"I want to donate my dog": how to do it safely and with minimal trauma to the animal?

 "I want to donate my dog": how to do it safely and with minimal trauma to the animal?

Tracy Wilkins

Putting a dog up for donation is an attitude that needs to be very well thought out and analyzed. Adopting a dog should be a lifelong responsibility. But a family can decide to donate a dog for a number of factors and sometimes this is the best way out. The most common justifications for putting dogs up for donation are problems adapting with children, moving and even death of the guardian. But,Before you say "I want to give my dog away", you need to ask yourself if there is any possibility of keeping the dog.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that there are at least 30 million abandoned animals in Brazil, including dogs and cats. This means that there is at least one dog for every five inhabitants of a city in urban centers. Although several types of NGOs to donate dogs help to take care of abandoned pets, the number of street dogs is large. Therefore, knowing how and where to donate dogs are essential.essential factors to avoid traumatizing the dog and to ensure good conditions in a new home.

"I want to donate my dog": understand the necessary care at this time

Donating a dog is a very difficult task and requires a lot of attention. First, because when placing a dog for donation the idea is to generate as little trauma as possible in the animal. Second, because knowing where to leave a dog for adoption is essential at this time. You should not look for animal shelters, as the chances of the puppy spending the rest of its life there are high - even more so if it is already a dogIf you want to know "where can I leave my dog for adoption", why don't you start by looking near you for people willing to adopt a dog? Giving it to someone close and trustworthy will give you more guarantees of good treatment.

But how to donate a dog in the right way, anyway? In addition to looking for where to donate a dog in a new permanent home for the animal, another factor to be taken into account is to tell those interested how the pet's personality is in the smallest details. Thus, they will have a better idea of how the dog behaves, what he likes, how he feeds himself. Before donating a dog, also make sure about the dog's characteristics.It's worth paying a visit and asking everything you can. Oh, taking care of vaccinations and making sure he doesn't have any fleas or ticks is also important before making the donation, see?

Where to donate a dog: looking for a safe home is your duty

If you're at a loss and donating a dog is the only option, you should know exactly where to look. Before you put dogs up for donation, it's important to do your research so that your pet finds a home as soon as possible and isn't left at the mercy of abandonment. A good way to do this is to spread the word that you have a dog to donate in groups of friends and acquaintances. That way, you'll know if there's someoneIn addition, social media today is a powerful outreach tool. If you post "I want to donate a dog" on social media and adoption sites, you will be able to reach even more people interested in adopting. But also be very careful not to donate a dog to just anyone. When you find a potential family, make sure they will take care of it.and provide everything necessary to maintain the animal's well-being.

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Donating a dog cannot be traumatic for the animal

Homesickness is a feeling that affects not only humans, but their pets as well. Yes, dogs miss you. No wonder those who have a puppy are used to that sad dog look whenever the guardian is about to leave the house - this is their way of showing that they miss you and don't want you to leave. But after you donate a dog, it changes owners and needs to be reunited with its owner.getting used to the fact that you will no longer see your former guardian every day. This process can take some time. Therefore, when placing a dog for donation, it is extremely important to know how to mitigate this so as not to cause a very strong impact on the animal's life or traumatize it.

For starters, after you put dogs up for donation, the guardian can't just disappear from your life overnight. He needs to get the dog used to his new family little by little until he's fully adapted. Also, when you donate a dog, leave an old outfit of yours with him. In the first few weeks after you finish the process of donating a dog, arrange visits to see your buddycan also be a good option so that he does not feel so abandoned at first.

Abandoned puppies may find it harder to find a home

Even if you say "I need to donate my dog urgently", under no circumstances leave your puppy on the street to "try his luck"! Dog abandonment is very worrying, because dogs that are left on the street go through several difficulties in the struggle for their own survival. In addition to not having shelter, food or drink most of the time, these animals need to have a lot of wits to be able to survive.In some cases, some people take abandoned pets to NGOs to donate dogs, fairs and other animal protection projects. However, this does not mean that it will be easy for the puppy to find a permanent home. On the contrary: he needs to "compete" with several other animals, which reduces the chances of some of them finding a permanent home.family to take an exclusive interest in him.

Is donating a dog the best solution? See other alternatives

The decision to donate a dog may be necessary in some cases. But before you decide for sure that "I want to donate my dog", you can analyze the situation more calmly. Depending on the reason that led you to choose to put the dog to donate, there are other solutions less traumatic and complicated for the animal. Many people choose to donate a dog because of some health problem.Sometimes the dog is too rowdy or barks a lot in an apartment where the neighbors complain a lot. In these cases of behavioral problems, training is a good solution. You can use some tips on how to train a dog or call a professional trainer. The result is usually very positive and improves coexistence a lot.

If the reason is a guardian who needs to move, there are specialized moving companies that can help to take the pet without problems. If the problem is lack of space, try to invest in a special corner of the house for him, with environmental enrichment and increase walks so that he does not get bored. This helps the dog to feel better and freer, even in a small house. Caseif you really can't afford to keep the pet indoors, check the possibility of leaving it with a responsible relative or close friend, so that you can visit it often. The important thing is that, before putting a dog up for donation, all options are taken into account.

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Updated on 18/08/2021

Tracy Wilkins

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