Orange cats: discover in infographic what the personality of the pet of this color is like

 Orange cats: discover in infographic what the personality of the pet of this color is like

Tracy Wilkins

The personality of the orange cat may surprise many people, especially those who don't know that the color of a cat's coat can impact its behavior. But believe me: there are scientific studies that point out that there really is a relationship between a cat's colors and its temperament. In the case of the orange cat, you can expect a friendly, playful and rather sweet partner.

To learn more about animals with this coat color, the Paws of the House has prepared an infographic with everything you need to know about the orange cat: breed of pets with this color, behavior and several other curiosities. check out!

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The orange or yellow cat is affectionate, outgoing and sociable

Friendliness is one of the best words to define orange cats. They live up to the character Garfield, who wins everyone over with his charisma and party personality. The yellow - or orange - cat is always very good-natured, playful and friendly. It is the kind of cat that does not miss the opportunity to make new friends and gets along with absolutely everyone (as long as the person gives it in return).a little attention and care).

Orange cats are quite playful and love to be cuddled whenever they can - whether it's by their owner or someone they've just met. However, there's no denying that an orange cat always feels more comfortable with its family. It curls up on its owner's leg, follows them around the house and purrs whenever it gets a good cuddle session. Yellow cats are also clingy and have a very strongThis is a more "homely" and not very adventurous look, so don't expect your friend to run away from home or try to venture out: what he likes most in his routine is to spend a good time playing in the living room or bedroom doing nothing.

Orange cats always like to be the center of attention and are lazy

If on the one hand the yellow cat is a fun and affectionate companion, on the other hand, he demands more attention than other pets. Not because he's hard work, but because he really likes to be the center of attention and is not the kind of cat who likes to spend so much time alone. On the contrary, he really likes to share most of his routine with the humans next door - and, ofpreferably being pampered by the whole family.

Another characteristic of these animals that is very reminiscent of Garfield's personality is that they are quite lazy. Even though they have a very extroverted side, the orange cat loves to spend a good part of its time lying down enjoying its own laziness. Therefore, they must be stimulated physically and mentally frequently to escape sedentary lifestyle.

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Orange cat breed: see which domestic felines can have hair of this color

For those who think there is only one breed, orange cats are a box of surprises! There are several different breeds of kittens that can have this beautiful hair color, such as the Maine Coon, Persian cat and American Bobtail. In addition to them, there are also other pets that can also come with orange tones, such as the Munchkin and the Exotic Persian. For those who do not care about pedigree, another possibility arethe famous mongrel cats - that is, those kittens that do not have a defined breed and are derived from the mixture of several different breeds.

Yellow or orange cat care tips

One of the biggest curiosities is about the freckles of orange cats, also called lentigos. They are characterized by black dots near the nose and mouth that resemble human freckles and are usually a benign change in the body. However, it is important for guardians to be aware of the appearance of the spots. If you notice accelerated growth of freckles, relief, bleeding orany discomfort, be sure to seek a veterinarian specializing in dermatology.

In general, the yellow cat requires basic care like any other pet, i.e. it must have an appropriate diet, be encouraged to drink water and live in an environment enriched with niches, shelves and scratchers. Check-ups - as well as vaccinations - must always be up to date, and it needs other hygiene care such as: keeping the litter box clean, trimming the nails,clean your ears and brush your teeth regularly.

Oh, and here's another tip: when adopting a kitten, if you are in doubt about what to call it, it is worth taking inspiration from the color of the animal's hair. The most successful orange cat names are: Ariel, Aslan, Coral, Felicia, Garfield, Gina, Ginger, Nemo, Peach, Pumpkin, Ronny, Simba, Tangerine and Wanda.

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