Pekingese: discover 11 characteristics of this miniature breed

 Pekingese: discover 11 characteristics of this miniature breed

Tracy Wilkins

Miniature dogs are much sought after by families and the Pekingese breed is very suitable for those who want to find a four-legged companion for apartments or other small spaces. This is not the only quality of the Pekingese, a breed originating in China that looks like a stuffed animal because of its size (it is no more than 23 centimeters and its weight varies from 2 to 6 kg) and coatThe little dog is also known for being very affectionate and independent, but loves to be close to his humans. If you are looking for a small dog to keep you company, this miniature breed may be the perfect choice. Want to know more about the Pekingese? Paws of the House has listed 11 characteristics of the breed accompanied by a cute selection of Pekingese dog photos.

1) Chinese Pekingese? What is the origin of the breed?

It is estimated that the Pekingese was bred by the nobility of a Chinese dynasty called Tang, since the 8th century. Knowing this, you may wonder: does the Pekingese dog breed still exist? Not only does it exist, but it is super popular nowadays. It is believed that the migration of these small dogs occurred in the 1860s, during the Opium War. British troops found some specimensAfter that, it didn't take long for everyone to get to know the Pekingese: the dog was sent as a gift to Queen Victoria and soon became famous in the rest of the world.

2) Pekingese black, white, gray... Breed can have several colors

The long coat is one of the most striking features of the Pekingese, which gives it an extra charm. The shades of gray and golden Pekingese are the two most common coat colors for this dog breed, but it is also possible to find it with other shades, such as the black Pekingese dog and caramel Pekingese. In addition, there are animals of the breed with bicolor fur: black and gold.Gray, white and caramel or black and white Pekingese are the most commonly found variations.

3) The Pekingese dog is very affectionate

Those who want a canine friend who is affectionate and loves to play can bet on the Pekingese dog breeds. With a docile personality, these little dogs usually choose one or two people in the family to be closer. The Pekingese adult or puppy does not deny a lap accompanied by long cuddles. On the other hand, he is also independent and does not mind being alone for a whilehours.

4) Pekingese dogs require more eye care

Because the eyes are protruding, you need to take special care of this part of the body of your Pekingese puppy or adult dog. In addition to the breed having a predisposition to canine cataracts, the prominent eyes increase the chance of injury. Another important point about the health of the Pekingese is that the breed has a short muzzle, which is why it is part of the group of brachycephalic dogs. This means that the breed of Pekinese has a short muzzle.Pekingese puppies can suffer from respiratory problems, so stay tuned!

5) How many years does a Pekingese dog live?

If you are looking for a companion to stay by your side for many years, the Pekingese is a great choice. But after all, how many years does a Pekingese dog live? Pekingese dogs have a high life expectancy and can live up to 16 years. Pekingese puppies are long-term friends and can accompany children from infancy to adulthood. Consider this before getting a Pekingese puppy.specimen of the breed and don't forget that it may need specific care at the end of its life.

6) Pekingese grooming is one of the essential care of the dog breed

When we talk about the Pekingese dog, the short hair is only present in the inner layer of the animal's coat. The outer layer displays long, smooth and often considered exotic hair. In places that are very hot, such as Brazil, keeping the Pekingese shorn is one of the main care with the breed to prevent it from suffering from high temperatures. A good option is hygienic shaving for dogs.

In addition, hair brushing and bathing the dog are also very important. It is worth mentioning that all these cares are fundamental for the white, black, caramel or any other shade of coat.

7) Dog breeds: Pekingese is ideal for apartments

Those who live in an apartment but don't want to give up having a furry companion can get along very well with the Pekingese mini. First of all, the size of this animal is ideal for those who don't have much free space. In addition, one of the characteristics of the Pekingese is that it has a moderate energy level, which means that it needs walks and games on a daily basis, but it will not become a problem.destructive dog.

8) Pekingese: animal personality is friendly with children and other pets

If you have small children and/or other pets, you don't have to worry: the Pekingese is a very sociable dog breed. Being affectionate, the dog of this breed gets along very well with children and loves to play. The Pekingese also has no problems with other dogs and animals of other species, such as cats, but it is good that they go through an adaptation to avoid disagreements, ok?!

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9) Pekingese: temperament of the breed does not dispense with training

Despite being known for its companionable personality, training is very important for this little dog - be it an adult male Pekingese, female or puppy. Courage and loyalty are part of the breed's temperament, so it is common for the animal to show a stubborn behavior, as if it were a miniature guard dog. The problem is that this "brave" side can causethat the animal puts itself in dangerous situations and is not afraid to face larger pets. That is why training for the Pekingese puppy is so important.

10) What does a Pekingese puppy need?

The Pekingese puppy will need some care until it adapts to the new home, family routine and new guardians. The biggest tip is to already set up the whole environment of the house even before receiving the puppy. This way, you avoid possible domestic accidents and still have the house ready to receive the Pekingese. Keeping vaccination and deworming up to date is one of the main care that a Pekingese puppy needs.Pekingese puppies need it, so be sure to get their checkups from a trusted veterinarian.

11) Pekingese: breed price varies from R$1 thousand to R$3 thousand

If you have fallen in love with the breed, you must be wondering: how much does a Pekingese cost? Anyone who wants to buy a dog needs to shell out an average amount of money, regardless of the breed, so this is no different in the case of the Pekingese: the value of the breed ranges from R$1,000 to R$3,000. If you are sure that you want this breed to be your life companion, remember to look for a reliable kennel thattake good care of your animals and keep them in good health, food and welfare.

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