15 characteristics of the Afghan Hound breed

 15 characteristics of the Afghan Hound breed

Tracy Wilkins

The Afghan Hound, also known as Afghan Greyhound, is a breed that draws attention wherever it goes with its elegance and exuberant hair. But the attributes of this little dog are not limited to its appearance: calm and peaceful behavior are other very striking characteristics of the animal. To learn a little more about the Afghan Hound puppy and adult, we have separated some traits ofpersonality and other important information about this dog breed.

1) The Afghan Hound has a large size and a slender body

The Afghan Hound is a large dog: their height can vary from 60 to 70 cm in the case of females, and between 68 and 75 cm for males. The average weight is usually 23 to 30 kg. This shows that, although they are quite tall, the Afghan Hound has a very defined and athletic body - which is easily explained due to their past as hare and gazelle hunters.

2) Afghan Hound: the breed originates from the Middle East

The origin of this little dog cannot be determined with absolute certainty, but it seems that it originated in Afghanistan, also covering some areas of Pakistan and Iran. The development of the breed was necessary to help in the hunting of animals in mountainous terrain. A few years later the Afghan Hound underwent a process of migration to the West, where it became much loved -mainly by the British.

3) The black Afghan Hound is quite successful, but there are other colors as well

Coat colors are one of the many criteria that guardians take into consideration before buying or adopting a dog. In the case of the Afghan Hound, black hair is usually preferred, but there are other patterns that can also be found, such as white, beige, red or gray colors.

4) The Afghan Hound's coat requires special care on a daily basis

Keeping the Afghan Hound's coat beautiful and healthy is not an easy task. The breed's coat type is long and thin, requiring daily brushing to avoid knots and tangled hair. It is important to look for a suitable brush to care for the dog, as well as regular bathing and grooming.

5) The Afghan Hound can have problems with bones and joints

The health of the Afghan Hound is not too problematic and they are usually quite strong throughout their lives, but like most large dogs, they can suffer from hip dysplasia and other diseases of the bones and joints of the leg. In addition, cataracts are also an eye disease that can also affect the breed, and the guardian must maintain a routine of consultations with the doctor.Veterinary.

6) The Afghan Hound needs daily physical exercise of 1 hour

Being a very athletic dog, the Afghan Hound has a high level of energy that needs to be spent every day. Very calm walks are usually not enough to handle this, as this breed needs more intense exercises, such as canicross. In addition, toys and other activities should also be inserted into the pet's daily life.

7) To train the Afghan Hound breed you need a lot of patience

Even though the Afghan Hound is intelligent, he is not one of the most obedient dogs. He likes to follow his instincts and does not usually accept commands very easily, which can end up giving him a hard time when it comes to training. If the process is too complicated, it is good to think about hiring a professional.

8) The Afghan Hound does not usually bark much

This is great news for apartment dwellers who are concerned about their neighbors, or even for those who simply prefer quieter dogs. The Afghan Hound has a low tendency to bark, and only emits this vocalization when he finds it very necessary.

9) Socializing the Afghan Hound puppy is key

Socialization is a fundamental process in the life of any dog, but when it comes to the Afghan Hound this becomes even more necessary. Although the breed does not have many behavioral problems, socialization will make the dog more receptive around strangers and even facilitate coexistence with other people and pets.

10) The Afghan Hound is a more independent and reserved breed

Forget the idea of a dog that lives attached to you and follows you everywhere in the house, because that is definitely not the Afghan Hound's style. This is a super independent breed that some people even judge as indifferent, but one thing has nothing to do with the other. The Afghan Hound is loyal to his family and usually chooses one member as his favorite, but he is certainly notof those dogs that keep begging for attention and affection.

11) Playtime helps strengthen the bond with the Afghan Hound puppy

It is important to devote yourself daily to your four-legged friend, especially when he is still a puppy. As the Afghan Hound tends to be a more detached dog, it is important that he grows up in an environment full of love and affection, and nothing better than some games to increase the closeness of the relationship, right? There are several fun games to entertain him, and it is good toinvest in this before the puppy reaches adulthood.

12) Afghan Hound: minimum price is at least R$ 3 thousand

Those who want to buy a dog of the breed need to prepare a lot, because when it comes to the Afghan Hound, price is above average. The minimum value to acquire an Afghan Hound puppy is R $ 3 thousand, which is already considered expensive. Depending on other factors, such as color, sex and lineage of the animal, this price can even triple and reach R $ 9 thousand. So it is good to be very sure before decidingowning an Afghan Hound: value can vary greatly from kennel to kennel.

13) The Afghanistan dog is one of several types of Greyhound

There are several types of Greyhound - and the Afghan Hound is one of them. This group of dogs is characterized by having a long body, long legs and a sharper muzzle. Some are large, like the "Afghanistan" dog and the English Greyhound, while others are small, like the Italian Greyhound.

14) Afghan Hound is one of the world's greatest sprinters

Greyhounds are known for being able to reach high speeds. Although it is not the fastest dog in the world - the English Greyhound is the one that reaches 72 km/h - the Afghan Hound is capable of reaching up to 65 km/h. Therefore, it is a breed that needs plenty of space to run and exercise!

15) The Afghan Hound was once Picasso's dog

For those who like to know which dogs are famous, a curiosity is that the Afghan Hound was the darling of the Italian painter Pablo Picasso. The artist even portrayed the breed in the work "Femme au chien", from 1962. In addition to Picasso, the doll "Barbie" also had an Afghan puppy that was manufactured and distributed with the owner in the United States.

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