Viralata caramel: see stories of the dog that "represents Brazil more than samba and soccer"

 Viralata caramel: see stories of the dog that "represents Brazil more than samba and soccer"

Tracy Wilkins

If you are Brazilian, you have surely seen a caramel mongrel dog. Memes with this puppy are not lacking out there, since they are icons of sympathy: the caramel mongrel Pipi is the most famous. The caramel dog stamped R$200 bills as a joke after the Central Bank announced the new banknote with the value - even generating a petition to make it happen! After all, the caramel dogWhen it comes to caramel dogs, memes like Chico do Colchão, who went viral for completely destroying his guardian's bed, make Brazilians happy. O Paws of the House talked to three guardians to find out what it's like to live with a caramel mongrel. They talked about the personality and routine of this dog that is almost a celebrity!

Having a caramel mongrel is sure to have funny stories to tell

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The caramel mongrel Aurora and her guardian Gabriela Lopes are proof that, at least between owner and animal, love at first sight exists! After the death of her other dog, the student searched for adoptions in Facebook groups until she found Aurora. Gabriela soon fell in love with the pet with the beautiful caramel dog color: "She was found in a city here in the Federal District with a bruised paw andwith a transmissible venereal tumor. She was very frightened and had just had puppies. A few days later, I went to meet her in person and it only confirmed what I had felt when I saw her in the photos".

Due to the trauma of abandonment, at first the caramel mongrel Aurora was very afraid of people around her, especially men. Now, at about six years old, the caramel dog has a different behavior: "She is still afraid of people she doesn't know, but she has improved a lot! In general, she is very shy, quiet and reserved, she does not give absolutely no trouble and is very obedient. She is also veryaffectionate with us and loves to receive affection!", reports Gabriela.

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The caramel dog amuses her owners by trying to copy the other dogs in the house in a peculiar way. "Aurora kind of tries to imitate the other dogs when we arrive, jumping, running and wagging her tail. But she tries to do all this together and ends up doing something very weird and clumsy, but uniquely hers!", she says. For Gabriela, Aurora's personality is identical to that of her dog"She is an enlightened dog, patient, kind and brings a lot of peace to our lives. Every day with Aurora is a learning experience", she concludes emotionally.

The caramel mongrel dog almost always has an overcoming story

Usually called by the nickname Tigresa or Tigs, William Guimarães' caramel mongrel has a full name: Tigresa Voadora Gigante Surreal. Almost 13 years old today, she arrived in the life of the Information Technology specialist already elderly and in a critical situation due to mistreatment. A friend with whom he shared an apartment found her on the street very thin and with bruises on her ears and neck - outsidecomplications discovered later, such as lack of vision in one eye and initial cataracts in the other. At first, it would only be a temporary home, but the attachment to the caramel dog arose and there was no way. "We became attached to Tigress and never looked for another home for her. It happened that the person who did the rescue moved and did not take Tigs, so she stayed here with me ", he says.

Tigress follows a classic caramel dog line: needy and lazy dog. She sleeps most of the time and does not like to be alone. Although she always thinks that toys with whistles are puppies, she is not very interested in these objects. The caramel mongrel also has the quality of not being strange to people or puppies on the street. "To this day, Tigs has never bitten anyone and no othersat most, it gets strange and growls loudly at anyone who takes its food or grumbles when it is hugged/put on its lap", explains the owner.

Today, three years at the side of his caramel dog, William says he has gained more awareness about animal adoption. "I have had animals of the most diverse types, but Tigresa was my first rescued animal, even if involuntarily. The process of helping to treat the injuries, seeing it gain strength and weight, its coat gaining shine and growing ... in short, following its improvement in a way that is not easy for me to understand," he says.gradually, made me create a very different bond," he says.

Is there any doubt how special the caramel mongrel dog is? There is no way: the caramel dog represents Brazil more than samba and soccer without a doubt!

Originally published on: 14/10/2019

Updated on: 16/08/2021

Tracy Wilkins

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