SharPei: learn more about the personality of this dog with folds

 SharPei: learn more about the personality of this dog with folds

Tracy Wilkins

The Shar Pei is a dog with folds and a blue tongue that stands out anywhere! In addition to its distinctive appearance, it is a perfect companion in many ways and tends to be very calm. Even with a reputation for dominance and a strong personality, the Shar Pei breed has its qualities and is among the oldest dog breeds in the world. The dog is passionate about its owners, playful, docile,On the other hand, you may have to get used to some of the Shar Pei's characteristics, such as its frowning features, territoriality and reserved manner.

If there is one thing that Shar Pei does not lack is personality! These dogs are unique and will surely surprise you on a daily basis, but even so it is good to anticipate and research everything about Shar Pei before opening the doors to the breed. To learn more about the dog full of folds, temperament and breed characteristics, just keep reading!

What influences canine personality?

Dogs' personalities are shaped by several factors. Genetics is one of them: some dog breeds inherit instinctive behaviors from their ancestors. A herding dog has a natural ability to tend herds, while a guard dog is naturally more protective and tends to be alert at all times. In other words, part of the canine personality and behavior pattern comes from the dog'sorigin and function that the animal performed in the past.

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In addition to this issue, the guardian must understand that the way dogs are raised also impacts the way they react and relate to each other. If a dog with a strong temperament is raised with brutality, it will probably become just as rough. If he is raised with love and positive stimuli, he will have everything to be an excellent companion, like the Shar Pei dog. This means that socialization and socialization are essential for the dog's development.Correct training influences - and greatly - the personality of a dog (whether Shar Pei or other breeds).

Shar Pei personality: everything you need to know about one of the world's rarest breeds

The Shar Pei is one of the most expensive (and rare) dogs in the world! But did you know that even so, many people run after such a dog to call their own? There is no shortage of reasons for this, since the Shar Pei breed has a sweet and charming way that is difficult not to fall in love with. On the one hand, attachment to owners, loyalty, affection and partnership with the family cycle speak loudly in everyday life with the dogOn the other hand, the Shar Pei's stubbornness, dominance and strong temperament can be a bit of a nuisance.

Living with the breed has more pros than cons, because even though it is a very determined dog, it is possible to reverse the stubborn side of the pet. The Shar Pei dog breed usually responds well to positive reinforcement techniques and can become more obedient. However, it is also important to understand that some traits are part of the Shar Pei's personality and will not be easy to change: youyou should accept your puppy just the way he is, but impose certain limits and rules. With this in mind, it is explained why the Shar Pei is one of the most popular dog breeds!

Shar Pei is a dog with a dominant nature

Shar Pei, Pitbull, Chow Chow: what all these breeds have in common is the need for dominance and marked territorialism. They are dogs that need a firm leadership to teach them what is right or wrong, because they tend to follow their own rules and do not take orders so easily. In the case of the Shar Pei, many do not even imagine that behind the cute little face of the dog full of folds there existsan animal that likes to take charge of the situation.

But what exactly defines the behavior of the dominant dog? We explain: breeds like the Shar Pei have a very strong protective instinct. They are dogs that go to the defense of the owner in any situation (even if he is not in danger). In addition, the Shar Pei dog breed has a low tolerance for commands. That is, it is a stubborn dog that needs a lot of patience to be able to be a dominant dog.trained!

Is the Shar Pei dangerous? Breed among the dogs with the strongest bite

Because of their dominance, people think that the Shar Pei is angry and dangerous, but it's not true. Aggressiveness is not part of the breed's personality and, despite their strong protective instinct, they don't attack anyone out of the blue. The SharPei, a dog known for its combo of little folds and blue tongue, is one of the calmest animals you'll find. A great companion for moments of rest and relaxation.calm, he also has a protective side, which will not lie dormant if he thinks you are in danger in any way.

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In practice, this means that the dog full of folds takes a more defensive posture when he thinks that someone in the family has been threatened. It is important to be careful, because the Shar Pei is among the dogs with the strongest bite (245 PSI) and can cause damage if he tries to bite someone. The good news is that with the right training, the dog will hardly have aggressive attitudes.

With its owners, the SharPei is a docile and playful dog, being a great companion dog, but at the same time, it is one of the most independent dogs. Unlike breeds that choose their preferred owner, it is attached to all family members, very faithful and loyal. It is difficult not to be charmed by the Shar Pei: the kind personality in everyday life and the dedication it has with its guardians is very special.inexplicable.

What to expect from Shar Pei puppy behavior?

Having a Shar Pei puppy at home is synonymous with a lot of joy. Unlike an adult Shar Pei, puppies are much more receptive to new people and new situations. That is, that protective, reserved and even a little suspicious side are not so present in the life of the little ones. That is why it is recommended that at this stage the training and socialization of the breed takes place, because dealing witha "mini" Shar Pei (puppy, in this case), is much better than dealing with an adult dog.

In addition, the coexistence is wonderful with this dog! Shar Pei breed, in the first months of life, tends to be very curious and active. It is a dog that will want to know and explore everything around it, and needs to be stimulated in the most diverse ways. For those who like to have a sense of price, Shar Pei puppy can be found for values between R $ 2500 and R $ 7500. This variation occurs due to ...Because of the pet's physical and genetic characteristics, blue Shar Pei or black SharPei are often more expensive than a caramel Shar Pei, for example.

