Black wax in the dog's ear: what can it be?

 Black wax in the dog's ear: what can it be?

Tracy Wilkins

Black earwax in the dog's ear can have various causes, but in all of them they need attention. The symptom can indicate anything from simple otitis to tumors, in rarer cases. Performing ear hygiene is something that should be part of the pet's routine. Care is something important that can help identify dark discharge in the dog's ear, making a faster diagnosis faster.done. o Paws of the House has put together information about dark discharge in the dog's ear and care of the area. Take a look!

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What can cause dark earwax in the dog's ear?

Earwax in the dog's ear serves to protect the region and is essential for canine hearing. That is why it is made of fatty substances, which prevent water from entering the ear canal, for example. Therefore, excess earwax in the dog's ear may be indicative of some health complication in the region. Among the diseases that are most often related to increased production of earwax in the dog's ear arewax are:

  • canine otitis
  • otodectic mange
  • seborrhea
  • atopy
  • presence of foreign body
  • tumors

In addition to increased earwax, animal health problems can also cause a change in the color of the discharge. A darker hue is more commonly associated with canine otitis.

Dog earwax: diagnosis and treatment

As stated above, excess earwax in the dog's ear with a dark coloration may be related to more than one health problem. Therefore, accurate diagnosis is very important. In this case, if the guardian identifies the dark secretion in the dog's ear in excess, it is necessary to make an appointment as soon as possible. Usually, the symptom is associated with itching and pain, which can cause a lot of pain.The veterinarian can identify the problem, the cause and the appropriate treatment. One of the most requested tests in situations like this is the analysis of the wax sample. Depending on the result, the treatment may involve the administration of medications prescribed by the veterinarian.

How to clean excess earwax in the dog's ear?

Cleaning the dog's ear is an essential care to prevent diseases such as canine otitis. Despite this, many guardians still do not know how to clean it properly. This care should be introduced into the dog's routine from puppyhood, so the pet will get used to the situation and always have a good behavior. To clean the wax in the dog's ear you willneed a specific remover, called ceruminolytic, which can be found in pet shops. See step by step how to clean the dog's ear:

  • 1) Soak a piece of absorbent cotton with the remover liquid;
  • 2) Wipe the cotton all over the inside of the dog's ear;
  • 3) Repeat the process on the other ear.

Never use tweezers, gas, cotton swabs or towels on a dog's ear. These materials can hurt the animal when not used by a professional. Also, don't force it: clean only as far as your finger can reach.

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