What are the 7 most obedient dog breeds?

 What are the 7 most obedient dog breeds?

Tracy Wilkins

Many criteria are often taken into account when buying or adopting a dog, and one is in relation to the obedience standard of the animal in question. There are several breeds of dog that are very intelligent, but equally stubborn, which can make family life and the training process difficult. So, looking for the smartest puppy does not mean that he willTherefore, we have separated a list of dog breeds that usually have the perfect combination of intelligence and willingness to learn. They love to please their guardians, making them super obedient companions. See below!

1. the Border Collie is a dog breed that unites obedience and companionship

Considered the most intelligent breed in the world, the Border Collie is one of the best choices to have at home. These puppies are great friends of humans and always do everything to make their family satisfied. In addition, they love to learn new commands and tricks, being a great candidate for training. With an unusual obedience, the Border Collie has great ease in getting to know the dog.However, it is important that they receive frequent physical and mental stimulation to keep them active at all times.

2. Labrador is one of the obedient dog breeds that learns most easily

You may have heard that the Labrador Retriever is another breed of dog that is quite intelligent too, right? But the best thing is that, besides intelligence, these dogs are also very calm and gentle - no wonder they are commonly used to perform some jobs, such as guide dog or therapy dog. The Labrador puppy learns easily and is pure love: no matter what the situation is,One of the best ways to train them is with the positive reinforcement technique, in which the tutor rewards the puppy whenever he "gets it right" with the command taught. Snacks, praise and lots of affection are welcome!

3. German Shepherd puppy is so obedient that it plays an important role in the police.

Usually when we think of a German Shepherd, the image of a police dog comes to mind, doesn't it? Well, this is not wrong, since this is one of the most used breeds for this type of work for a simple reason: the German Shepherd dog, in addition to being a great sniffer, is also extremely obedient, which facilitates its training to perform this task. The training, in turn,The results are even more efficient if they happen when the German Shepherd is still a puppy. In any case, this is a good breed of dog for those looking for an obedient puppy, and even to perform the function of guard dog.

4. poodle is one of the obedient dog breeds that surprises

Some people may even think that the Poodle dog is stubborn, but this is not quite true. One of the numerous qualities of this breed is its obedience, since these puppies love to venture out with new learning and do not hesitate to please their guardian whenever possible. With a playful and active temperament, the Poodle also requires some attention with the routine of physical activities. In addition,although it is a very friendly breed with its family, this is a dog that tends to be suspicious around strangers and, therefore, it is important that there is socialization from an early age.

5. Golden Retriever is also often used as a guide dog or therapy dog.

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One breed of dog that is super popular is the Golden Retriever, and it's not hard to imagine why: they are the best friends anyone can have around. Affectionate, gentle and full of love to give, the Golden Retriever dog is also very obedient, especially if trained when they are still a puppy. Like the Labrador, this breed is also widely used for those who need a companion.guide dog or therapy dog, as the animal is calm, patient and quite caring with its guardians.

6. bichon frisé goes far beyond cuteness

The Bichon Frisé breed is not just a cute little face. In fact, the little dog is a great companion, who loves to learn and tends to be very obedient as well. Small, white and furry, this is a very smart dog that hardly barks, being a good option for those who live in apartments. As for the training of the Bichon Frisé, the best alternative to obtain good results is to reward the dog.puppy for good behavior.

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7. Doberman has strong protective instincts, but always respects and obeys its guardian.

Despite its imposing and fierce pose, the Doberman is one of the most obedient breeds in existence. These dogs also often perform police duties, but it is still a good breed to have at home, especially for those who need a guard dog. They can be a little aggressive with strangers due to their protective instinct, but when it comes to their guardian, the Doberman isa great friend: he is always ready to protect you. To prevent your four-legged friend from attacking anyone who approaches unnecessarily, it is important that training is done as soon as possible.

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