Pet parent: 5 reasons to adopt a dog or kitten

 Pet parent: 5 reasons to adopt a dog or kitten

Tracy Wilkins

Do you consider yourself a pet parent? With Father's Day coming up, controversy always arises around this term. While some say that Pet Parents' Day does not exist, others claim that the date can be celebrated. Even though they are different relationships, we cannot deny that pet parents, just like pet mothers, also have a special relationship with their pets. When adopting a dogor adopt a cat, you choose to take care of a being with all your love and affection, assuming all the responsibilities. So we can say that, in a way, a pet parent is also a parent.

If you already have a puppy or kitty to call your own, take the opportunity to celebrate a happy Pet Parents' Day too! If you don't have a pet yet, why not consider adopting a dog or a cat? Patas da Casa has separated 5 reasons that will convince you to adopt a pet and become a true pet parent!

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1) Adopting a dog or cat is a guarantee of companionship for all hours

Undoubtedly, one of the main advantages of adopting a dog or cat is having a companion for any moment. The puppy or kitten will be by your side all the time, from when you wake up until the end of the day, since the guardian can even sleep with the dog or cat. This union creates a huge bond between owner and pet, making the two have a unique connection. If youIf you live alone, adopt a cat or dog to never feel lonely. If you live with more people, adopt a dog or cat to unite the family even more and keep someone company when the other is away. You can be sure that any activity, whether reading a book, watching a series or even cooking becomes more pleasurable when you know that there is a pet there keeping you company.

2) Adopting a cat or dog improves the health of the guardian

Did you know that adopting a dog or cat has a positive impact on your health? Pet parents should take responsibility for dog walking and playtime for dogs and cats. This way, the guardian ends up indirectly becoming more active. Physical exercises, however simple they may be, prevent sedentary lifestyles and bring significant improvements to health. But the benefits do not stop atMany studies have shown that adopting a cat or dog is good for your heart. Raising a pet helps lower cholesterol levels and even lowers blood pressure. It is no wonder that pet therapy (pets that help treat diseases) is increasingly common and indicated by doctors.

3) Adopt a dog or cat and ensure fun and happiness at home

It's impossible to have a puppy or a kitten and not have fun with it! Dogs and cats are always roaming around, playing and making fun. The presence of a pet in the house brings more joy to the environment and interacting with them always makes anyone calmer after a tiring day. Even a dog sleeping in funny positions can get a good laugh in everyday life. Being a pet parentallows those unique moments of fun that only a puppy or kitten can provide.

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4) Pet parents suffer less from stress

As a pet parent is also a parent, having responsibility is a prerequisite, as well as dealing with slightly more stressful situations - like a dog or cat peeing and pooping in the wrong place, for example. However, these small disturbances are nothing compared to the peace of mind that animals bring to everyday life. In fact, adopting a dog or cat helps to reduce daily stress. Looking toa dog or cat helps to calm down and take away all the accumulated nervousness. It is even proven that there is a calming power in cats that directly impacts the guardian. The cat's own purr helps to reduce all the tension of everyday life. That is why adopting a cat or dog is super recommended to ward off depression and anxiety.

5) Adopt a dog or a cat and you will save a pet's life

We've already talked about the many advantages that adopting a dog or cat brings to you, but we also need to talk about the benefits that the animals themselves receive. Pet parents have their lives transformed for the better, as does the dog or cat itself because by adopting, you are saving an animal's life. There are many cats and dogs to adopt that have been abandoned or born on the street and neverWhen you adopt them, you are ensuring that they receive attention, care, affection, comfort and, above all, love.

By choosing dogs and cats to adopt you ensure that the pet will have a good quality of life while your own life also improves a lot. If you want to have and provide this experience to a pet, adopt a cat or dog and celebrate Pet Parents' Day with lots of love and affection. And if you already have a pet to call your own, happy Pet Parents' Day!

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Tracy Wilkins

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