Black cat: see infographic that summarizes everything about the personality of this pet

 Black cat: see infographic that summarizes everything about the personality of this pet

Tracy Wilkins

The superstitions surrounding the black cat are far from true. Pets with this coat pattern, in fact, can be a pleasant surprise in the life of those who decide to open their hearts to them. And, for those who don't know, the color of the cats' coat can, yes, influence the behavior of these animals. This helps to better understand what we can expect from each pet (including black kittens).If you are passionate about this color pattern, check out below an infographic with some curiosities about black cats and everything you need to know about their personality!

Black kittens are kind, confident and very loving

Forget that old story that cats are aloof and cold: with the black cat trolley that changes completely. These pets have several qualities that everyone looks for in a four-legged companion, as they are tame, reliable and very playful with the people who live with them. Believe me: this kind side of the black cat is very noticeable in everyday life. They tend to be the type ofanimal that likes to be present and a curiosity is that black cats are affectionate , demonstrating the famous "cat love" in the details.

Perhaps this explains why black cats are more likely to be rejected at the time of adoption. This feeling of "exclusion" may end up making the cats feel more grateful and, consequently, have a more affectionate behavior with their family members. After all, it is a kind of love that they are not used to, but that they reciprocate in their own way!

If it is a mixture of this color with others - such as the black and white cat, also known as frajola cat - the behavior may change. In this case, the cats tend to be more agitated, with an independent and adventurous personality. It is even believed that frajolinhas tend to be more "runaways" than other pets.

The black cat is also intuitive, suspicious and a little shy

The idea that black kittens symbolize bad luck is quite wrong and unfair. In fact, what happens is that felines with this coat pattern are usually quite intelligent and intuitive. They have a good ability to perceive dangers around them, and do not hesitate to alert their guardians at such times.

At the same time, the black cat is often suspicious of strangers and adopts a more shy and shy posture when visitors appear at home. Still, they are not aggressive or difficult animals to deal with, just leave them in their corner and everything will be fine. Knowing how to socialize cats is another way to reduce this distrust and make the animal more friendly with others.

Black cat breeds: know which felines can have this coat

If you want to have a black kitten, in addition to the beloved mongrels we see around, know that it is possible to find some breeds with this pattern. The Bombay is one of the black kittens that draws the most attention in this regard, as it is a breed of cat that looks like a panther and the only accepted pattern is precisely black. Besides him, other felines that can have this type of coat are thePersian cat, English Shorthair cat, Maine Coon and Angora.

4 curiosities about black cats you didn't even know about

1) From a mystical and spiritual point of view, the black cat symbolizes protection and purification of the environment.

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2) Dreaming of a black cat can mean many things, but it is usually associated with an idea of anxiety and insecurity. It may be that some situation is putting you on the back foot, but it is also important to analyze the context of the dream and what you are experiencing.

3) Melanin is the protein responsible for the pigmentation of a cat's hair. It is defined by the amount of eumelanin and pheomelanin in the body. To have a black cat, eumelanin is largely responsible for the dark hair of the pet.

4) Some names for black cats that refer to the animal's coat are: Dark, Thunder, Panther, Blackie, Neko, Onyx and Eclipse.

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