Filabrasileiro: all about the large Brazilian breed

 Filabrasileiro: all about the large Brazilian breed

Tracy Wilkins

The Fila Brasileiro is a breed that only exists in Brazil and has gained a lot of fame in the last century. In addition to being a great security guard, he is a quiet dog to live with and, even with his large size and rustic appearance, the Fila has a kind behavior in front of the family - but in front of strangers this attitude can change, as he seeks to protect his own. If you want to know more about the breed, keep goingread on and find out more details about the Fila Brasileiro dog!

Fila Brasileiro appeared along with the colonization of the country

In the 1960s, the Fila Brasileiro breed was recognized by the International Cynological Federation (FCI). But its exact origin is still unknown. It turns out that, during the colonial period, Portuguese ships also carried many dogs as security guards and, on one of these voyages, the Fila arrived in the country. Since then, it began to develop here. Due to its physical characteristics,It is speculated that this dog is the result of a cross between a Bulldog, English Mastiff and Bloodhounds.

At that time he became popular among the Brazilian elite for being a guard dog and cattle protector. Even with the records of the Fila in Colonial Brazil (1500 to 1822), he was only recognized worldwide as Brazilian in the 1960s. This standardization was the trigger for the popularization of the breed in the country, which at the time made the vigil of many Brazilian homes. Until the 1990s, it was common to finda Fila Brasileiro in the backyard.

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Characteristics of the Fila Brasileiro: strength and robustness

This is a large breed. For a Fila Brasileiro, the size of the male can reach 75 cm. The female is not far behind and reaches 70 cm as an adult. They weigh up to 50 kg healthy, but the male can exceed these measurements. That is, it is common to find a giant Fila Brasileiro out there.

All of their physical features are striking: almond-shaped, wide-set eyes, large ears, a broad, giant muzzle with several vertical wrinkles around the body (mainly on the head, around the eyes and below the muzzle), and a muscular torso.

There are Filas of different colors and the most common is the brindle Fila Brasileiro. Many believe that there is no black Fila Brasileiro, but this is also a color of the breed and besides it, caramel is also a standard. It is even normal to find some white spots on the paws and muzzle of these dogs. The breed's coat is smooth and short and the tail is thin at the tip.

Courage and animation are characteristics that can define this dog

The Fila Brasileiro is very self-assured and brave, but he doesn't seem to have much idea of his size and it is common for some incidents to happen during the games with the family (especially with children). But this is not a warning sign, because the last thing he wants is to hurt the family and everything is just an accident. Being a dog full of energy, games and games, he can be a very dangerous dog.stimulants and walks are necessary, preventing him from having too much agitation in everyday domestic life.

This breed also adapts to any environment. Come sun or rain, if the family is around, he will want to be close by to guard. But that doesn't mean he's the best dog for an apartment. Because he's big and sturdy, a house with a large yard is ideal for a Fila Brasileiro to live in. In general, living with the breed is peaceful and this dog is easy to handle(as long as the tutor is firm enough to command it).

Fila Brasileiro has a calm personality, but only with family

Whether it's a Fila Brasileiro Rajado or brown, this breed is known for being a guard dog and this fame is not in vain: protective and faithful are the Fila Brasileiro's greatest characteristics. However, don't expect him to be like that with anyone, as he has an aversion to strangers and his quiet version is only indoors, in front of the family.

Outside he shows how he can be a great security guard, that is, no letting strangers touch the dog! In fact, this is an expressive dog, that when he does not like something (or someone), he will not hide it. Therefore, the Fila Brasileiro never attacks by surprise, the reaction is always predictable.

All this does not mean that the Fila Brasileiro is dangerous, because this dog is also extremely obedient and if the guardian says "no", he obeys. His more aggressive side is only a defense, not of him, but of the family. If he feels that one of his guardians is threatened, he will promptly protect him. Next to the Fila Brasileiro, Dogo Argentino is another breed known to be a defender.

Fila Brasileiro puppy already born a little giant

The female Fila Brasileiro usually gives birth to large litters with more than 15 puppies and each one is usually born weighing at least 2 kg. These details result in a risky pregnancy, in which the bitch may develop uterine prolapse. Generally, delivery is done by cesarean section to avoid risks to the mother and puppies.

