Norwegian Forest: 8 characteristics about the wild-looking cat breed

 Norwegian Forest: 8 characteristics about the wild-looking cat breed

Tracy Wilkins

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a giant cat breed known mainly for its wild traits. Its large and hairy body makes the breed catch the attention of anyone who sees it. On the other hand, the Norwegian Forest Cat has a very calm personality, different from what you expect when you see this robust-looking giant. There are undoubtedly many striking features in the Norwegian Forest Cat.Norwegian Forest Cat: Cats of this breed, for example, are known for their intelligence and ability to jump in high places. If you want to know more about the Norwegian Forest Cat's physical characteristics, price, personality and behavior, check out the article that Patas da Casa has prepared below!

1) The Norwegian Forest Cat is a giant cat that is slow to develop.

The Norwegian Forest Cat is considered a giant cat breed, with a weight ranging from 4kg to 9kg and a height of 25cm to 35cm. In other words, it is larger than most cat breeds. The Norwegian Forest Cat has a slow development, a common characteristic in giant cat breeds - such as the Maine Coon and the Ragdoll. Because of this, the Norwegian Forest Cat takes longer to reach its full size.This usually happens between 3 and 5 years of age, and because of this, the breed retains some of its puppy characteristics in physique and behaviour for longer than other breeds.

2) The coat of the Norwegian Forest Dog is fluffy and well resistant to the cold.

The Norwegian Forest Cat's coat is lush and fluffy, giving it the wild look that is its great characteristic. It has thick hair, which makes the animal very resistant to the cold - a necessary characteristic for this breed that originated in the cold climate of Norway. The Norwegian Forest Cat's hair is smooth, dense and long. The coat is shorter on the shoulders and increases along the body. theThe Norwegian Forest Cat is a hairy cat, especially on the tail and head (where the hair forms a sort of mane). Because of the voluminous hair, the Norwegian Forest Cat often appears to be larger than it is.

3) The Norwegian Forest cat has many official colors and patterns

The Norwegian Forest cat has several officially accepted color standards. The breed can have a solid or spotted color. The amount of colors in the same cat can also vary between bicolor (two colors) or tricolor (three colors). Among the most common Norwegian Forest cat colors are: beige, red, blue, gray, gold, white, black and brown. It is worth remembering that in most catsForest Norwegian with bicolor patterns, white is present scattered in patches over the body.

4) Personality of the Norwegian Forest: cat is sociable and loves to be with the family

The appearance of the Norwegian Forest Cat may be that of a wild cat, but its personality is totally sociable! This breed gets along well with anyone, be it animal or person. It is a cat that gets along well with children, as it has a playful side that loves to have fun with the little ones and anyone. The Norwegian Forest Cat wants to be close to its guardians, creating a great companionship. For this very reason,the kitty is always ready to protect with its territorial instinct, inherited from its ancestors and which remains present today. But, despite its territorial way, the feline is always very calm. You will hardly see a Norwegian Forest cat in a bad mood, as it is very calm and patient. In addition, the Norwegian Forest cat has a great ability to adaptto any environment, a trait that also comes from their ancestors.

5) Norwegian Forest Breed: cat has an athletic way and loves high places

With its wild origins, the hunting instinct is very present in the Norwegian Forest Cat. This breed of cat loves to explore and explore. This even explains why this cat likes to play so much, especially interactive ones. The Norwegian Forest Cat is athletic and loves high places, so it is common to see this cat jumping on furniture and shelves. For those who have a Norwegian Forest Cat,a good tip is to make the house catification because it stimulates this exploratory side in a healthy, safe and fun way. A suspended bed will surely also make your pet very happy.

6) The intelligence of the Norwegian Forest allows it to learn various tricks

The Norwegian Forest Cat has a great intelligence! It can be seen mainly in its curious, exploratory and communicative personality. The breed is always observing everything around it, absorbing a lot of knowledge. The Norwegian Forest Cat is smart and has an enormous learning facility. Therefore, it does very well in training and learns the most varied tricks, such asIn addition to improving behavior, it stimulates the animal's skills.

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7) The Norwegian Forest cat needs attention with fur and health

The coat is one of the hallmarks of the Norwegian Forest Cat. Cats of this breed therefore need to be groomed. Brushing should be frequent to avoid knots and tangling of the hair. It is worth remembering that the Norwegian Forest Cat sheds more hair in the spring, so brushing can be done more often. Although the Norwegian Forest Cat likes water, bathing the cat is not a good idea.As for health, the Norwegian Forest Dog has a tendency to develop hip dysplasia, cardiomyopathy and feline obesity. It is therefore important to make regular visits to the vet.

8) Norwegian Forest Cat: price of the breed is quite high

If you want to have a Norwegian Forest Cat, the price can be a problem. The breed has very high values, considered one of the largest among the kittens. To buy a Norwegian Forest Cat, the price usually varies between R $ 3.000 and R $ 4.000. Usually, the kitten has the highest values and females are usually more expensive than males. In addition, for those who have a cat, the price is usually between R $ 3.000 and R $ 4.000.Norwegian Forest cat, price is something to worry about in the long run, since the cost of living is high (remembering that, because it is a giant cat, food expenses, for example, are higher). As the cat has a high life expectancy and accompanies us for many years, it is important to make sure that you will be able to afford it financially before having a cat of the breed. When buying a Norwegian Forest cat, it is important to make sure that you will be able to afford it.Forest, price is not the only thing to think about. Look for a reliable cattery, which guarantees welfare and quality of life for the animals.

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