Cancer in dogs: understanding the most common types, causes and treatments

 Cancer in dogs: understanding the most common types, causes and treatments

Tracy Wilkins

As with humans, the different types of tumors in dogs are aggressive, have delicate treatment and need a lot of strength from the patient to be overcome. Dealing with this situation in your four-legged friend is not easy at all and, precisely for this reason, the more informed you are about the situation, the better you will be able to deal with the treatment. To help you, Patas daCasa talked to the veterinarian and director of the Vet Popular group, Caroline Mouco Moretti. See what she explained below!

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Home Paws: What are the most common types of dog tumors?

Caroline Mouco Moretti: Mastocytoma in dogs, breast cancer in bitches, tumors in the testicles, liver, spleen, ovaries and uterus are the most common, but cancer can happen in any organ. This will depend a lot on the age of the animal, breed and the risk factors it has.

PC: What are the main causes of cancer in dogs?

CMM: This is a difficult answer to determine, but what is known is that cancer derives from defective cell mutations that generate diseased cells. These cells are responsible for the production of neoplasms (tumors). Why this happens can be linked to genetic predisposition, sex, age, race and risk factors, as, for example, happens with animals that are passive smokers, whichhave an inadequate diet, are exposed to too much sun, among others.

PC: Is there any way to prevent cancer in dogs?

CMM: Cancer prevention is based on a few things, such as neutering females who are no longer going to breed - this prevents the incidence of uterine and ovarian cancer and significantly eliminates the chances of breast tumours in female dogs. Males, when neutered, do not get testicular cancer and are less likely to develop prostate cancer. The other types of cancercan be prevented by reducing risk factors such as unprotected sun exposure at inappropriate times and inhalation of cigarette smoke and pollution.

Physical activities also help prevent cancer in dogs. Avoid obesity by offering only food developed for pets. The proper ration and natural food balanced by a nutritionist also help in prevention and can be an option for animals of breeds that have a predisposition to tumors, such as Boxer, Rottweiler, Pitbull, Labrador and Poodle.

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Tracy Wilkins

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