National Day of the Animals: March 14 raises awareness against mistreatment and abandonment

 National Day of the Animals: March 14 raises awareness against mistreatment and abandonment

Tracy Wilkins

National Animal Day is a very important date that should be celebrated by everyone, whether you are a pet parent or not. After all, this day does not only talk about domestic animals (such as dogs and cats), but about all animals, even wild ones. In addition to National Animal Day, on March 14, there is also World Animal Day (October 4), Animal Adoption Day (August 17) andAnimal Liberation Day (October 18). Although the names are similar, each date has a different purpose.

On March 14 (National Animal Day), the goal is to raise awareness about the mistreatment and abandonment that so many animals suffer in our country. Paws of the House explains below the importance of National Pet Day and why we should all talk about these problems that, unfortunately, are still very common in Brazil.

Why is National Animal Day so important?

The celebration of the National Animal Day was instituted in Brazil in 2006. It all started with a group of entities that work on behalf of animals. They wanted a date that not only celebrated pets but also made people aware of two extremely relevant issues in the animal world: such as mistreatment and abandonment of dogs, cats, etc.has around 30 million abandoned animals.

Data collected by the Pet Brasil Institute (IPB) with the support of 400 NGOs across the country showed that there are almost 185,000 abandoned animals or animals rescued for mistreatment under the tutelage of NGOs in Brazil. These are alarming numbers that prove the need to discuss these problems with society.

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Mistreatment is one of the main agendas of National Animal Day

The law on animal mistreatment was enacted in 1998 and states that any aggression carried out against dogs and cats is considered a crime and must be punished. Currently, the penalty for those who commit these crimes is two to five years, in addition to a fine and a ban on pet custody. Any attitude that puts the animal's life and integrity at risk is considered a practice of mistreatment. hitting,mutilating, poisoning, keeping locked up at home, leaving without food and water, not treating diseases, allowing the pet to stay in an unhygienic place and not sheltering the dog/cat indoors during extreme rain or sun are considered mistreatment. National Animal Day seeks precisely to make people aware of these dangers and to warn that the number of pets suffering from these conditions is still high.very large in the country.

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National Pet Day also raises awareness about animal abandonment

The abandonment of cats and dogs is also considered a crime and the penalty of two to five years in prison can be even greater if the victim ends up dying. The National Animal Day aims to highlight to the population how dangerous abandonment is for the victim who, in addition to not receiving support, food and shelter, is exposed to various types of diseases on the streets. In addition, the dog or catcan develop traumas that persist for the rest of their lives. It is worth mentioning that abandonment does not always consist of throwing the animal on the street. Often, the dog or cat is abandoned indoors, without receiving food, water and basic care.

Find out how you can contribute to ending the abandonment and mistreatment of animals!

Abandonment and mistreatment are very serious problems that must be combated. To do your part, the first step is to try to understand about the subject and spread your knowledge to others. In addition, you can not be afraid to report. Whenever you see someone practicing any kind of mistreatment and / or abandoning your pet, notify the authorities. A neighbor who does not feed his correctly, a person who leaves the puppy on the street, an acquaintance (or stranger) who beats the animal... all of this must be reported (which can be done anonymously, if you feel more comfortable). To do this, you must go to a police station, the Public Prosecutor's Office or contact IBAMA.

On this National Day of the Animals, it is important to find out if your city is doing any kind of special activity. Many city halls promote awareness campaigns with lectures, films and discussion groups to discuss important agendas for the animal cause. In addition to the city halls, some environmental entities and NGOs also carry out campaigns. Be part of these movements and be part of them.spread the word so that other people can also contribute. Finally, remember that to fight abandonment and mistreatment you don't have to wait until Animal Day. March, April, May, June... any day, month or year is the right time to do your part.

Tracy Wilkins

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