Ashera: meet the world's most expensive cat (with infographic)

 Ashera: meet the world's most expensive cat (with infographic)

Tracy Wilkins

The Ashera cat is not one of the most well-known breeds in the world, but it is undoubtedly one of the most striking. Its appearance resembles that of a wild animal, such as the leopard, and the reason is simple. The Ashera cat breed was created in the laboratory from the union between a domestic cat and a wild cat. The goal was to create a wild-looking cat with the docile personality of a wild cat.The Ashera cat breed is very recent, having appeared only at the beginning of the 21st century. Nowadays it is considered the most expensive cat in the world and one of the rarest in existence. Want to know more about the Ashera cat, check out the infographic that Patas da Casa has prepared below!

The Ashera cat has a giant size and a coat that resembles a leopard's

The Ashera cat breed is a type of hybrid cat, that is, it arose from the cross between a wild cat and a domestic cat. For this reason, its physical characteristics are so different when compared to the breeds we are used to. The Ashera cat has a long, well-muscled and slender body. This giant cat can reach 60 cm and weigh between 12 kg and 15 kg. It is very common for people toconfuse the cats Savannah and Ashera, as both have very similar physiques, since they are hybrids and were created in laboratories by joining domestic and wild cats.

As for the colors of the Ashera, the cat can have different patterns, each with a name: common Ashera (cream fur with brown spots), snow Ashera (white fur with amber spots) and royal Ashera (cream fur with orange and black spots or stripes). Because it is made in the laboratory, scientists have managed to create a hypoallergenic type of cat, which has a very small concentration of the cat's fur.protein in saliva that causes most cat allergies in humans.

The Ashera cat breed is docile and loves to play

The Ashera cat's wild appearance does not match its docile personality at all. The breed is super loving and friendly. In addition, the Ashera cat is super playful. So, if you want to have a kitten of this breed, be prepared to deal with the pet's super active lifestyle. Promoting environmental enrichment for cats of this breed is essential, using items such as niches,Ashera cats should always have interactive toys available to play with and on their own.

The Ashera cat is very easy to live with and gets along well with other animals

As the Ashera cat breed is very sociable, living with this pet is usually super quiet. Very easy to handle, it easily gets attached to its family and gives all its love. The Ashera cat usually gets along very well with children because of its playful style. On the other hand, it can be a little suspicious at first with unknown people. But as the breed is not at all aggressive, it chooses toThe Ashera cat breed gets along well with other cats and animals of other species. Even if it is a little suspicious at first, with proper socialization it soon becomes best friends with any other animal.

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Little is known about the health of the Ashera cat breed

An interesting fact about the Ashera cat breed is that all of them are infertile. Since they are bred in laboratories, they are not able to procreate. Because of this, hereditary diseases are not a problem for this animal. However, because it is a recent breed, there are not many studies on the health of the Ashera cat or if there is a predisposition to any medical condition. What is known, however, is that the Ashera catneeds the same health care as any other kitty: up-to-date deworming and vaccinations, as well as regular visits to the vet.

It is not because the Ashera cat is not (or is not known to be) predisposed to certain diseases that it cannot get sick. On the contrary: without care, it has a high chance of getting sick. But with this special attention to health, the Ashera cat breed can easily reach a life expectancy of 16 years.

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Ashera's diet should be balanced. As a giant cat, it can eat a lot, so it is important to control the amount of cat food to avoid excess weight. Brushing the cat's hair to ensure the health of the hair should be part of the routine.

Ashera cat: price is said to be the highest in the feline world

The title of the most expensive cat in the world belongs to the Ashera cat. The price of the breed is super high due to the fact that it is created in a laboratory. In addition, not just any laboratory can "create" an Ashera cat, making the breed even rarer. Finally, this kitten is still usually sold in dollars, suffering variations in value depending on each country. Usually, when we talk about Ashera cat,price usually exceeds R$ 500 thousand.

Tracy Wilkins

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