Grey cat: everything you need to know about this coat color

 Grey cat: everything you need to know about this coat color

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Any gray cat has the ability to make everyone fall in love in a matter of seconds. Contrary to what many people think, there is not only one type of gray cat, but several breeds that can have this color so characteristic. The exotic color, which can range from light to dark gray cat, hides several curiosities that many people do not even imagine. Want to know what the gray cat color looks like?formed, how does the personality of cats of this breed usually look like and even what does it mean to dream of a gray cat? Paws of the House explains everything about this beautiful coat color!

With the gray cat color is formed?

Genetics is what defines the colors of the cat. Gray color is considered a dilution of the eulamic base gene. How so? We explain: the protein responsible for giving the color of the cat's coat is melanin. There are two subtypes of melanin: pheomelanin and eumelanin. Pheomelanin (represented in genetics as gene X) is responsible for the reddest and most orange tones, unrelated to colorThe eumelanin gene (represented as gene B) is responsible for the colors black and chocolate. To understand how the grey cat is obtained, it is necessary to remember a little genetics. Gene B has two alleles: "B" (dominant) and "b" (recessive). They can combine with each other or with each other.

When the cat has at least one dominant allele (BB or Bb), its color will be black, while when it has two recessive alleles (bb), it will be chocolate. But then where does the gray cat come into this story? It turns out that there is another gene (represented as D) that defines whether the animal will have dense colors or soft/diluted colors. When dominant (DD or Dd), it forms dense color; when recessive (dd), it forms dark color.The "B" and "D" genes work together to define the color and its tone (dense or soft). If the kitten has a eulamic base ("BB", "Bb" or "bb") and has the recessive "dd" alleles, it will have a diluted/soft color. This diluted color is gray, which can be darker if the animal is BB or Bb or lighter if it is bb. This is how the gray cat appears.

Meet the main gray cat breeds!

The gray cat is one of the most sought after by pet parents, as the color brings a charming touch to the animal. Whether it is an all gray cat or with more than one color, such as the gray and white cat, the fact is that pussies in this color are always very successful. If you want to have such a pet, you may be wondering: what is the breed of gray cat? The truth is that there is not just a gray cat,Check out a list of the most famous ones below!

Korat cat: The Korat is an all grey cat with a short coat and green eyes. His calm manner makes him the ideal companion for anyone.

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Grey Persian cat: Although the white Persian cat is most popular, the grey Persian cat is also a hit. Fun and sociable, the grey Persian cat is great with children.

Gray Angora cat: Slender and elegant, the gray Angora cat is in great demand. In addition to being charming and affectionate, the gray Angora cat stands out for its intelligence.

Russian Blue Cat: The Russian Blue Cat is a more reserved and shy cat than other cats, and is also a super intelligent gray cat.

Chartreux Cat: The breed is often confused with the Korat for being a grey cat. Hairy and reserved, the Chartreux is known for having a narrow muzzle that gives the impression that it is always smiling.

Mongrel cat: There is no such thing as a grey cat! There are many mongrel cats out there with the most varied types of color: light grey cat, dark grey cat, grey and white cat, with spots... it's always a surprise!

Behavior and personality of the gray breed cat

Did you know that the color of a cat defines its personality? A survey conducted by the University of Florida and California proved that color and temperament have a greater relationship than we imagined. In the survey, conducted anonymously and online, tutors had to assign 10 adjectives to 5 cats with different colors. According to the answers, the researchers noticed a strong pattern of color and temperament.The gray cat was assigned a docile and outgoing personality.

The gray cat has a more agitated behavior, and can even be mischievous and adventurous. But there are also times when he will show himself to be a calm, loving and super tame animal, who likes to be close to his guardian. Of course, personality can vary for each cat. Gray color is no guarantee that the animal will always be that way. Other things influence the personality of the gray cat:breed, upbringing, sex... However, the probability that he has this quiet and affable way is giant. There is yet another curiosity behind the personality of the gray cat: meaning of the color, from the mythical and energetic point of view, is associated with tranquility, stability and peace.

Gray cat coat care

To keep your grey cat looking beautiful and with healthy hair, it is important to take special care. Bathing your cat is not common or recommended, since cats naturally clean themselves. However, it is the guardian's role to keep the hair brushed frequently to prevent excessive hair loss and keep the hair healthy, in addition to preventing the formation of knots and hairballs. It is usually necessary to clean the even more attention if you have a furry gray cat. Breeds with thicker coats are always more at risk of having tangled and knotted hair. Whether it is an all gray cat, a gray and white cat, a light gray cat or any other type, brushing the hair is always essential. The ideal is to choose the cat brush most recommended for the type of hair and brush at least once a week.once a week - increasing the frequency during the hair change period.

Gray cat health: does this color breed have a greater predisposition to certain diseases?

White cats are more likely to be deaf because the lighter their fur, the more likely they are to have the deafness gene. But do grey cats also have a genetic predisposition to any disease? There is no scientific evidence that the color grey is related to any health problem. It is true that the grey Angora cat has a high chance of suffering from ataxia, a problem of originThe gray Persian cat has a strong tendency to develop feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a heart disease of genetic origin. However, neither of these conditions is related to coat color.

What does it mean to dream of gray cat?

Many people believe that dreaming of a cat brings strong revelations to your life. Depending on the color of the cat, the dream may have a different sign. So what does it mean to dream of a gray cat? Actually, there is more than one possibility. Dreaming of a gray kitten cat may mean that you need to pay more attention to your health. Another option is that your routine is too monotonous and you need to change it.There is also the interpretation that a person is trying to force a friendship with you. If you dream of a gray kitten and it is meowing, be alert: it may be a sign of betrayal. Dreaming of a gray cat attacking is a sign that your emotional side is a little fragile. In other words: there are many possible interpretations for a dream with a gray cat. Meaning will depend on it.mainly on how each person interprets it according to their own individuality.

Gray cat: price depends on breed

Having a gray cat is synonymous with joy, fun and companionship. But after all, how much does a gray cat cost? Price will depend on which breed of gray cat we are talking about. As we explained, there are several out there, each with its own value. For a Chartreux breed gray cat, price is usually between R $ 3.000 and R $ 6.000, with females being more expensive. In the case of a Russian Blue, values areThe price of a gray Chartreux cat is close to $ 6,000, while a gray Persian cat usually costs up to $ 5,000. The gray Angora cat, on the other hand, is around $ 3,000.

Names for gray cats: get inspired by the color of the animal when naming your kitty!

Choosing names for cats is a very important task after adopting a kitten! The possibility of names is huge because practically everything can serve as inspiration: names of gods, names inspired by pop culture, funny names... One thing that can help you when choosing a cat name is to look at the color of the coat. Names inspired by color always match extremely well with the animal.Check out a list of gray cat names below:

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Names for all gray cat

  • Smoke
  • Grey
  • Dust
  • Smoke
  • Shade
  • Zeus

Names for gray and white cats

  • Cruella
  • Dominoes
  • Oreo
  • Piano
  • Snoopy
  • Zebra

Names for gray and black cat

  • Comet
  • Dark
  • Spark
  • Halloween
  • Onyx
  • Pandora

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