Poodle puppy: 10 curiosities about the behavior of the dog breed

 Poodle puppy: 10 curiosities about the behavior of the dog breed

Tracy Wilkins

The Poodle dog is one of the most popular breeds in Brazil and around the world. Its cute and elegant appearance, as well as its fun personality, have made the Poodle become the favorite companion of many families. Having a Poodle puppy in the house is synonymous with fun and lots of love. But if you are thinking of adopting this breed of dog, it is important to know some curiositiesabout the behavior of the Poodle puppy.

1) The enormous intelligence of the Poodle can be seen in the behavior since puppyhood

The Poodle is considered the second most intelligent dog breed in the world, behind only the Border Collie. This intelligence can be noticed while the pet is still a puppy. He has an incredible learning capacity, in addition to being very obedient. Therefore, childhood is the best time to teach what is right or wrong. The only problem is that, if the tutor does not set limits, the puppy ofPoodle will think he can do anything and will use his intelligence to do so. If not controlled soon, it will be difficult to change his behavior later.

2) Poodle puppy has much more energy than an adult

The Poodle is an animal full of energy to spend! They love to run around, play and do any kind of activity. The Poodle puppy even loves to swim! But if the adult Poodle is already very lively, the Poodle puppy can be even more so. They have plenty of energy when they are puppies and like to be always doing something. Therefore, it is common for the Poodle puppy to be very agitated andready to have fun at any time.

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3) The Poodle dog needs to be always exercising so as not to become destructive

With so much energy to spend, it is important that the guardian knows how to direct it in the right way. The Poodle that does not spend its energy in a healthy way, whether it is a Large Poodle or a Toy Poodle puppy, can become a destructive dog. This means that it will start to destroy furniture and objects inside the house as a way to vent its energy and even get attention from the guardian. Therefore, it isA routine of exercise, walks and games is essential so that the Poodle puppy does not destroy the whole house. The Poodle, despite all the animation, is a calm animal. You just have to know how to apply it correctly.

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4) The best time to train a Poodle is when it is a puppy

One of the best ways to control the behavior of the Poodle puppy is with training. As we explained, the Poodle puppy is very intelligent and quickly learns the tricks and teachings. Therefore, this is the best time to train the animal, ensuring good behavior. The ideal is to start with short commands and reciprocate when completing an activity. With his intelligence and willingness topleasing, the training process is not usually lengthy.

5) Socialization should be done with the Poodle puppy from an early age

Another important attitude that should be taken while still a Poodle puppy is socialization. Important for any breed, with the Poodle dog is no different. The breed usually gets along well with humans and other animals, so the process is not so complicated. However, it needs to be done early, as it helps to make the animal less messy, nervous and stubborn.

6) The Poodle puppy is usually quite needy in the first days of life

The Poodle is a very attached animal to its guardian. This is even more intense in the first days of life, when it is very needy. They hate to be alone and want the presence of the guardian all the time. Therefore, it is important to always be present during this phase. But remember to always impose limits, otherwise the Poodle puppy will be very dependent and will suffer too much when you need to stayaway.

7) The Poodle puppy can be very jealous from puppyhood

Because they are so attached and love their humans so much, it is common for the Poodle to be jealous. Jealousy can arise while they are still Poodle puppies, as they want a lot of attention and their guardian just for themselves. Therefore, they can become a little defensive when a new pet arrives at home or if they are not receiving as much attention. Jealousy needs to be controlled from an early age even to avoid problems such as anxietySocialization is one of the best ways to curb jealousy.

8) The lively behavior of the Poodle puppy is usually maintained in the adult phase

A great characteristic of the Poodle breed is that its personality is usually maintained throughout life. That is, this lively, playful and fun behavior is not unique to the Poodle puppy. Adults usually continue this way, only with less intensity. Directing the Poodle's behavior through socialization and training while they are still puppies plays a key role. Poodles are not the only ones to be able to do this.behaviors that he learns at an early age are maintained throughout his life, so it is important that they are positive behaviors.

9) The Poodle puppy is always alert and may bark excessively

The Poodle is an animal that is always alert to everything around it. From the Great Poodle to the Toy Poodle, they all have a great protective instinct. Therefore, it may happen that the pet starts barking as a way of alerting. This is common in the presence of strangers, as the Poodle puppy becomes suspicious. The Poodle puppy can also bark a lot when he gets excited about a game or simply the presence of a friend.The best way to control excessive barking is socialization which, as we have explained, should be carried out while the Poodle is still a puppy.

10) Large, Medium, Toy or Dwarf Poodle: know the differences in their behavior

There are four different types of Poodle, and although they all have similar behaviors, you may notice some differences. The Toy Poodle, for example, is the most confident and agitated, despite its smaller size. The Dwarf Poodle tends to be the one that barks the most and needs more stimulation to exercise. The Medium Poodle is the one that likes to play outdoors the most and the smartest. The Large Poodle orStandard, the largest of the breed, is very athletic and outgoing.

Poodle: find out how much a puppy of the breed costs

If you want to have a Giant, Medium, Dwarf or Toy Poodle puppy in your home, be aware of the values. They can vary a lot, especially in relation to size. Therefore, in the case of the Giant Poodle puppy, the price may be higher. However, in the case of Toy Poodle puppies, the price is also high, even though it is the smallest. This is because the Toy Poodle puppy for sale is the most popular.Because it is in high demand, the prices can be a little higher. In general, Poodle puppy prices usually vary between R$1000 and R$6000. But always remember to choose a reliable kennel that offers safety and good quality of life.

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