White cat: characteristics, personality, health, breeds and care

 White cat: characteristics, personality, health, breeds and care

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There are felines of different colors and the white cat is one of them. Many cat breeds have this color and the gators do not deny: white influences the personality of this feline that can be more peaceful than the kittens of other colors, such as the black and white cat, for example. If you are willing to adopt a feline of this color and want to understand more about his personality and how will be the day to day withthis cat, Patas da Casa has prepared a super article that will tell you everything about the all-white cat. check out!

White-colored cats have distinct physical characteristics

The color white is present in many cat breeds and even the Non-Defined Breed (SRD) can be born white. For this reason, the white cat has different coat types, size and eye color. Even so, most white cats usually develop a denser coat and average height between 23 and 25 cm.

Most white cats have blue-colored eyes, but this is not a rule, and you can also find many white cats with green or yellow eyes. White cats also carry another peculiar characteristic in their vision: heterochromia. With this condition, the eyes can have distinct colors, usually one eye blue and the other green. The color of the cat's muzzle and paw pads, on the other handwhite is predominantly pink.

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The shape of the muzzle has differences between one white cat and another, and they can have a wider, more almond-shaped muzzle or a thinner, more triangular one, depending on the breed. This is repeated in the case of white cats with No Defined Breed, but the shape of the muzzle of the white cat with no pedigree depends on the genetic disposition of the feline parents - this means that if both parents have a thin muzzle, the kitten cat willwhite will have the same shape of muzzle.

White Cat vs Albino Cat: differences are in skin color

Another physical characteristic of the white cat is the shorter hair around the ears, which shows off the cat's ears in a light shade of pink. In fact, this detail on the ears is what helps to differentiate a white cat from an albino cat: while the ears and skin of the white cat are a more intense pink, the pink on the albino cat's skin is lighter (including the ears). That is, in casethe white cat's skin color is lighter than usual, it is likely that it is albino, a condition that is the result of a genetic mutation. The albino cat also has eyes in a lighter blue tone.

Rag Doll and Angora are white cat breeds, meet others!

Many cat breeds are born white, but some breeds are more likely to be born white than others. This is the case with the white Persian cat, which carries the color palette in the muzzle, paw pads and eyes of most cats of this color. That is, it will have the striking eyes of the Persian cat in blue, green or yellow. The pink color is in the muzzle and paw pads of the Persian cat.Persian cat. These are other white cat breeds:

  • Angora Cat: This super hairy and tall feline (they reach up to 45 cm) comes from Turkey and most of them are born with a white coat. The white Angora cat is not very quiet like other breeds and he has a playful personality and gets along very well with children. They also have good longevity and live up to 18 years in great health.
  • Ragdoll: the white Ragdoll cat is a little rarer to find and most cats of this breed are white, but with some details on the muzzle, tail and paws in shades of black or gray. This is due to the fact that the first Ragdoll was the result of the cross between a white Angora cat and a Sacred Cat of Burma (or Burmese). The Ragdoll is a needy and docile cat, characteristics inherited from the catBurmese.
  • Turkish Van: White is predominant in the coat of this breed. The origin of the Van Turk cat is not certain, but it is speculated that the first ones are from the UK or Turkey. It is a large feline and an adult Van Turk is up to 30 cm in size in a medium coat. Its personality is sociable and the Van Turk cat gets along well with other pets.
  • Khao Manee: this is a breed that only exists in white color, and the first cats were born in Bangkok, Thailand. With yellow eyes or with green and blue heterochromia, the Khao Manee cat has short hair and slightly pointed ears. He is of large size and a male measures up to 35 cm. The personality of the Khao Manee is sweet and he gets along well with everyone: children, other pets and even strangers. He does not deny a good oneaffection from anyone.
  • Japanese Bobtail Cat: is another predominantly white breed with some cats riddled with black or black and orange spots - just like the tricolor cat. Native to Japan, the Japanese believe the Bobtail is a lucky cat and it is this breed that stars in the famous Japanese doll and souvenir of a raised paw that decorates many homes around.

Other breeds like the Himalayan cat, the curly-coated Selkirk Rex breed, Russian cat, the short-eared American Curl and Manx cat are other felines that tend to be born with all-white coats.

