Unisex cat names: 100 tips for calling a male or female kitten

 Unisex cat names: 100 tips for calling a male or female kitten

Tracy Wilkins

Unisex names for cats are highly sought after by guardians who prefer not to care about the gender of their pets. The truth is that, after going through castration, there really isn't much difference between the behavior of cats and cats. So, it is possible to play on genderless names for cats without fear of confusing the kitty. Today you will know 100 names for cat or for cat: you are the one whoKeep reading and see suggestions that are sure to match your pet's look or personality.

Unisex names for cats are very useful when you don't know the sex of your pet

First-time cat owners often experience a situation that is quite common and a bit funny: kittens have a very small genital organ hidden among the hair, right next to the tail. It is not as simple to identify the cat's penis as it is with dogs! The tummy of the furriest kittens, such as Maine Coon and Angora, is even more likely to hide the areaBecause of this, male cats are confused for many months, receiving female cat names that are then changed. Don't want to take that risk? See 25 suggestions for cat names without a defined gender and their meanings:

  1. Alex: can be pronounced as "Álex" to call a female cat
  2. Alison: European name meaning nobility
  3. Kim: name for cats of oriental origin, meaning 'gold'
  4. Sun: the name of the main star of the solar system suits cats and kittens
  5. Ariel: famous name because of the movie "The Little Mermaid" has Hebrew origin and means "lion of the Lord".
  6. Noah: variation of Noah meaning "long-lived"
  7. Akira: means "sunshine" and is very popular in Asia
  8. Andy: shortened version of "André" or "Andréia".
  9. Dominique: neutral French name
  10. Francis: its meaning is something like "comes from France"
  11. Izzi: diminutive of male and female names such as Israel and Isadora, it has a similar sound to the English word "easy", which means "easy", "soft".
  12. Jaci: how about a very Brazilian name, of Tupi origin? Jaci is the name of the Goddess of the moon and plants in this mythology, well accepted as unisex because it ends in "i"
  13. Rafa: Rafael or Rafaela? whatever.
  14. Ravi: how about the Indian version of "Sol"?
  15. Sky: a cat name that means "sky" is an excellent choice!
  16. Zion: this unisex name means "promised land"
  17. Yuri: a very popular male name in Brazil, it means "lily" in Japan, where it is used by women
  18. Sam: it could be Samanta's or Samuel's!
  19. Jackie: may be short for Jackeline or a reference to the actor Jackie Chan.
  20. Izumi: name of Japanese origin meaning 'fountain'
  21. Jean: in French, it derives from the Hebrew Iohanan. In English, it is short for Jehanne.
  22. Mika: derived from Mikael or Mikaela
  23. Gabe: call your kitty or kitten with a variation of Gabriel or Gabriela
  24. Sasha: the name became famous because of Xuxa in Brazil, but in Russia it is used as a male name
  25. Robin: the partnership with Batman was also once made by a woman: Stephanie Brown.

Guarana, Tequila, Ginger and Faisca are good unisex names for cats with orange coats.

Cute options that can be names for male cats and names for female cat

Even the most reserved cats bring a dose of cuteness to our daily lives, which can awaken in us the desire to squeeze or even bite them. Science explains that when we are in contact with too many cute things - such as cats - our brain has a very large discharge of good signals and even confuses the sensations. hencecomes the urge to crush and protect at the same time! Here are 25 cat names that express all this cuteness and can be used for both males and females:

  1. Cloud

  2. Bonny

  3. Acorn

  4. Dori

  5. Charlie

  6. Flock

  7. Luly

  8. Snooze

  9. Timmy

  10. Little

  11. Lilo

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  12. Dengo

  13. Cafuné

  14. Chamego

  15. Kiss

  16. Cherry

  17. Holly

  18. Yoshi

  19. Ziggy

  20. Laziness

  21. Pompom

  22. Maciota

  23. Snowball

  24. Crystal

  25. Plume

Unisex cat names inspired by food and drink

Cat names can also be a lot of fun, especially when inspired by food! This is a trend in cat and dog names that is here to stay, and can allude to both the color of the pets' coat and their personality. You can choose your favorite food to name the kitty, but beware: no sharing with him the dish that inspired the cat's name, okay? FelinesDomestic animals must be fed exclusively on food. Let's go to the names:

  1. Pancake

  2. Paçoca

  3. Brownie

  4. Vanilla

  5. Guava

  6. Tapioca

  7. Mortadella

  8. Lasagne

  9. Oats

  10. Porridge

  11. Gin

  12. Ice

  13. Cassava

  14. Tequila

  15. Guarana

  16. Rosemary

  17. Cookie

  18. Bacon

  19. Salad

  20. Meringue

  21. Sashimi

  22. Granola

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  23. Cornmeal

  24. Chives

  25. Bonbon

Name for cat or name for catwoman? When in doubt, stick with genderless options.

Unisex cat names: choose according to coat color

Looking at the color of your cat's fur is also a way to come up with the perfect name for him. There are several options for names for cats that can be used for cats, and vice versa, and that do not need explanations: anyone who looks at your pet will understand why he is called that. Here are unisex cat names inspired by the color of the kitten:

  1. Black

  2. Night

  3. Smoke

  4. Dark

  5. Brown

  6. Cotton

  7. Marshmallow

  8. Oreo

  9. Nutella

  10. Pearl

  11. Foam

  12. Whipped cream

  13. Moon

  14. Ginger

  15. Merlot

  16. Simba

  17. Spark

  18. Rocket

  19. Panther

  20. Smoke

  21. Cocoa

  22. Midnight

  23. Alvorada

  24. Sunshine

  25. Sunrise

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