What is the best Pitbull dog collar?

 What is the best Pitbull dog collar?

Tracy Wilkins

There are several dog collar options that can be used on walks, but some things must be taken into account when choosing the best one, especially in relation to the size of the animal. The Pitbull is one of the strongest and most athletic breeds that exist, so it is necessary to provide a large dog collar that can withstand this strength and provide stability and security.The dog chest collar should be comfortable for both the dog and the person who will guide the animal. To help, Patas da Casa has prepared an article to explain more about how the chest collar works and other models!

Dog collar: large size requires a sturdier accessory, such as the harness

The large dog collar you choose can't be too wide or tight on your pet's body. The chest collar is the safest for any dog, including large breeds. That's because it wraps around much of the animal's body, taking in the neck, back, and chest - which makes it more comfortable as well. The collar for a large dog, such as a Pitbull, needs to be made of eitherThe best options are a leather collar for large dogs, or a collar covered with thick adjustable nylon and polyester tape. Also make sure that the carabiner that connects the harness to the lead is sturdy to prevent breakage.

Pectoral collar: Pitbull dog must be trained not to pull on the leash

The Pitbull is a breed that has extreme strength and physical dexterity. Therefore, when choosing a harness for walking with Pitbull, remember that this is a large and robust breed. A tip for dogs with this characteristic is to use the anti-pull collar. Unlike the more traditional models (in which the leash is attached to the dog's back), this type of dog harness has the fit of the leash.The leash on the front is designed to make the dog automatically turn around every time you try to pull it along the walk.

Dog collar: beware of models that are not ideal for walking

The dog collar can be found in several models and functions and is an indispensable accessory for the animal's safety. Among all the types of dog collars, it is difficult to choose the best option - and this doubt increases when it comes to large breeds, such as the Pitbull. Because it is a strong animal that unfortunately carries the stigma of being dangerous, guardians mustchoose very carefully the collar for walking a dog of the breed.

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The flat dog collar (the more traditional one that wraps around the neck) is not the best for leaving the house. The animal needs to be always with it, but to be identified in the house of escape. Therefore, it must accompany the identification plate. For walks, however, it is uncomfortable because the pet ends up being led by the neck. In the case of a big dog like the Pitbull, it is necessary to keep the collar on.even more challenging to control the animal on the street.

The collar with hangman, for example, is often mistakenly used to walk the dog because they believe it offers more control of the walker. In fact, it is only suitable for training dogs because it is easy to immobilize the animal so that it stops certain behavior and obeys commands more effectively. The halter collar fulfills the same function in theIt can be an option when the dog is disobedient and has more strength than the guardian, as this model is wrapped around the animal's head and neck, forcing him to look where the guardian is going. However, like the hanging collar, the ideal is that it is used only for professionals able to use the accessory without causing discomfort.

Large dog collar: get the fit right with your Pitbull

To make the walk of a large and strong breed a success, invest in good training with commands and positive reinforcement so that he is obedient inside and outside the home. Make the training of a walk around the house, putting the harness so that the animal gets used to it and walk with it through the rooms using the commands. Socialization is also important for him to get along with other pets, forThese two tips, in fact, are indispensable for any dog, regardless of size.

In addition to the Pitbull, other breeds such as the Rottweiler, Chow Chow and Dobermann should follow the same route, but small breeds with strong bites will also need this care. Animal behavior counts a lot when leaving the house and all types of Pitbull deserve a good walk.

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