Blue-eyed cat: see 10 breeds with this characteristic

 Blue-eyed cat: see 10 breeds with this characteristic

Tracy Wilkins

Blue-eyed cats always catch anyone's eye! The vibrant, eye-catching and bright look that this color provides always gives the cat a special charm. Blue eyes can appear in a wide variety of coats. The blue-eyed white cat, for example, is the darling of many people. The blue-eyed black cat, on the other hand, also has an extraordinary beauty - although the black-eyed catblue is extremely rare due to genetics. Whatever the coat color, one thing is true: blue eyes will always be the highlight. That's why many people use this characteristic as inspiration when choosing the name of the kitten. Names for blue-eyed white cats like Snow, Cristal and Aurora are guaranteed to be successful. If you want to have a blue-eyed cat, check out thefollow 10 breeds with this striking trait.

1) Ragdoll: blue-eyed cat is famous for its playful temperament

The Ragdoll is one of the most famous blue-eyed cats. This giant cat has a super hairy body and a little fur on its belly that makes the animal even cuter. The coat of this blue-eyed cat can have variations of black and white or chocolate and white. In addition to the unique beauty of the Ragdoll breed, its temperament also draws attention. Super active, fun and playful, many people compare it to a blue-eyed cat.even Ragdoll's personality with that of a dog.

2) Siamese: the most famous blue-eyed cat in existence

When you think of "blue-eyed cat", there is a big chance that the image that comes to your mind is that of a Siamese. The Siamese cat is one of the most popular cat breeds in Brazil and around the world. Its appearance always draws attention with its slender and elongated body, as well as its white or cream coat with dark spots at the ends. Although less known, the light gray color is also a very popularpossibility in the Siamese. Thus, we see the gray cat with blue eyes, always with darker edges. The Siamese is not so loved for nothing: the pet is sociable, loving and fun.

3) Persian: the blue-eyed white cat has a lush coat

The Persian cat is known for its long, super-voluminous coat, which gives the breed a unique and special charm. In addition, it has a charming personality, being a cat that gets along well with children and befriends anyone with ease. The white cat with blue eyes is the most famous, but this is not the only existing pattern. In fact, the color of the eye varies according to the color of the coat. The colors of thePersian cats vary greatly and can come in different patterns, but usually the white Persian cat has blue or brown eyes, while the grey or golden Persian has green or a more greenish blue.

4) Himalayan: one of the most docile blue-eyed cats there is

The Himalayan cat is one of the main representatives of blue-eyed cats. Descended from the Persian and the Siamese, the Himalayan has inherited the blue eyes of both breeds. With a strong body and a very long coat, the breed can have some color variations, but always has darker extremities than the rest of the body - just like the Siamese cat. This blue-eyed cat has a quieter way anddocile, ensuring a super easy coexistence.

5) Angora: the typical blue-eyed white cat with a slender build

The Angora cat is the typical blue-eyed white cat. The breed has a slender build that gives it an air of nobility. The all-white Angora is the most common and it will always have very blue or green eyes. In other coat colors, the cat's eyes take on a yellowish tinge. A curiosity about the Angora is that heterochromia (a condition in which the cat has each eye of one color) is quite common. Byso it is not uncommon to see the cat with blue and green eye at the same time.

6) Burmese: the blue-eyed cat can have different coat patterns

The Burmese cat is another one of the blue-eyed cats that has darker extremities than the rest of its body. However, one striking feature that sets it apart is its white paws, which give the impression that it is always wearing boots. The Burmese cat can have different coat colors, such as grey, gold, blue and black. Therefore, there is even a possibility of seeing this black cat with blue eyes,But, as we explained, it is something very rare. The blue-eyed grey cat is one of the most sought after for its unique and charming appearance. The Burmese cat breed is more territorial, but at the same time it is super loving and docile with its family.

7) Balinese: the blue-eyed cat that gets along with anyone

The Balinese is a medium-sized kitten that can have different coat color patterns, but always darker at the ends. However, regardless of its color, it will always be a blue-eyed cat. The shape of the cat's eye also draws attention because it is more oblique, making it quite striking and attractive. Anyone who says that a cat is reserved does not know the Balinese, as this cat loves tosocialize with everyone around them.

8) Khao Manee: this blue-eyed cat is prone to heterochromia

The Khao Manee is not very popular, but it is one of the main breeds of white cats. Its fur is very uniform and completely white. The look is another striking feature of the cat. Very vibrant and bright blue eyes catch anyone's attention. Despite being one of the largest representatives of white cats with blue eyes, the Khao Manee is very prone to heterochromia, with one of the eyesblue and the other with another coloration.

9) Snowshoe: a lesser-known but super charismatic blue-eyed cat

The Snowshoe cat breed is new and unknown to many people, but with its outgoing and playful manner, it will soon charm anyone. This blue-eyed cat usually has a cream, lilac or brown coat, but what really catches the eye is the dark mask on its face that is around its extremely striking blue eyes. The Snowshoe may not be famous, but it is one of thecats with the most striking blue eyes that exist.

10) Bengal: the blue-eyed cat with a wild feline appearance

The Bengal cat or Bengal Cat is a cat that looks like a leopard and the reason is that it appeared precisely after the crossing of a domestic cat with a leopard. With so many crossings, today there are different types of Bengal. The huge variety of the breed can impact on the color of the cat. Blue eye is the most common, as well as green. However, it can have other shades, including more yellowish ones. Be ita cat with blue, green or any other color eyes, their behavior varies depending on their proximity to wild cats. The more domesticated ones are usually super docile and companionable.

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