched with dog toys will help ensure your friend's fun and, at the same time, avoid unwanted and destructive behaviors. That's because when it comes to German Shepherd, dog need toFrequent mental and physical stimulation helps a lot with this, but your pet also needs to be entertained indoors with games and toys.

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11) How does the German Shepherd behave with food?

Now that you've seen everything about German Shepherd (or almost everything), it's time to talk about a very important topic about this little dog, which is his relationship with food. Many guardians have the question of how much a German Shepherd should eat per day, and this answer will depend on the size and weight of the animal. It is possible to find the information on the food packaging, but in the case of this breed, theIt is recommended to offer 3 to 4 cups of food divided into two portions, one in the morning and one in the evening.

German Shepherd food should also be of high quality, since this is a dog that consumes a lot of energy, so it is worth investing in a Premium or Super Premium pet food.

12) Raising a German Shepherd is not a very difficult task

Many people think that the German Shepherd is dangerous and a difficult breed to be raised, but it is not quite like that. As already mentioned, this is a very intelligent and obedient dog, which greatly facilitates the issue of coexistence. He is the kind of dog that likes to please and feels stimulated with training, for example. What can weigh, in some cases, is the issue of socialization, but if this is not the case, it can be very difficult.done with the puppy will be much easier.

It is also important to be aware of a case of a German Shepherd mix with a mongrel, which may have more unpredictable behavior than mentioned. remember:

13) Having a German Shepherd puppy requires certain care

The breed has a strong and protective personality. Precisely for this reason, training and socialization are fundamental processes with the German Shepherd puppy. In addition, the care of the dog's food, hygiene and energy expenditure also enter as an important part of the creation. As they are energetic and very active dogs, they need to "extravasate" all this daily with walks and other activities.It is worth remembering that depending on the type of coat - which is divided into long-haired and short-haired German Shepherd - care may be greater or lesser in the region.

14) German Shepherd: breed personality summed up!

  • Training : is one of the most intelligent dogs and one of the easiest breeds to train;
  • Relationship with children : gets on well with the little ones;
  • Relationship with strangers : can be a little suspicious of those he doesn't know;
  • Relationship with other dogs : is a bit territorial if not socialized;
  • General behavior : is an agile, obedient, brave, protective and extremely loyal dog.

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