5 things the Border Collie is able to do because of its intelligence

 5 things the Border Collie is able to do because of its intelligence

Tracy Wilkins

Think of a smart little dog: that's the Border Collie. No wonder this dog breed is considered the most intelligent in the world, according to the ranking of canine intelligence drawn up by the famous psychologist Stanley Coren. But what differentiates the Border Collie dog from the other breeds that exist? How does the intelligence of this little dog stand out and what does it allow these dogs to do? ToTo better understand how the Border Collie's cognitive abilities manifest themselves, we've prepared an article with 5 things this dog can do because they're so smart. Take a look!

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1) The Border Collie can learn various tricks and commands quickly

Everyone who has a dog must have thought at least once about how cool it would be to teach their pet some tricks, like sit and paw. But unlike some breeds that may have trouble learning certain commands, the Border Collie dog is a great candidate for any type of teaching. Because they are very intelligent, this breed can quickly assimilate what the dog is doing.To make the training even more effective, it is recommended to use the positive reinforcement technique, which consists of rewarding the animal whenever it "gets" the command right.

2) The Border Collie dog breed is very easy to adapt to

One of the main points to be taken into account to determine whether a dog is intelligent or not is the breed's level of adaptation in different situations. In this case, the Border Collie is an expert: this little dog can easily adapt to various environments. What counts a lot during this adaptation process is that the tutor knows how to spend the energy of his four-legged friend,because the Border Collie breed is quite energetic and needs constant physical and mental stimulation.

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3) Border Collie: dog can work with herding animals

As many may know, the Border Collie dog breed was widely used in the past for field work, mainly to take care of flocks. But among the various herding dogs that exist, this is one of the most sought after breeds to develop this type of work. This happens for a simple reason: the Border Collie has a great performance to drive sheep and other animals.This dog has all the necessary agility and dexterity, which is explained because of its intelligence.

4) The Border Collie is extremely obedient if trained as a puppy

Although the Border Collie puppy is very intelligent and can be trained at any stage of life, the ideal is to do this in the first months of the pet's life. Precisely because of their intelligence, some dogs may want to start acting on their own, ignoring the commands given to them. Therefore, the best way to ensure that your puppy will be totally obedient is with thetraining the Border Collie puppy, as this is the best age to teach and educate the animal of what is right or wrong. Still, it is worth mentioning that, in general, the guardians do not have any type of behavioral problem with the breed, as the Border Collie is usually very calm to live with.

5) The Border Collie dog is great at sports like dog agility

A very common sport in the canine universe is agility for dogs (or dog circuit), which trains the cognitive ability of these animals on courses with obstacles and other equipment. It's not hard to imagine why the Border Collie breed does super well with this type of sport, right? Due to their intelligence and herding dog instinct, these dogs can learn with a lotIt is worth noting that, in addition to expending the energy of the puppies, this sport also helps to strengthen the bonds and communication of the tutor with the Border Collie.

Tracy Wilkins

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