Fastest dog in the world: find out which breed holds the title of fastest dog

 Fastest dog in the world: find out which breed holds the title of fastest dog

Tracy Wilkins

It is no news that dogs have a number of characteristics and curiosities that make them unique animals. When it comes to speed, for example, it is common for guardians to wonder which is the fastest dog in the world. The answer to this question lies in the little dog that is also considered one of the oldest in humanity, the Greyhound. Known for its thin and long legs, the breed of Greyhound is one of the oldest in the also stands out for its agility and speed. Are you curious to know more about the fastest dog in the world? Find out below the main characteristics that make the Greyhound a good runner!

Greyhound: the world's fastest dog

If you've ever wondered which is the fastest dog in the world, know that the Greyhound dog occupies this position. Being able to reach up to 72 km/h, the dog of this breed stands out among the others for its incredible speed. The explanation for this ability lies in the slimmer body and the aerodynamic structure of the animal that makes its agility even more possible. It is not for nothing that the Greyhound was part ofof the group of dogs most used to hunt prey, such as deer and wild boar, centuries ago. Today, speed remains one of its greatest qualities and, therefore, it is a dog widely used in racing competitions. Although it is not a very common sport in Brazil, there are many admirers abroad, especially in North America, where the dog is well known.

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Long, athletic legs make the Greyhound a fast dog

It doesn't take much effort to recognise a Greyhound dog, as the animal has a very noticeable trait: the size of its legs. Very thin, long and athletic, it is precisely these legs that enable the Greyhound dog to run so quickly without facing any difficulties. Another physical characteristic that benefits this little dog is its narrow, elongated head. This is a very important feature of the Greyhound.condition gives the animal a high-resolution view that other dog breeds do not have, which makes it much easier when running. In addition, its noticeably deeper chest helps support its strong cardiovascular system.

World's fastest dog needs daily walks and activity

Although it is a more independent dog and hardly lives following its humans around, the Greyhound dog requires some care when it comes to walks. Being a naturally athletic dog that was developed precisely for running and hunting animals, it requires a routine with daily physical exercises to spend the enormous energy it has. In this case, the most activities areOutdoor walks are recommended, as this way the animal can exercise its long legs. Therefore, if you live in an apartment and are thinking of adopting a dog of this breed, it is important to keep in mind that it will be long walks with your friend at least once a day. The characteristics of the Greyhound make it a great sports companion: the dog can accompany you on runs,trails and other adventures out there.

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Tracy Wilkins

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