White cat has a quiet and reserved personality

Compared to cats of other colors, you will hardly see this feline getting into mischief. The white cat has a calm personality and likes to be discreet. When it comes to playing, these cats will hardly be rushed or show a lot of energy, so they are great felines for children or for a home with several pets. The explanation for this behavior is that the white color makes them more suitable for children.home - that's why it's very rare to find a white cat on the street.

Another behavior of the white cat is to be one of the most affectionate cats, behind the Siamese and orange cats, but this only happens after gaining his trust: extremely shy, they take time to gain security and, at first, can be very risky and suspicious. That's why many people think that the white cat is independent. In fact, he just wants to feel protected.However, after a while they will show their true personality and prove to be an extremely loyal and companionable feline - and all without much fuss! The white cat moves in a coy and elegant manner.

White cat health: hearing is delicate and needs attention

White cats are predisposed to hearing problems and this is due to a genetic condition related to the color of the coat and also to the color of the eyes of the feline. This cat has in its genetic code a gene called W, which brings the white to its coat and the blue of the eyes but is also behind congenital sensorineural deafness, an anomaly that causes a degeneration of the inner ear. Byso most white cats are deaf.

However, the feline's eye color also plays an important role: while those with totally green or yellow eyes are less prone to deafness, those with blue eyes are more likely not to hear - all as a result of the W gene. Now, in case of heterochromia, the cat will have a partial deafness: the ear on the same side as the blue eye does not hear.

However, there is no rule and not every white cat with blue eyes is totally deaf. But be sure to take care of your feline's hearing with the help of a vet. It is also good to check his level of deafness: if he is startled by touches and does not respond to your call, he may be deaf. Lack of interaction with noisy toys is also another sign of congenital deafness. To circumvent this,Encourage this feline's sense of smell and sight - which can be more acute - and play lots of games with visual gestures.

All-white cat needs skin cancer precautions

Like humans, white cats also have less melanin, which makes them more prone to skin problems, such as feline dermatitis or a serious skin cancer. Burns can also occur and the ideal is for the guardian to avoid too much exposure of this cat to sunlight. Also be sure to seek a veterinarian to indicate the best sunscreen for white cats.

The white cat can also develop vision problems due to the W gene plus the absence of melanin, which make the eyes more sensitive, especially blue eyes. Therefore, avoid strong lights at home and have a routine of cleaning the eyes of this feline with cotton and saline.

The rest of the care for a white cat must also be maintained: if it is very hairy, perform daily brushing, take care of its hearing and keep vaccines and dewormers up to date. Offer quality food and according to the animal's life stage. While the adult cat needs the maintenance of nutrients, the white kitten needs a food full of vitamins to strengthen the body.After neutering, make a new change of food for neutered cats to avoid feline obesity.

What does it mean to dream of white cat: luck and protection!

Cats are considered mystical beings and white cat is synonymous with a lot of light! If last night you dreamed of a white cat, know that the meaning depends on the scenario and your reaction to the feline. In case of a nightmare with a white cat, it is essential that you be alert: they are extremely careful and have a strong intuition about everything, and this dream comes as a way of showing you that youshould be more careful about the things around them.

But when you dream of a white cat playing or on your lap, rest assured: this dream is a sign of cleanliness and peace. White cats are calm and take life lightly, without much fuss. So if he appeared in a good dream, it means that moments of peace and tranquility are to come. Regardless of the dream, they are believed to carry a lot of positive energy. Good dream or nightmare with white catalways comes with a good sign for you, just be attentive!

Now, dreaming of gray and white cats also has different meanings. They are very active felines and full of personality. If the dream was good, this is a sign of courage and determination. But if you had a nightmare with a cat of these colors, beware of your more aggressive and stressed side, as they are also very risky!

All-white cat deserves a creative name!

White cats are full of class and will exude elegance and delicacy wherever they go. Therefore, the name for a white cat needs to be up to par! Short and creative names will give more personality to this feline, and even those who have hearing conditions will need a creative nickname that refers to the color of their coat and their animal behavior. There are even many names for white cats.white cat, take a look at some of them:

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  • Snow
  • Cotton
  • Cloud
  • Moon
  • Elsa
  • Rice
  • Ice
  • Milk
  • Tapioca
  • Pearl
  • Light
  • Porridge
  • Marie
  • Snow
  • Laka

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