What is the most playful dog? See a list of large breeds that carry this trait

 What is the most playful dog? See a list of large breeds that carry this trait

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Some people say that dogs are like children, because they love to play and are always full of energy. But what is the most playful dog? One thing we can guarantee: there are several dogs with this characteristic, but in some cases this silly and fun side is much more evident. Large dog breeds are even very popular in this regard and prove that size is not a factorIf you're curious to know more about the subject, just take a look at the list we've prepared with the most playful dogs the world has ever seen!

1) The Labrador is a large dog breed with a fun and playful spirit

That typical scene of a Labrador full of energy and with a lot of willingness to play does not fail. Just like the movie "Marley and Me" shows, this large dog breed is one of the biggest fun lovers there is! The Labrador hardly sits still for long and does not miss a good opportunity to run, jump and play. It is important to know how to spend all that pique that the doggy has from the ...right way: walks, hikes and different kinds of activities make a lot of difference in the Labrador dog's life.

2) Dalmatian is the most playful dog you will ever meet

From this list, we can say with all certainty that the most playful dog is the Dalmatian. Being a dog that originally worked in circus performances, the large dog breed is very active and outgoing, so it loves to play all the time. The Dalmatian really needs someone who will stimulate it often and spend a little time having fun by its side. Otherwise, it willmay get bored and have some behavioral problems. Running and different physical exercises can help him at these times, but the guardian must also be committed to daily play.

3) Boxer is a playful dog with lots of energy to spend

The Boxer is one of the best possible breeds to have at home. Despite his grumpy face, he is living proof that appearances can be deceiving and is definitely a very playful dog (and sometimes even a little bit messy). Living with this little dog is full of fun and companionship. The Boxer is outgoing and even with the guard dog posture will always have a lot of fun and companionship.In addition to all this, he is also affectionate and very intelligent, so in addition to spending time playing with him, you can also teach him some commands and tricks. It will be great to strengthen your relationship, and he will have a lot of fun!

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4) Large dog breeds: Golden Retriever loves to play and have fun

Another large dog breed that is a lot of fun is the Golden Retriever. This little dog has a friendly and affectionate personality, but also has a lively manner that is contagious in any environment. The Golden dog loves to get involved in new adventures with its humans (including in the water). The breed definitely does not like boredom, and needs constant physical and mental stimulation to keep it going.avoid destructive and unpleasant behavior around the house.

5) Akita: what the breed has of cute, also has of energy

The Akita is a large dog breed that wins everyone over with its cute and charming appearance. Always with a friendly expression, this little dog is also one of the most playful there is. That's because, like other large dog breeds, the Akita also has plenty of energy to spare, and it's important for guardians to pay attention to this on a daily basis. Although not extremelyagitated, this little dog needs walks, runs and high-intensity play to keep it entertained. Environmental enrichment is key to stimulating the Akita physically and mentally even when at home.

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6) Cane Corso is a playful and very smart dog

The Cane Corso dog is a much-loved Italian breed that has won many hearts around the world. In addition to being docile and with a very calm temperament, this big dog also has a playful and very fun side that only those who live with him know. Around strangers he can even be a little suspicious and take a more protective stance, but the Cane Corso is a companionHe has a lot of energy and needs a lot of play on a daily basis to keep up with his pace. Therefore, toys, games and different types of physical activities are essential in the breed's routine.

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