Cat brush: learn about the most common models and how to choose!

 Cat brush: learn about the most common models and how to choose!

Tracy Wilkins

The cat brush is an essential accessory for those who have a feline at home, especially to take care of cat hair. The soft coat is the hallmark of kittens, but to ensure that the hair is always healthy, a brushing routine is necessary. The need and choice of cat brush is a doubt that permeates the minds of guardians, especially first-time parents.There are many models available in pet shops and each type has a specific function to help maintain and care for your kitty's coat. Want to know which cat brush is best for you? Enough more than the cat brush. Paws of the House will help you!

1) The cat scratching machine helps to remove all dead hair

The scraper is the most popular model when we talk about a brush to remove cat hair. It can be used every day on short, medium and long-haired animals, and it is a way of, in addition to removing the accumulation of dead hair, also untangling possible knots that are scattered on your friend's body. To "scrape" a cat, the ideal is to brush in the direction of the coat, and without doing too muchpressure, as the pins of the scraper can bother pets.

2) Furminator brush: cats may be annoyed, so use with caution

The Furminator brush is well known in the pet market. The difference between this product and other models is that it aims to remove dead hair that has already come out and remains on the kitten's body. These hairs are not always noticeable to the human eye, so this type of cat brush works well with the retractable function, which reaches all places of the animal's coat. The only attention is thatFurminator can bother cats, so it's good to use with caution!

3) Brushing mitt is a way of how to remove dead cat hair without stressing it out

Although the cat comb is the preferred option for owners, some cats do not like to be brushed with combs, scratchers or other models of brushes. This is due to the lack of positive association with the moment, generating stress in the animal and, in some cases, even causing trauma. The cat hair removal glove may be the best option for these cases. It has bristlesThe way to use it is very simple: you put the glove on your hand and start petting the animal. In the act of passing the hand, the hairs come out in the accessory. It is necessary to repeat the movement a few times.

4) Double-sided cat brush has many benefits for the feline

With this model of brush, cat can be brushed on both sides of the accessory. The side of the metal pins serve to remove the dead hair and untangle - the pins usually have a kind of cover in the shape of balls so as not to hurt the animal. The softer side serves to comb the fur. With this combination, the coat is brighter and brushed. Best of all, this is a brushfor cats with short, medium or long hair: everyone wins.

5) Cat comb with wide teeth helps untangle knots

This is a type of brush for untangling dog hair, but it also serves for kittens and brings basically the same benefits. As the bristles are wide, this is a cat comb that is ideal for untangling the hair, avoiding knots and leaving the coat more beautiful and healthy. It is worth mentioning that this model of cat comb with wide teeth is indicated, mainly, for animals with thelonger and denser coat.

6) Cat comb with short teeth makes brushing easier

Unlike the wide-tooth cat comb, the use of the short-tooth comb facilitates the brushing of the cat's coat, eliminating the tangles that form knots and leaving the coat softer and shinier. In this case, the model is a way of how to make the cat's coat beautiful and well aligned, but which will not necessarily help to remove the accumulation of dead fur. This cat comb can be eitherused on animals with different hair lengths and textures.

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7) Cat comb indicated to remove the knots of the pet

This specific cat comb has a single function: to remove the knots from the kittens' coat. If your cat has short or straight hair, which usually does not have knot formation, this model will not be functional. The accessory is more suitable for long-haired cats, basically functioning as a Persian, Angora, Ragdoll and Maine Coon cat brush.

8) Brush: cat with fleas? There's a specific comb for that!

If your feline has fleas, in addition to the treatment to end the problem, you can use an accessory to remove fleas. There is a cat comb with bristles that are very close together, ideal for catching fleas, eggs and even dirt that can remain in the animal's fur. As this hairbrush is very fragile and has no balls on the ends, the owner needs to be very delicate so as not toAfter removing the fleas, soak the comb in a container of hot soapy water to ensure the accessory is clean.

9) Cat brush: there are also toys that help with brushing

In addition to the classic cat brush, another option that is new to the pet market and has been very successful among felines is a toy called a cat scratch. In addition to massaging and relaxing the pet, the scratch also fulfills an important function, which is to take care of brushing the feline's hair. It is even able to remove up to 90% of dead hair, which already helps a lot to reducethe hair scattered around the house.

Cat hairbrush: what to take into account when choosing the model?

A brushing routine is the best way to remove dead cat hair, preventing the dreaded hairballs from forming in your friend's body - which can be very harmful and uncomfortable for him. In addition, this is a very effective way to deal with a cat shedding a lot of hair. Therefore, choosing a good cat brush makes a lot of difference, and it is important that the model is suitable for your cat.You can follow this logic:

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  • Pin brush: cats with medium and long hair benefit most;
  • Bristle brush: cats with short hair are the ones who benefit the most;
  • Wide-toothed comb: cats with medium and long hair are the most benefited;
  • Short-toothed comb: cat with any type of fur can benefit;
  • Comb to remove knots: cats with long hair are the ones that benefit the most;
  • Scraper: cat with any type of fur can benefit;
  • FURminator: cat with any type of fur can benefit;

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