Sad cat: 9 likely reasons for feline despondency

 Sad cat: 9 likely reasons for feline despondency

Tracy Wilkins

Knowing if your cat is happy can be challenging, but on the other hand, seeing your own cat sad and discouraged is something that does not go unnoticed and leaves any guardian with a tight heart, not knowing what to do. Well, the first step is to try to find out the reason behind this sadness. When one cat dies, the other misses it and may be shaken by the absence of the brother - but there are alsovarious other situations that make cats sad. With that in mind, the Paws of the House decided to delve deeper into the subject and we've put together 6 possible reasons for feline despondency. Check them out below!

1) Absence of a family member (or even another pet) can make the cat sad

Believe it or not: cats miss their owners and other family members. Although they seem to be more detached, cats miss their humans if they spend a lot of time away, and you can see it when you get home and the feline is waiting at the door. When we talk about a more sudden change, such as someone leaving home or even the death of one of the guardians, thisabsence is soon felt by the animal, making the cat sad.

The same goes for other pets. It is possible to see a cat sad and missing another cat when they are separated for some reason. This can also include other species such as dogs that are part of the kitty's cohabitation.

2) Lack of stimulation is another reason that explains a sad kitten

Cats are animals with a behavior marked by wild instincts and need special attention to their physical and mental needs. Catification and environmental enrichment with scratchers, niches, shelves, litter boxes, water fountains and toys are essential to cope with this. Otherwise, you are very likely to find a sad and sad cat.This means that not only will your cat become more reclusive and withdrawn, but you may also have a stressed and anxious cat.

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3) Cats sense when we are sad and can reproduce the feeling

Many people wonder if cats feel people's energy, and in a way, you could say yes. These animals are very sensitive to everything that happens, and human emotions do not go unnoticed by them. This means that cats feel when we are sad or happy - and our state of mind can reflect on the cats. That is, when you see a sad kitten, it is worth making a special note of it.self-reflection on how you have been feeling. It may be that the pet is simply reproducing the same feeling of sadness as the owner.

4) Sudden changes in routine often make cats sad

"My cat is sad and quiet, what can it be?" This is a very common question after making any change - however small - in the animal's routine. Felines are somewhat resistant to transformations, in general, and therefore can feel a lot when a change happens. Both house changes and minor changes - such as changing furniture or changing food - usually leave the cat feeling sad and bothered by the "novelty".

The best tip is to try to do everything gradually and respect the animal's space, but without ceasing to care for it. As much as it is a sad cat at that moment, it is important to make sure that the pet maintains a good diet, hydration and receives physical and mental stimuli (such as games and other activities).

5) Sad cat may have gone through some traumatic experience

The sadness may have a deeper reason, especially if it's a cat that has just been adopted and is still getting to grips with its new surroundings. Many rescued animals have been abandoned on the streets or come from situations of abuse, so they often have a very difficult life story.

A traumatized cat may have trouble trusting and may be more isolated than usual, as well as appear to be a sad cat. It is important to try to investigate your cat's past to help him overcome these traumas in a healthy way. In some cases, the help of a feline behaviorist may be necessary.

6) Health problems can result in a sad kitten

Discouragement can sometimes have a direct relationship with the animal's health, causing apathy and making the cat sad. What to do in these cases? Well, when it comes to some disease or other health problem, other symptoms are usually also visible. If you suspect that there is something wrong, it is worth keeping an eye on physical and behavioral changes in the pet that can help in the diagnosis. BesidesIn addition, be sure to consult a trusted veterinarian to get all the necessary guidance on the treatment of the animal, and never opt for self-medication.

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7) Sad cats can get that way with the arrival of another pet in the family

If you've noticed that "my cat is sad and quiet", it could be that the reason behind this is the arrival of a new family member. Dogs and cats can get along well, as can getting cats used to other cats - but the process isn't always easy. The mere arrival of a new pet is sometimes capable of arousing jealousy in the older resident. As a result, you end up with a sad cat whowon't welcome their new companion so well (but nothing a few positive reinforcements won't help).

8) Enmity with some member can also result in sad kittens

From time to time, some people are faced with the following question: my cat doesn't like me. It's a complicated situation to deal with at first, but it's also one of the explanations for a sad cat. There's not much mystery: when the animal doesn't feel fully comfortable in a place, it's easy to notice and it can show sadness as part of its dissatisfaction. To solve this, theThe ideal is to respect the pet's space, not to force the bar and to try a gradual approach with the help of positive stimuli, such as a snack.

9) Spending long hours alone is sometimes the cause of the sad cat

Felines are known to be more independent than dogs, but that doesn't mean they don't like to receive attention. Sad kittens can get that way because they feel "abandoned" when they spend a lot of time away from their guardian. In this case, it is important to bet on the catification of the house to entertain the pet in the hours of "loneliness" and always separate a few hours of the day to play with it- or just to take a nap together.

How to help a sad cat?

It is not difficult to recognize a sad kitten. The clearest signs that the feline is not well include: lack of appetite, prostration, intense and frequent meowing, peeing outside the litter box and aggression. At these times, knowing what to do when the cat is sad and discouraged can be challenging. A tip to increase the kitten's mood is to give him more attention and offerthe right stimuli (physical and mental). However, in severe cases, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian for further advice.

The best way to help a sad cat is to try to anticipate any change to try to minimize the impact on the animal. If you are moving house, for example, it is important that this happens gradually so as not to shake the pet so much. Other situations should also be thought through carefully, such as adopting a new pet.

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