How to get cat hair out of clothes? Check out some tips!

 How to get cat hair out of clothes? Check out some tips!

Tracy Wilkins

Finding cat hair on clothes is a very common situation in the life of any cat owner. The fine fur of these pets, in addition to constantly shedding, adheres very easily to different surfaces. And getting cat hair out of clothes can be a big challenge, especially in the case of black garments. But what to do? Does the hair removal roller solve the problem? Is there any technique that helps?to remove hair during washing? Paws of the House went after some tips to help you how to get cat hair out of your clothes, see below!

How to remove cat hair from clothes in the wash?

Few people know how to remove cat hair in the laundry. Washing incorrectly can even make the situation worse. Putting a garment with a lot of hair straight into the washing machine will only spread it further to all other clothes. Therefore, before putting clothes with cat hair in the machine, it is important to remove the excess.

Using a damp cloth is a good tip for getting cat hair out of clothes. Just lay the garment on a straight surface and run the clean, damp cloth along the entire length of the garment. You can do the same thing using a new, damp sponge, which will have the same result. Just remember that to get cat hair out of clothes, it's important to run the cloth or sponge evenly and always on the same side of the garment.Once you have removed the cat hair, you can put the laundry in the washing machine as normal.

If these techniques don't work, there are other methods to help get cat hair out of your clothes. Before you put the garment in the machine, soak it in a deep bowl. The contact of the fabric with the water will dislodge a good part of the hair, which will float - without having to fill the other clothes with hair during the wash. Another tip is to use an adhesive tape to remove cat hair from the clothes.Crepe tape, which is inexpensive, does the job well. The technique is ideal for when you need to leave the house in a hurry and find your clothes full of cat hair. Even carrying the tape in your bag can help if you find a stray hair throughout the day.

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Adhesive roller is a classic for getting cat hair out of clothes

A cat accessory that can save your clothes from hair is the adhesive roller. This product is usually found easily in pet stores and even markets or household utility stores. It is basically a roller with an adhesive material on its surface and serves to remove cat hair not only from clothes, but also from furniture and other objects. The ideal is to have not only one but severalrolls and leave each one in a different strategic location.

The best way to avoid cat hair on clothes is to brush your pet frequently

All of these tips are very useful, but there is one classic that can greatly improve the incidence of cat hair on clothes. How about taking care of the source of the problem? Brushing your cat's coat frequently (at least three times a week) will greatly reduce the amount of hair on clothes, floors and furniture. Using a cat brush or some other accessory that fulfills this function is possibleremove the dead hair that remains on the cat's body - these are precisely the ones that come off easily and stick to any surface. Brushing cats is important not only to avoid cat hair on clothes, but it is also a way to provide more well-being for the pet, as it prevents the formation of hairballs.

Step by step how to remove cat hair from clothes with rubber gloves

If you're pressed for time and willing to get rid of cat hair from your clothes, there's an efficient way to do it using a few simple items you're sure to have around the house. All you'll need are rubber gloves, a bowl, tape, and water. Check out this step-by-step on how to get cat hair out of clothes:

  • Step 1) Put some warm water in a basin and then put on the rubber gloves and wet them.
  • Step 2) With the garment stretched out, rub the wet gloves on the areas with cat hair.
  • Step 3) The movement of the gloves will cause the hairs to stick to the accessory. When you notice that the amount of hairs sticking to the glove is large, place the gloves in the basin until they come off. If there are still hairs on the clothes, repeat the process until everything is removed.
  • Step 4) Let the garment dry.
  • Step 5) Once dry, use the tape to remove any remaining cat hair from the garment.

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