Noises dogs like: dogs' favorite sounds

 Noises dogs like: dogs' favorite sounds

Tracy Wilkins

Who doesn't melt when their pet turns their head sideways at a sound they like? We know that dogs can't understand the meaning of most of the words we say - except their own name and some commands they are taught. But it is a fact that there are sounds that dogs like more: the noise of the food package being opened, the clink of the collar and the keysfrom the house (indicating it's time for a walk) and even the sounds coming from the kitchen as you prepare a meal. It's remarkable how excited furry little ones get when they hear these kinds of noises! Here are some more types of noises that dogs like.

Noise that dogs like: the guardian's voice is often the pet's favorite sound

The voice of the owner is the sound that the dog likes to hear the most, without a doubt! Dogs are able to recognize not only the voice, but also the tone used, although they do not understand the meaning of the words we say. When you speak enthusiastically to your dog, using a higher tone in your voice, he can understand that you are happy and proud of his behavior. But theThe sounds that dogs really like are the tones used when their guardian is giving them full attention. They feel comforted when you speak softly.

Sounds that dogs like also come from nature

There are many natural noises that can catch the attention of dogs for various reasons. The sound of birds, for example, awakens their hunting instincts and makes dogs focus on catching them. White sounds, which can be easily found on the internet, are also very pleasing to canine ears: the sound of light rain, rustling leaves or the sound of water in a riverBut beware: the sound of thunder, strong winds and lightning can have the opposite effect, making your dog scared.

Squeaker toy emits sound that dog likes

Ever wondered why there are so many noisy dog toys in pet shops around? This type of toy makes a noise that dogs like because it induces them to feel like they've caught prey. That's why puppies can spend hours and hours nibbling on this type of accessory. The squeaky sound might even bother your ears, but you'll be entertaining your bestie a lot toofour-legged friend.

Sounds dogs don't like: fireworks are scary for most puppies.

Noise dogs don't like: fireworks top the list

Just as there are sounds that can arouse good feelings in dogs, there are also sounds that dogs don't like. The crack of fireworks, for example, is perceived much more clearly by canine hearing, which is more acute than that of humans. The sound of thunder is also frightening for dogs, who tend to look for a place to hide from the weather, even if they are insideSome household appliances, such as a blender, can also bother your dog's ears. It is important not to use noise to scare a dog as a way to educate him, as this can be very traumatic for the pet.

Tracy Wilkins

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