Pet sitter: when to hire a professional to take care of your dog?

 Pet sitter: when to hire a professional to take care of your dog?

Tracy Wilkins

Do you know what a pet sitter is? Well, just as there is a cat sitter, there is also a dog sitter. These two types of services are linked to the same function: taking care of a pet. Professionals who work with this are usually hired when the guardian needs to be away for some reason and does not want to leave the dog alone. But do you know where the idea of pet sitter came from, what it is,functions and when is the right time to hire a dog sitter? We will answer all your questions below!

What is a pet sitter?

The term "pet sitter" derives from English and basically means "pet sitter." The idea is the same as baby sitter, which refers to caregivers for children and babies. In other words, the pet sitter - who can be either a dog sitter or a cat sitter - is a professional who will take care of the dog or cat when you are not around. It is a very versatile service that offers everything your four-legged friend needs.Far beyond giving water and food, the dog sitter adapts to the needs of each little animal.

A curiosity is that this profession, despite being considered relatively recent, has been around for some time. The term first appeared in 1987, in the book "Pet Sitting for Profit", written by Patti Moran. She developed pet sitting as a profession in 1983, after starting her own business in North Carolina, in the United States. Shortly thereafter, in 1994, Pet was created.Sitters International (PSI), an organization that certifies pet sitters around the world.

What does a dog sitter do?

The dog sitter is a service that is hired at home. The professional goes to the guardian's home and takes care of the dog in that environment, being different from the day care pet, which is when the animal goes to a collective space as if it were a kind of doggy day care. But what are the functions of a pet sitter? The service suits the needs of the family (guardian and pet). According to the PSI website, some aretasks that are part of the job are:

  • Feed the animal;
  • Change the dog's water;
  • Cleaning up pet messes;
  • Take care of the dog's basic hygiene (such as changing toilet mats, cleaning up pee and poop, disposing of waste);
  • Administer medication when necessary;
  • Keep the pet company and give it affection;
  • Playing with the dog;

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In which cases to hire a pet sitter?

The pet sitter service is very useful in several circumstances. Sometimes the tutor has a very intense workload during the week, and needs someone to take care of his dog in the meantime: that's where the dog sitter comes in. It is also very common for professionals to be hired in cases of travel - whether for leisure or work - and when the family has no one to leave the dog with.More specific situations, such as spending the night away from home or when the guardian has a health problem that makes it impossible to take care of all the dog's needs, also require the service.

It is worth remembering that in the case of day care, the dog can also spend the day having the same care and attention 24 hours a day. The dog hotel is also another valid option for short and long stays.

To hire a pet sitter, prices can vary greatly

The price of a visit from a pet sitter varies according to each professional and the care that each animal will require. Generally the price ranges between R$ 50 and R$ 150 per day. Some sitters can also charge by the hour, instead of the daily rate. Among the main factors that can interfere in the final value, we can highlight the experience of the caregiver, characteristics of the animal and number of pets to be treated.In addition, if the service is hired on a holiday, it may be slightly more expensive. The same goes for cases where other services are hired, such as taking the dog for a walk or bathing and grooming.

Tracy Wilkins

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