What is the Pitbull's personality like? See the infographic to learn all about the breed's temperament

 What is the Pitbull's personality like? See the infographic to learn all about the breed's temperament

Tracy Wilkins

The Pitbull is an animal that intimidates many people, mainly because of the "aggressive" reputation that goes with it. The imposing posture and strong, robust musculature are characteristics that contribute to this, but the truth is that both the Pitbull puppy and an adult dog are far from violent if they have a good breeding. Yes, that's right: the way the Pitbull puppy is raisedit's all about your behavior!

Do you want to know more about the personality and temperament of the Pitbull breed? You may be surprised! To help you in this mission, the Paws of the House has prepared an infographic with everything you need to know about living with your dog!

Pitbull puppy is very obedient, playful and affectionate

Contrary to stereotypes, the Pitbull Terrier is a pleasant surprise for any family. He is a kind and affectionate dog who has a huge fascination with humans, becoming easily attached. This is even one of the reasons why the Pitbull is not one of the best options for guard dogs: he trusts people a lot, even when they are strangers. Just give a little attention andaffection that the dog soon gets rid of this "imposing" posture that so many fear.

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The "Monster" Pitbull - as it is also called - has a docile, gentle and very obedient personality. With a great intelligence and willingness to please, the little dog is not difficult to be trained and, if well trained, has everything to be an excellent companion for the guardians. He also likes to play and needs to be stimulated frequently.

The American Pitbull Terrier can be quite territorial, but does not tend to be aggressive

Despite having several qualities, the Pitbull Terrier can have some annoying defects. The breed is known to be territorial, and the behavior tends to be even worse if the dog is male and not neutered. Therefore, it is important to impose limits from an early age, even if he is not necessarily an aggressive animal.

The Pitbull Terrier also requires a certain amount of attention, so the owner needs to be willing to dedicate some of their time to play and satisfy the needs of the pet. Otherwise, the dog's barking, which is usually naturally loud, becomes another problem in coexistence.

Pitbull breed gets along well with children and humans, but not so much with other pets

Believe it or not, the Pitbull is one of the best dog breeds for families with children! These dogs are even known as "baby dogs" because of their affinity with the little ones. In addition to being patient, they play and have fun alongside the little ones and therefore the chances of the Pitbull becoming a child's best friend are high. But, of course, it is good to supervise the games,especially when it comes to a very young child who does not have much sense of boundaries. With humans - including strangers - the pet is also very receptive.

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On the other hand, the American Pitbull Terrier is not so friendly with other dogs and pets in general, such as cats. They really prefer human contact, but in order not to have any kind of problem - especially if you have more than one pet at home - it is necessary to socialize the Pitbull puppy from a young age.

Pitbull Terrier behavior will depend on how it is raised

You can already see that the Pitbull is not dangerous, right? The breed has everything to be docile and tame, but this will depend mainly on the upbringing that each animal receives at home. That is, the tutor is largely responsible for the Pitbull's behavior. If the dog is treated with brutality and aggression, it will probably learn to react in the same way. If he is raised with stimuli, howeverpositive, it is unlikely to have any violent reaction.

Therefore, the guardian must know how to train the breed to avoid unwanted behaviors. The technique of rewarding the animal with snacks, affection and praise is very welcome, for example. Punishments, punishments and / or fighting with the animal is out of the question, or it can teach him the "wrong".

It is also recommended to socialize the Pitbull puppy from an early age, so that the dog learns to live in harmony with different people and animals. Also, do not forget to play with the Pitbull puppy and give it plenty of attention, as it needs to spend a high level of energy and feel loved.

Tracy Wilkins

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