What is the difference between renal dog food and urinary dog food?

 What is the difference between renal dog food and urinary dog food?

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As with humans, dogs can suffer from serious health problems. These ailments may require a specific food for treatment. In this sense, you will be able to find many varieties of products that act in the treatment of some diseases, such as kidney food for dogs and urinary food. It is important to note that these specific foods for dogs withhealth problems need to be indicated by a trusted veterinarian. Especially because, only the professional will be able to diagnose the puppy to indicate an appropriate treatment. But do you know the difference between the ration urinary dog food and kidney food? O Paws of the House has put together some useful information on the subject, take a look!

Kidney food for dogs: what is it for?

As the name suggests, kidney dog food is suitable for dogs suffering from chronic kidney disease. The main feature of this food is the reduction of nutrients, proteins and substances such as phosphorus, which can negatively affect the kidneys. In addition, dog food for dogs with kidney problems is rich in EPA, DHA and Omega 3 fatty acids, which are known to haveanti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. To use kidney food for dogs, the dog must have a veterinarian's recommendation and a diagnosis of the kidney problem.

What is urinary dog food and what is it for?

Urinary dog food, in turn, is indicated in cases of urinary diseases. Like kidney food, it should only be used if there is a diagnosis and recommendation from the trusted veterinarian. The formula of urinary food is specially developed to assist in the dissolution of struvite stones, decreasing the composition of ions in the composition of the crystals of the channelFor the diagnosis of this disease it will be necessary to carry out clinical analysis tests. The use of this feed, in addition to needing to be indicated by the veterinarian, is done as an adjunct to other treatments.

The difference between urinary dog food and kidney food

The main difference between the two feeds is that each one helps to treat a specific problem. Although they affect the dog's urinary system. chronic kidney diseases are different from urinary diseases. In this sense, urinary dog food can be harmful for dogs with kidney problems. Therefore, it is very important never to use either of the twoIf you suspect that your pet has a health problem, seek expert advice from a trusted professional.

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