German Spitz: 200 names to call a dog of the Lulu da Pomeranian breed

 German Spitz: 200 names to call a dog of the Lulu da Pomeranian breed

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The German Spitz - also known as Zwergspitz, in German - is among the most beloved breeds of Brazilians. Cute and fluffy in appearance, the dog can have different sizes, with the dwarf version being the most popular here and bears the nickname Lulu da Pomerânia dog. For those who have always dreamed of having a Spitz, one of the biggest challenges is choosing a female or male dog name wellbeautiful, distinctive and reveals the essence of your four-legged friend.

If you're about to welcome a Pomeranian puppy home but haven't decided on the best name for him yet, don't worry. Paws of the House has put together some options for you to call your dog, as well as tips and other curiosities about the German Spitz (price, personality and more). Check it out!

20 names for Pomeranian Lulu based on breed characteristics

Despite the cuteness of the Spitz dog, this is a breed with a very strong personality. It is a very companionable, docile and sweet dog, but at the same time it is very brave - and this also applies to the Pomeranian Lulu, which is pure courage in a small size. The German Spitz does everything to protect those he loves and always shows all his bravery when any threat approaches.

In everyday life, the breed is very attached to family members and has a contagious energy, so why not use the characteristics - both personality and appearance - to choose good dog names? Female or male, there is no shortage of nickname options that reflect what the German Spitz is like in real life. See suggestions:

  • Mulberry; Angel
  • Breeze; Brutus
  • Cadence; Comrade; Courage
  • Dengo; Docinho
  • Spark; Fluffy
  • Lady; Love
  • Grumpy; Misty
  • Patty; Princess
  • Typhoon
  • Valente; Victoria

30 culture-inspired female and male dog names

Many guardians like to pay homage to artists and famous personalities when defining names for German Spitz (or even other breeds). So one tip is to take cultural references to baptize your new little friend in a very special way. Best of all, you can explore all your creativity at these times: it is worth putting the name of a singer, singer, characters from movies, series, drawingsanimated, books, games and more. We've separated some dog name ideas (female and male) below:

  • Adele; Amy
  • Bella; Bloom
  • Calvin; Capitu; Castiel
  • Diana; Drake; Dustin
  • Elsa; Edward
  • Fiona; Frida
  • Gandalf
  • Harry
  • Jasmine; Juliet
  • Leia; Logan; Luke
  • Madonna; Meredith
  • Rihanna; Romeo
  • Sakura; Sansa; Snoopy
  • Tony
  • Yoda

20 fancy names for Pomeranian Lulu!

The German Spitz is not one of the cheapest breeds, especially when it comes to the Pomeranian Lulu puppy: the value of the dwarf version can reach R $ 7 thousand. As the puppy increases in size, the price decreases, but it is still a relatively expensive animal. To live up to such high values, nothing more fair than choosing a nickname that gives the idea of power, right?! Fortunately, there is no shortage of names!There are male names too, of course, and most are inspired by designer stores and stylish personalities, such as..:

  • Celine; Chanel; Chloe
  • Dior; Dolce; Duke
  • Fenty; Françoise
  • Gabbana; Givenchy; Gucci
  • Hemingway
  • Jean-Paul
  • Picasso; Prada
  • Ralph
  • Stefan
  • Valentino; Versace
  • Yves

50 German Spitz name options inspired by the dog's colors

The names for Lulu da Pomeranian and other Spitz dogs can also be based on the animal's coat. The official color pattern of the German Spitz is quite varied, and it is possible to find specimens of the breed with black, white, brown, gray and reddish hair (in addition to a mixture between them). You can make an association of the name with the shade of the dog's hair, and for that some ...references from your everyday life can also be used. Take a look at several names for German Spitz with different colors:

White Pomeranian

  • Alaska
  • Cocada
  • Whipped cream
  • Everest
  • Floquinho
  • Porridge
  • Olaf
  • Popcorn
  • Snow
  • Tofu

Black Pomeranian

  • Coke
  • Dark
  • Eclipse
  • Phoenix
  • Bat
  • Night
  • Onyx
  • Panther
  • Sirius
  • Thunder

Brown Pomeranian

  • Hazelnut
  • Brown
  • Cocoa
  • Chestnut
  • Choco
  • Feijoada
  • Brunette
  • Nescau
  • Nutella
  • Toffee

Red Pomeranian

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  • Aslan
  • Cherry
  • Rocket
  • Gina
  • Ginger
  • Hercules
  • Mars
  • Fox
  • Ruby
  • Sun

Grey Pomeranian

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  • Koala
  • Dumbo
  • Dusty
  • Focus
  • Smoke
  • Graphite
  • Grey
  • Nebula
  • Smoke
  • Winter

40+ name options for male German Spitz puppies

Do you think it's over? Of course not! The names for Lulu da Pomerania can also be more generic, without necessarily indicating anything about the animal's personality, colors or other physical characteristics. In this case, what really counts is your personal taste. Do you know that name that you think is beautiful and that you believe can go very well with your puppy? Go deep! We've gathered 40 names for male dogs!for you to get inspired:

  • Anthony; Apollo; Attila
  • Bartholomew; Benji; Boris
  • Chico; Clyde; Cosmo
  • Deco; Denis; Dylan
  • Fred
  • Hank; Hector; Henry
  • Isaac; Ivan
  • Jake; Joey
  • Kaleb; Klaus
  • Marvin; Mike; Mushu
  • Noah
  • Oliver; Ozzy
  • Pingo; Phillip; Prince
  • Scott; Simon; Stuart
  • Ronnie; Rufus
  • Théo; Tobias
  • Zeca; Ziggy

+ 40 name options for female German Spitz

Just as there are names for male dogs, there are also names for small bitches! There are so many cool options to call your new dog that it is even difficult to decide, but just follow your heart and your intuition. If you think the name suits the dog, there is nothing to fear. See 40 very cute and different suggestions for names for female German Spitz:

  • Aphrodite; Anabel; Anastacia
  • Bebel; Bonnie; Brigitte
  • Charlotte; Cleo; Cristal
  • Dalila; Daphne; Dulce
  • Felicia; Filó; Francine
  • Hannah; Hayley; Honey
  • Kathleen; Kiara
  • Lola; Lucy; Lupita
  • Meggy; Mel; Mia
  • Nala; Nancy; Nina
  • Pandora; Pearl; Pitty
  • Ramona; Ravena; Rosalía
  • Sandy; Sasha
  • Tina; Tulip
  • Zoey

Important tips before choosing a name for a German Spitz puppy

1) Dog names (female or male) should be short and easy to remember. If you want your puppy to learn his name right away, don't choose a name that is too difficult or long. A tip to trigger dogs' memory is to opt for nicknames that end in vowels and have a maximum of three syllables.

2) Avoid German Spitz names that are similar to commands or the name of a family member. Otherwise, the puppy may end up making a mess on a daily basis and will never be sure when they are calling him. So, no names similar to training commands, such as "lie down", "sit", "stay", among others.

3) Don't even think about dog names that might sound prejudiced! Besides being a matter of common sense, you never know who might hear the name and feel offended, so always evaluate very carefully so as not to be disrespectful to others.

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