The Fila Brasileiro puppy has a rapid development and tends to be very stubborn in the first months of life. To circumvent this, basic commands (such as sit, come and stay) should be taught, in addition to promoting proper socialization with other pets so that he is not an aggressive adult with other dogs. Even with stubbornness, the puppy of the breed learns quickly to commands when the tutor has a lot of time to learn.firmness to teach and, in general, this dog learns the dynamics of the house through coexistence, since it is very intelligent.

The puppy is also very curious and playful, at this stage he already denotes to be an affectionate dog, who has a heart equivalent to his size. From a young age he also shows signs of being a protective dog and hardly lets a stranger get close, especially the guardian.

Super Premium feeding is one of the essential care with the Fila Brasileiro

The Fila Brasileiro eats a lot and the common food does not have enough nutrients to meet the energy demands of this dog. Your food should be Super Premium and vary according to the animal's life stage. Never offer adult food to a puppy and vice versa, this generates digestion problems, among other evils.

In photos of Fila Brasileiro, we observe a muscular and very big pet, but it is not very difficult to maintain the hygiene of the breed. Occasional baths are necessary and the tutor must be careful when drying the dog: because it has many wrinkles, it tends to agglomerate dirt in the folds and the accumulation of water in this region is the perfect environment for the proliferation of fungi harmful to health.

Even with a short coat, it needs weekly brushing and, in addition to hygiene, walks and a lot of cognitive stimulation are necessary to keep the Fila Brasileiro well cared for. This breed also deserves a physical exercise routine to maintain its athletic and vigorous build.

Fila Brasileiro often has bone problems

The Fila Brasileiro hardly has any canine health problems throughout its life and, until old age, requires the same basic care as any dog. From adulthood to old age, however, it manifests a propensity to joint problems due to its size, such as coxofemoral dysplasia. Gastric torsion is also a common condition in the Fila Brasileiro and attention should be paid to this ailment.feeding is also interesting to avoid canine obesity.

Fila Brasileiro price reaches 5 thousand reais

To have a Fila Brasileiro at home, the price varies according to the size of the dog. While the puppy is worth at least R$ 500, a well-trained adult costs from R$ 4 to R$ 5 thousand. It is also important to look for certified kennels to guarantee the dog's pedigree and avoid contributing to places that practice animal abuse.

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Be careful not to confuse it with the Original Fila Brasileiro

The entire length of this dog's body is wide and this is what differentiates it from the Original Fila Brasileiro, which has less robust features. It has the same weight and height as the FCI-recognized dog, but its head is brachycephalic and there are not many wrinkles around the body. This dog is found in the interior of Brazil and its breeding is done exclusively for herding on farms - that's whyThere are few specimens in the country. It is even believed that the Original Fila Brasileiro comes from the Old Filas that did not fully develop.

Five curiosities about the Fila Brasileiro

  • Name of proverb: the name Fila comes from the verb filar, which means 'to grab and not let go', just like the strong bite of the breed. Do you know that saying "bites like a fila"? It comes precisely from the way of biting and not letting go of this dog. Another popular saying among the breed is "faithful as a Fila", because this dog is also very loyal to the guardians and does not abandon them for anything.
  • Mascot for the little ones: This dog gained fame in the 1960s and won over the rest of Brazil in the 1980s and 1990s. It turns out that the Fila Brasileiro was the breed of Txutxucão, the mascot of the presenter Xuxa.
  • Strong queue: In addition to holding and not letting go, the Fila still has a powerful bite. The strength of its jaw reaches 328 PSI (pound-force per square inch, a measure that calculates the bite pressure). Just to give you an idea, the strength of the Pitbull is 235 PSI and the German Shepherd is 238 PSI. That is, the power of the Fila Brasileiro is much greater.
  • Emotional intelligence: they are endowed with a lot of dexterity, which goes beyond cognitive. The Fila Brasileiro also has a lot of emotional intelligence, usually attached to the guardians and the family. The breed's sense of protection is so great that it hardly expresses its emotions by virtue of caring for those it loves. Fear, sadness, despair and hatred are hardly perceived in this dog.
  • A molosser: this is a category of dogs that come from Molossia, a region of Western Greece, which were used for hunting and local guarding. Most dogs from Molossia have physical aspects in common, such as a large head and a robust, muscular build, just like the Fila Brasileiro. In fact, the largest dog in the world is Zeus, a Great Dane considered a Molossoid.

X-ray of the Fila Brasileiro dog

Coat: short, smooth and rough.

Temperament: calm, reserved, brave and protective.

Level of intelligence: is observant and a quick learner.

Energy level: high.

Life expectancy: 9 to 12 years.

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