10 curiosities about the Maine Coon, the world's largest cat

 10 curiosities about the Maine Coon, the world's largest cat

Tracy Wilkins

If you're a cat lover, chances are you've heard of the Maine Coon. Cats of this famous breed are considered to be the largest domestic cats in the world, which is why many refer to them as "giant cats". But what do these big cats have besides size? There are several peculiarities about Maine Coon cats that few people know.So, how about diving a little into this feline universe? The Paws of the House has separated some curiosities about the giant Maine Coon cat to get to know it better.

1) Giant cat: Maine Coon can measure up to 1 meter and weigh about 10 kg

While other cat breeds and mongrels usually weigh around 5 kg, the Maine Coon breed can weigh up to twice that - the average is 10 kg, but some animals exceed this weight. Moreover, the length of the Maine Coon cat is also another aspect that surprises: felines can measure up to 1 meter from snout to tail, with only the cat's tail reaching up to 1 meter.measure about 36 centimetres. Generally, the average domestic cat is 46 cm long.

2) The Maine Coon loves to play in the water

Forget the idea that cats don't like water, because the Maine Coon breed is living proof that felines can enjoy bathing and other aquatic environments, and even more than we think. These cats simply love playing in the water and don't feel uncomfortable at all. On the contrary, they enjoy it. There is no exact explanation for this, but it is believed that the catMaine Coon is descended from animals that lived on large ships.

3) The personality of the Maine Coon breed is super friendly and playful

Some say that the behavior of the Maine Coon cat is very reminiscent of a dog. This is because, unlike other breeds that are more shy and reserved, these kittens are very playful and outgoing. They like to interact, run after thrown objects (such as balls) and also enjoy a walk outdoors (as long as they are wearing a cat collar). That is, they practicallyare the dogs of the feline universe.

4) Maine Coon: cats of this breed are sociable and get along well with everyone

Another characteristic that makes the Maine Coon cat a much-loved animal is that it gets along with all kinds of living beings: children, adults, the elderly and even other pets. The truth is that for the Maine Coon there is always room for one more, and it simply loves being able to play with the most different types of people and animals. However, it is worth noting that the pussycat usually tends to havepreference for a family member, who is the one they will be closest to most of the time.

5) The Maine Coon cat breed is one of the most intelligent in the world

Not only is the Maine Coon the largest domestic cat in the world, it is also well known for its intelligence. These animals have truly amazing abilities and can learn tricks very easily. Therefore, training is a great way to strengthen bonds with your pet. In addition, the kitten has a totally adaptable personality, which isconsidered an intelligence trait in animals.

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6) Maine Coon cats are more likely to develop some genetic diseases

One of the biggest concerns of any guardian is with the health of the cat. In the case of the Maine Coon, the chances of the animal developing cardiological problems are great, and the main one is feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Therefore, it is important to visit the veterinarian regularly and perform tests such as electrocardiogram and ultrasound of the organ to check the health of your cat's heart.Other genetic diseases that can affect the Maine Coon breed are muscular atrophy of the spine and hip dysplasia, which often leaves the cat with a limp.

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7) The black Maine Coon is a hit, but there are other coat colors as well

For those who like to have variety at their disposal, the Maine Coon is a great choice. The felines of the breed can be found with different shades and coat patterns. There is Maine Coon black, white, cream, gray, brown, orange ... that is, for all tastes. About the color pattern, the kittens can be of a single color, bicolor, spotted or even with the coat that bears the name of catscale or "tortoise shell".

8) Maine Coon cats need care for their coat

The long and dense hair of the Maine Coon cat is a very striking feature of the breed, but to maintain a good appearance, the guardian must know how to take care of them very well. The ideal is to brush the cat's hair every day to avoid possible knots and remove the animal's dead coat. In addition, baths should be included in the pet care routine - and since the Maine Coon likes water, this is a good idea.Regular grooming may also be indicated.

9) Maine Coon: puppy price can reach R$4.500

If you want to have the company of this kitten, you need to plan financially for it. In addition to the monthly expenses with any pet, those who wish to buy a Maine Coon kitten must spend between R $ 3,000 and R $ 4,500. Many factors can influence the final cost, such as the animal's descent, but the best way to have a kitten of this breed is to look for a reliable cattery and with good quality.references.

10) The Maine Coon has love to spare

Having a giant Maine Coon cat is synonymous with happiness and companionship! Although some people are intimidated by the size of the breed, this is undoubtedly one of the best choices to have in the house. The Maine Coon, kitten or adult, is fully adaptable to different spaces and is always ready to transform any place into an environment with lots of love and joy.

Tracy Wilkins

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