Are black cats really more affectionate than other cats? See how some owners perceive it!

 Are black cats really more affectionate than other cats? See how some owners perceive it!

Tracy Wilkins

What do you hear about the black cat? Wrongly associated with bad luck, dark-coated kitties are extremely affectionate and companionable - in some cultures, they're even considered lucky animals. Unfortunately, many black cats are not adopted because of some stereotypes and prejudices. On Friday the 13th, black cats are even at risk of their lives! The truth? Black catsare elegant, discreet and it is impossible not to fall in love right away. See some stories of cat owners with dark coats and get inspired!

Black cat: a new relationship of complicity

Maíra Issa, who lives in São Paulo, owns two dogs and four cats. One of them is Pipoca, who is a black and super affectionate cat. Her story in the family began after she was adopted by Maíra and her husband, Renato. Pipoca was a six-month-old kitten and shared the enclosure at the adoption fair with another black cat, about two months old. The decision to take her home was made by Maíra Issa.precisely because she is black and older, which would decrease her chances of having a new home.

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Maíra says that, from the beginning, she always noticed Pipoca as a needy cat: "She meowed a lot asking for affection and attention, which the other cats didn't do. Today she is nine years old and still meows. She can't see someone sitting down and will immediately ask for a lap and makes a point of sleeping with us every night, even with the dogs next door." Maíra explains that she can't say for sure if the cat is more affectionatethan her other three felines, a gray brindle cat, a white with brown cat and another all-white cat. She says that, in this case, she is the one she likes to be around the most.

Black cat photo? We have several for you to get inspired:

Can black cats have stronger personalities?

María Luiza is an actress and owner of Saquê. The two live in an apartment in Rio de Janeiro and she adopted him in the first months: the black kitten charmed her heart. Saquê is a peculiar cat and shows affection in the way that suits him best, as he is very needy and attached to his owner. According to her, he needs to sleep together and even opens the door if it is not locked, as he likes to be presentin the environment where his humans are: "If I'm at home, he's clingy all the time. We joke that he's a more temperamental and seductive cat."

How do I know if my cat loves me?

Your cat loves you, but in its own way. Each feline has a unique personality, so it is not possible to generalize a pattern of behavior. A study conducted in 2016 by the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science tries to find out if the color of the animal can be associated with its personality. While there is still no answer to this research, there are some signs that you can notice in your feline, which are indicative that it feels affection for you. They are:

- Nudging with the head;

- "Fluffing" some part of its body with its paws;

- Purr;

- Give light bites and licks when receiving affection;

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- Turn your stomach;

- Bringing gifts.

Friday the 13th: beware the black cat

The superstition that relates black cats to bad luck is very old and has no basis in fact. But on "mystical" days, such as Friday the 13th, it is good to keep the black kitten very safe inside the house. It turns out that many people still believe that the black cat brings bad luck to anyone who crosses its path and, because of this, mistreat these animals. Do not allow your black cat to leave the housealone and if you have black cat kittens to give away, wait for this period to pass and choose very well who will be the adopter. And if you want to believe in some legend, how about the one from German folklore? In Germany, if a black cat crosses someone's path from left to right, it is a sign of luck!

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