Brown Viralata: see a gallery with photos of this adorable doggie

 Brown Viralata: see a gallery with photos of this adorable doggie

Tracy Wilkins

Surely you've come across a brown mongrel out there, because even without a defined breed, this shade of chocolate is what guarantees the charm of this little dog. This coat color pattern arouses a lot of curiosity about what daily life is like with this dog full of personality. To find out what it's like to have one, we interviewed Mariana Fernandes, who is the guardian of Belchior, a brown mongrel dog.Check out her statement in the article below.

What's it like living with a brown mongrel? Tutor tells us!

In addition to the caramel mongrel, the white mongrel with brown is also extroverted. According to Mariana, Belchior loves to chat with other dogs and their humans: "There are many dogs in the neighborhood, with whom he talks with barks and howls. He vocalizes a lot and pays attention to what we say, as if he were understanding ". She says that Belchior also shows a lot of dexterity in the routinefamily member: "He stands in front of doors and calls out when he wants to go in or out and fetches toys when we ask (some specific ones he has learned the name of)".

Another interesting detail about this brown mutt is that he has his favorite places: "He loves the corner of the sofa and has always had access to all the rooms in the house, as well as the backyard, which is large and where he spends his energy and gets sun."

Brown and white mutt has a curious personality and lots of affection

Curiosity and companionship are not lacking in the behavior of the brown mongrel, which can have white undercoat, as is the case with Belchior: "He loves to watch the street movement from the window and has no favorite person at home: he gets along with everyone equally!" As a consequence, the family returns this affection and Belchior receives a lot of love: "My parents treat Belchi like a grandson, spoiling him.enough!".

Even though he's affectionate, he doesn't forget to protect his family and take care of where he lives: "With visitors, he takes time to gain confidence. Even after he's relaxed, he sometimes remembers that he's the protector of the house and barks a bit."

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Black and brown (or just brown) mutt loves to play

You can't miss a toy for a brown mongrel dog, as they are full of energy. Mariana says: "There was a time when I came home stressed. So he brought a toy and left it next to me. I get emotional just remembering it".

The pet's favorite game is tug-of-war: "He loves to pull ropes. At this time he growls, but also winks as if to say 'I'm just playing'. And he loves to bite stuffed animals. But his favorite hobby is destroying cardboard boxes."

Brown mongrel dog loves being among people

"He asks us for any and all food: he makes a pouty face, sits nearby and sometimes pulls our hand with his paw or rests his head on our lap. No one has ever eaten without company again," Mariana details. But it's not just at mealtime: "At bedtime, he chooses whether to go to one of our beds or to sleep alone."

The black and brown mongrel dog does not require much care

Caring for a dog without a defined breed is not usually difficult and they even say that mongrel dogs do not get sick. But even though they are more resistant to diseases, guardians must maintain care: "In 4 years, he has only had giardia once. When his belly rumbles, he eats grass, sometimes vomits, and is fine ".

The hygiene and feeding of the brown mongrel dog are other details to pay attention to. With all this up to date, in addition to vaccinations, he will be healthy. "We always bathe him at home, and vaccinations too. He has always eaten super premium food and likes natural snacks. He has never required any special care: he has an iron health."

Adopt a brown mongrel: they make great companions

Belchior has been in the family for four years and is currently between seven and eight years old. Mariana says that before the dog was found, he was ignored at adoption fairs and had a more angry expression. But the protector who rescued him didn't give up and Belchior's life changed after Mariana fell in love with the photos she saw on social media. She talked to his parents and they both agreed to adopt him.adopt the brown mongrel dog.

She says that the first hours at home were delicate: "The first day was very sensitive. He was afraid of us, looking for isolated places and barking at us. But that only lasted a few hours. At night, he was already lying on the sofa, in a good way. Today he is a super companion who is part of the family!"

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Name tips for brown mongrel dog

There is no shortage of reasons to adopt a mongrel dog. At the time of adoption, choosing Belchior's name was quite challenging: he was the one who wanted to choose. But it didn't take long for Mariana to find the perfect name (and nicknames)!

"I tried soccer player names, but he wasn't interested in any. Some friends suggested Belchior, and he took it! Nowadays he has many nicknames: Belchi, Belco, Bebelco, Bebelchinho and even some that have nothing to do with the name, but are ways of expressing cuteness: funcho, chino, chimino, gingi, gino... But Belchior is perfect to get his attention when it's needed."

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