Shar Pei: dog of the breed needs good socialization in childhood

The strong and dominant personality of the Shar Pei must be softened with socialization. This is because, even if he is passionate about his owners, the SharPei does not have the same ease of relationship with strangers and children, since he is very reserved. With strangers, what comes into play is the protective and territorial side of the personality. As they are outsiders to the Shar Pei's coexistence, the dog hasa difficulty in trusting and feeling comfortable with those they do not know.

To avoid aggressive and explosive reactions, the ideal is to socialize and train them from an early age. The same goes for children, as we will see later, since with the little ones, the problem is usually agitation: the SharPei likes to stay in his corner without being disturbed. The relationship of the breed with other animals is not so problematic: if it is well socialized after the application of vaccines, theShar Pei can get along well with other dogs.

Shar Pei and children: breed is usually very patient with the little ones

When it comes to the Shar Pei, blue tongue and little folds are the main characteristics that catch people's attention, including children. They look cute and squeezable, and the little ones end up getting carried away by it. For those who want to know how the breed's relationship with the little ones is, there is not much to worry about. As long as the Shar Pei is familiar with children from puppyhood, the Shar Pei will be able to handle them.he relationship between the two is usually one of great affection and partnership.

The Shar Pei is incredibly tolerant of family members, and that goes for children as well. They are patient and a great companion, but in order for the relationship to be built in a positive way, guardians must educate children and dogs to live together in harmony, always respecting each other's boundaries.

How is SharPei dog training?

The dog with folds can - and should - be trained as soon as possible to have its temperament under control. The SharPei is a very intelligent dog, but stubbornness and independence can make this process somewhat complicated. Therefore, the ideal is that the training takes place with the Shar Pei puppy. At this early stage, the dog does not yet have the behavior fully defined andlearns what is right or wrong more easily, without showing much resistance to orders.

To train the Shar Pei, the important thing is not to give up: the guardian needs to be patient and persistent to see the results of the training. One way to be even more successful is to offer rewards is a way to positively stimulate the animal so that it becomes more obedient. We remember that punishments and punishments often have the opposite effect, and may even make the animal more reactive, for example.this should be avoided.

Physical exercise prevents Shar Pei from becoming stressed

Even being one of the laziest dogs, the Shar Pei has some energy to spend and, therefore, needs exercise on a daily basis so as not to get bored. In this case, boredom can cause him to become aggressive and stressed, taking it out not only on people, but also on objects within reach.

Being a brachycephalic dog, light walks and runs are enough and also turn out to be great to avoid sedentary lifestyles and canine obesity in your Shar Pei. In addition, investing in environmental enrichment with toys and games is another way to make the puppy more active and less destructive, removing issues such as anxiety and stress.

5 questions and answers about the Shar Pei dog

1) What is the value of a Shar Pei?

The price of a Shar Pei ranges from R$2,500 to R$7,500. The value will depend on the physical and genetic characteristics of the animal, and may change according to the puppy kennel chosen. However, it is important that it does not deviate too much from this estimate and it is important to ensure that the breeders in question are responsible and careful with the parents and the puppies.

2) What is it like to have a Shar Pei?

If the SharPei puppy is well socialized and trained, it tends to be affectionate and easy to live with. However, the breed is also known to be protective and a bit stubborn. Therefore, it is important to be patient during training sessions, always using positive reinforcement to encourage the Shar Pei.

3) Why does Shar Pei snore?

Some dogs snore, and the Shar-Pei is one of them. This happens because of the breed's brachycephalic anatomy, but it's not something to worry about.

4) How long does a Shar Pei live?

If well cared for and healthy, the Shar Pei breed can reach a life expectancy of 9 to 11 years. During all this time, the guardian must be prepared to meet the needs of the animal. Offering stimuli, making check-up appointments with the veterinarian and betting on a good dog food are some of the main care for the pet.

5) Can you shave Shar Pei?

The Shar Pei is a dog with folds that should never be groomed. The wrinkles hinder the grooming process, and he can easily hurt himself. The ideal is to maintain only a weekly brushing of the hair.

Tips for living better with the Shar Pei breed

Now that you know what everyday life is like with a Shar Pei, the dog breed can be an even more incredible companion if the tutor knows how to deal with his quirks. So, we have separated some tips for coexistence that will make all the difference with your Shar Pei.

1) The socialization of the Shar Pei puppy is fundamental in the first months of life. The sooner a puppy gets used to different people and animals, the less suspicious he will be in adulthood.

2) Training of Shar Pei dogs should occur with positive reinforcement. Even though the Shar Pei is stubborn, he likes to be recognized when he does something right. This also serves as an incentive for him to repeat the behavior more often.

3) Punishments should be avoided when raising Shar Pei. Besides being a strong and muscular dog, the Shar Pei breed can become quite reactive if treated aggressively. Affection is the best way to raise your pet!

4) Physical exercise has a huge importance in the Shar Pei's routine. Dogs need to expend energy, and walks should not be left aside. The guardian should also set aside a part of his time to devote to the dog.

5) Enforcing rules is necessary, but so is respecting your friend. So, in addition to setting boundaries when living with your Shar Pei, remember that the dog also needs its space from time to time and does not like to be disturbed.

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