"My dog destroys everything": what to do and how to direct the pet's behavior?

 "My dog destroys everything": what to do and how to direct the pet's behavior?

Tracy Wilkins

Anyone who has a destructive dog knows the feeling of coming home and finding the sofa destroyed, the remote control bitten or his bed shattered. This behavior brings problems for both the guardian and the dog, so it is important to know how to avoid it. Some changes in routine, such as buying a bed for destructive dogs and walking the dog more, can be useful.If you identify yourself with the phrase "My dog destroys everything, what to do?", check out the tips of the Paws of the House of how to direct your destructive dog's behavior in a healthy way.

Why does my dog destroy everything? Boredom, longing and attention-seeking are the most common reasons

The first step in dealing with a destructive dog is to understand why he acts this way. There are many reasons that lead to this behavior, but one of the most common reasons is boredom. Many dogs spend most of their time indoors, without expending their energy. In the case of puppies or breeds with a more agitated temperament, boredom is even greater, as they are full of energy that is repressed.Thus, the dog destroys everything as a way of putting out all the disposition it has.

One sign you should look out for is when your dog destroys everything. If you are at home, especially near him, it is likely that your pet is trying to get your attention to play or walk with him. If your dog destroys everything when you are away from home, he may be dealing with separation anxiety. He simply misses you and in your absence, he adoptsthis behavior.

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Scold the dog by destroying everything at the right time

When seeing the dog destroying everything, it is normal for the guardian to say "Stop it now!" or "You can't do that!" In some cases, this works and the animal actually obeys you. However, some pets may have the behavior reinforced. Each dog reacts in a different way to the guardian's orders. While some are afraid and obey the order, others do not care and even find it fun, as they feel they have managed to call the dog to the ground.So it's important to know the best way to reprimand a destructive dog.

The best moment is when you catch the dog destroying everything in the act. Waiting or scolding later will not have the same effect as when the dog is caught in the act. Also, the "no" needs to be firm and clear. Another tip is, as soon as you scold, ignore the animal. If you insist on fighting, the dog will think he has won your attention and will continue to do more and more to have you around - -.As hard as it may be, walk away, don't look and ignore him for a few minutes if he tries to get your attention. This will prevent the behavior from happening again.

Destructive dog toys are a great way to prevent them from biting objects in the house

In addition to bringing losses to the tutor, the dog that destroys sofas, remote controls and any other object can swallow materials that will cause health problems. To avoid these situations, a good way out is to bet on toys for destructive dogs. They redirect the dog's attention and desire to destroy something to an object that will not harm him and, in addition, will make him stop destroying.Destructive dog toys come in a variety of materials, colors and shapes. There are indestructible balls, bites and other interactive toys, which can be bitten and fed, offering a good sensory experience. Dog toys made from recyclable materials, such as cardboard boxes and pet bottles, are a good choice.great options for environmental enrichment.

The bed for destructive dogs needs to be made of sturdy material

In addition to being careful to choose toys for destructive dogs, special attention must be paid to the pet's bed. The most classic foam ones are often the target of bites and thus spoil easily. The bed for destructive dogs needs to have a very resistant material to prevent the animal from being able to destroy it. The bed made of tire is a great option for a bed for dogs.It is extremely durable, sustainable and affordable, and can be bought or made yourself.

Walking the dog is the best strategy to target destructive behavior

The destructive dog needs to put all his energy out and the best way to do this is with walks and physical activities. The ideal is to walk every day, as this will take away all the boredom and agitation of the puppy and will also help him to exercise more - not to mention that it is a way for the guardian to also stay healthier. Even if you have a large yard, it is important to get out of the house,Contact with other animals is important for the pet to better deal with various situations, alleviating anxiety and stress - which often lead to a dog destroying everything. Directing the animal and its energy to more fun and healthy activities is the best way to improve the behavior of the dog that destroys everything.

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