Is it worth investing in the closed litter box? See the opinion of some tutors!

 Is it worth investing in the closed litter box? See the opinion of some tutors!

Tracy Wilkins

Have you ever heard of the closed litter box? Less usual than the traditional open model, the closed cat litter box is one of the options that exist for this essential item for feline hygiene. It has a small door and works like a bathroom for your pet. If you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of the closed cat litter box, check out the tips from the company. Paws of the House , as well as feedback from tutors who have chosen to use it on a daily basis.

Closed cat litter box: a private toilet for your pet

The enclosed cat litter box resembles a carry box, but without the handles to hold it. It has a lid on the top and a small door that allows the cat to enter and exit easily. Because it is so protected, it is basically a private bath for the kitty. The enclosed cat litter box can have different sizes, so be careful to choose the ideal one for your cat.It needs to be big enough for your cat to be able to walk around in peace and quiet. You should be even more careful when choosing a litter box for big cats, which need even more space. If your cat is a kitten, remember that it will grow, so you don't need to look at a litter box that small, as it will soon grow up and become a big will need to buy another one.

Closed litter box: cat spreads less litter and less mess around the house

The closed cat litter box gives more privacy to the animal, which can simply go in, do its business and come out quietly, without stress and no one around. In addition, the closed cat litter box has the great advantage of avoiding dirt around the house. It is common for the kitten to go around inside the box until it decides the best place to pee or poop. thisinstinctive behavior often ends up making a mess, as the sand can be thrown out of the box. But since the closed litter box is protected by a lid, this prevents the sand from spreading. So, especially if you have a cat that tends to mess a lot when entering the box, the closed litter box is the best option. In addition, most models have a filterAnother advantage of a closed litter box is that the smell of cat waste does not spread throughout the environment.

The closed litter box is more difficult to clean

Despite making the house tidier, you also need to think about the hygiene of the kittens. The closed cat litter box is more difficult to clean and needs this constant care to prevent it from becoming an unpleasant environment for the pet. As it is covered and the smell is filtered, the guardian may forget to clean it, but this should not happen. First for hygiene reasons, since it is not a good place to clean.Secondly, because cats are very hygienic, they will not want to do their business in a closed litter box that is dirty. So they can choose another place in the house to do it.

Closed sandbox vs open sandbox: what's the difference?

When it comes to choosing the right cat litter box for your pet, many people are in doubt between the closed and open options. The main difference is in cleanliness. While the closed litter box prevents dirt outside because of the protective cover, the open one makes the house more messy because the sand is thrown out more easily. On the other hand, the open box is more cleanable.Always remember that in any model, cleaning should be frequent to avoid problems for your pet. In the case of the closed litter box, care must be redoubled, as it is more common for the guardian to forget to sanitize.

In addition, the closed litter box is usually more expensive than the open one, between R $ 100 and R $ 150. To choose, the guardian needs to think about the best cost-benefit for his kitten. The closed cat litter box, in general, is more recommended for apartments and small houses and for those who want to avoid messy cats.

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Check out the opinion of tutors on the adaptation of the closed cat litter box!

One of the big fears when changing the cat litter box is adaptation. Stefany Lima, from Rio de Janeiro, moved to a house without a balcony and without a good place to put the open box she used to use. So she opted for a closed cat litter box. To help her felines adapt, Stefany used a strategy: "At first I left the box open three days. Then two daysThey adapted very well and use it to this day", says Stefany. With this adaptation, one of her kittens, who always did her business outside, started to do it inside the box "I had a kitten that only did her business outside the box, right on the side. After I moved to this closed box she never did it again".

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Another tutor who also noticed advantages in the use of the closed litter box for cats was Luiza Colombo, from São Paulo. She says that the biggest change was really in cleaning, as her cats had the habit of throwing a lot of sand out of the box. "There is the factor that helped in cleaning the environment! When they use it and bury the sand, it doesn't overflow or go outside, as it would in the open box ", he says.Luiza.

Tracy Wilkins

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