How many puppies can a Yorkshire have in one pregnancy?

 How many puppies can a Yorkshire have in one pregnancy?

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The Yorkshire is one of the most loved and cherished breeds among Brazilians, and the Yorkshire puppy is not to be missed! But no matter what age you are, the breed has a very compact size, so the puppy is considered the perfect companion for those who live in apartments and not very spacious places. In addition, the Yorkshire's personality also has several qualities: he is kind,Affectionate and attached to his family, he can bark a bit, and has a protective instinct that speaks loudly. Even though he is a small dog, he is pure courage!

But have you ever stopped to think about how the reproduction of the breed should be? The Yorkshire puppy is, yes, a cuteness, but how many brothers can he have in the same litter? To answer the main questions on the subject, just follow the article below!

Yorkshire puppy: how many can be born in the same litter?

Understanding a little bit about how dog pregnancy works is necessary before answering how many Yorkshire puppies a female dog can give birth to. After mating with the male, the female has a pregnancy that lasts about two months. As it is a delicate process, the size of the animal influences the number of puppies per litter. Large dogs, for example, can have up to twelvepuppies in a single pregnancy.

In the case of a Yorkshire, the female cannot give birth to many puppies at once. Because it is a very small dog, the average is usually three puppies per pregnancy. This number can be slightly less - around one or two puppies per litter - or slightly higher, reaching a maximum of six puppies. More than that is not possible.

Another important point is that, depending on the size of the Yorkshire, the bitch may not be able to give birth to any puppies. This is the case of a Yorkshire mini (also called Yorkshire micro), which is even smaller than the breed standard and, therefore, has a much more fragile body structure. In the case of the Yorkshire mini, delivery is very difficult and the chances of babies being stillborn are high.

Until when is Yorkshire considered a puppy?

The Yorkshire puppy is a real cutie, but can you tell the difference when they stop being a puppy and become an adult? Although there are some behavioral changes that indicate this, it is good to know that the puppy of the breed reaches adulthood from twelve months of age - no matter if it is a Yorkshire micro, mini or standard size.

So make the most of it while your little dog is still a Yorkshire puppy! Even if their size doesn't change much between one phase and the next, no one can deny that puppies make any place even more cheerful.

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Yorkshire puppy: price is not the most expensive

For those who have always dreamed of having a Yorkshire to call their own, the good news is that this is far from being one of the most expensive breeds of dog that exist. To acquire a Yorkshire puppy, price varies between R $ 1700 and R $ 2500 for males; and between R $ 2300 and R $ 3 thousand for females. In addition to gender, some factors that influence this value is the genetic lineage of each animal, if it haspedigree and if he has had all his vaccinations.

You also don't have to restrict yourself to just kennels and breeders of the breed. While it is very important to choose a reliable dog kennel, another option is to look for a Yorkshire puppy for adoption. In this sense, you can visit animal NGOs and shelters, research about adoption fairs in your city or even take a look at groups for this purpose on the networkssocial.

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