Veterinary Reiki: how can this holistic therapy help dogs and cats?

 Veterinary Reiki: how can this holistic therapy help dogs and cats?

Tracy Wilkins

Reiki is a holistic therapy very common among humans, but did you know that your pet can also enjoy the benefits of this treatment? Veterinary reiki is a hands-on healing technique that seeks to align the body's energy centers - called chakras -, promoting energy balance and improving the animal's physical, mental and spiritual health. How about understanding how reiki can be used?can help when it comes to taking care of dogs and even improving cat behavior? We talked to veterinarian Mariana Blanco, from VetChi - Holistic Veterinary Medicine, who specializes in reiki and explained everything to us.

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How does veterinary reiki work?

The technique of veterinary reiki is not very different from that applied to humans: the transmission of vital energy is done with the imposition of the hands of the reikian - that is, someone trained and who has taken a reiki course - on the animal's chakras. Chakras, in turn, are energy centers that every living being has, and it is through this energy center that the so-called universal energy will passchanneled by the reikian, according to Mariana.

This therapy is considered very beneficial for the well-being of pets and can be applied, even in cases of illness or pain. In addition, healthy animals can also adhere to veterinary reiki, see? There are no contraindications to the procedure and the behavior of the cat or dog may even improve with a simple reiki session. "Universal energy is intelligent and will alwaysbenefit the patient," she says.

How does reiki help with dog and cat care?

If your four-legged friend is suffering from a health problem or is very agitated and stressed, reiki in dogs and cats can help. "Reiki balances the vital energy of the physical, mental and spiritual body, so health and well-being improve," explains the veterinarian. However, this does not mean that reiki will act as a miracle healing technique, okay? It works as a miracle cure.complementary therapy, but should never replace the medical treatment indicated by the veterinarian (which is usually done with medicines and other procedures).

To help take care of cats and dogs, veterinary reiki can be applied whenever the guardian feels it is necessary: once a week, every 15 days or even once a month. It will depend a lot on the physical, mental and spiritual state of the animal. But it is worth remembering that it is important not to force your pet to do anything it does not want to do. Usually, the behavior of cats and dogs changes when theyare about to receive reiki: because they are sensitive, they are more predisposed to the treatment. However, not everyone has the same reaction and some prefer to keep a certain distance during the session. Remember that reikers are prepared for this type of circumstance and will respect your dog or cat's space. Reiki also works at a distance and has the same effectiveness as the technique of reiki.face-to-face.

6 advantages of veterinary reiki for your pet

1) Balances the animal's physical, mental and spiritual health

2) Improves the well-being of the pet

3) Reduces stress and anxiety

4) Relieves pain

5) Strengthens the immune system

6) Prevents emotional and psychological diseases and disorders

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Reiki in dogs and cats: who can apply this technique to animals?

There are veterinarians who specialize in reiki, but according to Mariana, anyone can apply this technique to animals or humans, as long as they have taken a training course for this. The course must be taken with a reiki master, that is, someone who has completed the three levels of holistic therapy and fulfilled the specific test to become a master. But if the person has alreadyhas completed at least level 1, she is already able to apply reiki to other people and even to animals.

Tracy Wilkins

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